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The coolest 2012 prophecy January 16, 2012

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When  I try to think of what will happen after 2012…I get thoughtless. Really, no single thought on this subject. My mind gets blank when I try to imagine anything about it. However the topic is quite interesting…I mean future is always intriguing, as one friend said it is the unpredictability of the future which makes the magic show of life.

Well to peep behind the Curtain of Future is always tempting and today I came across the most inspiring prophecy for the end of 2012. Please read on:

2012 – the end? Nop, just the beginning

Through the history, each year, each era had its events done mostly by people.

Copernicus found out the earth to be round, Columbus discovered America, Einstein put together the theory of relativity and recently man landed robots on Mars.

2012 will be a different kind of year.

And people will have nothing to do with it. Things will start happening to us.

People that never wrote an article will start writing books. Nonreligious people will start talking about God.

While we still have our free will, while we can still make a mess of our lives as we did for tens of thousands of years, this will not be as easy anymore. Not because we can’t. We can, alright.

Because for once in the history we’ll start understanding ourselves. We’ll understand what is the point of being here, what is our role, our aim, our purpose.

Hate will be less, love will be more. And not because somebody preached it to us or because we read a book about it. Just because hate will not make sense anymore.

Hurting other people will obviously look as it really is: something bad.

The smoke of ignorance will be slowly removed by the cool breeze of divinity.

When one does something bad, it is 100% out of ignorance. Our so called sins are also because of our ignorance. And ignorant we are, 100%.

As you are not upset when a blind man bumps into you, divinity is not mad at us when we make a mistake, after mistake, after mistake.

Each mistake had a lesson to be learned.

Each swamp we lived in made us appreciate the beauty of the clean, blue ocean.

Each dark life we lived, made us appreciate the beauty of a sunrise.

And 2012 will be the year of the sunrise.

Even if clouds are covering the sky of our consciousness, they cannot hide the light of divinity.

2012 is truly the end of the world as we know it. And that is a good thing.

Our world full of hate, wars, corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen, messed up families, abandoned children is going to end. Pain, disease, hunger, natural disasters is not what the divinity had in mind for us.

A new world is slowly starting. One in which we’ll start to see, one in which we’ll understand. (more…)


The positive impact of 2012 end-of-the world mood April 23, 2010

We live in a highly interesting time. Another doomsday mood is increasing  and people all over the world are responding in a very special way: many start seeking something beyond their mundane life!

In the last couple of years I am observing a powerful shift in a  mindset of “down-to Earth” people I meet. More and more practical, either simple-minded working class or highly intelligent atheists start asking themselves: What if??

The  2010 series of nature-disasters and the Polish flight drama have well contributed to this mood. We all have just realized that our sophisticated machines are NOTHING agains the Nature if the Mother Earth raises its voice.

So what is the cure? How can we protect our lives from the possible uproar of Nature?

And here, as a lost child, the humanity turns its head into the opposite to the technical direction – namely, to Spirituality. For a person with spiritual powers can talk to Nature, the rest (scientists, politicians, artists)- cannot.

Do you also observe this tendency? Do you see what I see?

Loads of love, axinia (image by me)


2012: only 5 years to get ready for the Doomsday? June 8, 2007


I remember reading about apocalyptical scenario 2012 one year ago: being a natural optimist I could not believe that dusky destiny. 

Being a realistic and scientifically-oriented person, I am not inclined to trust any prophecies either.

Recently I´ve read a scientifically based article on 2012 which literally has rocked my imagination and awareness.

  • Several scientific sources state that in the year 2012 the Earth and Sun will be at the center of the Milky Way, and will cross over the universe’s “equator”. This change will force the Earth to change the magnetic polarity of our North and South Poles. (North pole will register South, and visa versa).
  • Scientifically this can lead to a huge disaster of unknown proportions. Causing worldwide mass extinctions, volcano’s, and earthquakes (the planet has in fact changed its magnetic polarity before, 800 million years ago)
  • Scientiests have long known that mangetic poles move. The North Pole kept going during the 20th century at an average speed of 10 km per year, lately accelerating to 40 km per year.

The worst case scenario is said to the be memory loss with all human beings due to the strong electromagnetic radiance caused by photon particles of Milky Way.

  • One of the serious signs of the upcoming changes could the increasing frequency of the “Earth’s heart beat”. The resonance of Earth (Schumann Resonance) has been 7.8Hz for thousands of years. Since 1980 it has risen to over 12Hz. (more…)


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