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Let me introduce you – An Everlasting Smile Blog October 19, 2008

Smile…..an everlasting smile…..

As mentioned in the “I am a blog-mama”post I love to support people who want to start blogging. Since I started two years ago the number of my blog-trainings keeps increasing. Normally I meet up with a person for that. Later we discuss the development over telephone.

But the case with Sahaja was very different. She was a blog-reader, and then felt like starting her own blog and asked me for the guidance. I never met her and actually never seen even a photo of her before that… But her innocent comments and very sincere way of communication touched me so much that, despite of my very limited time I wanted to help her to start blogging (over email and chat).

And now, I am proud to introduce you her wonderful, very personal and very special blog   – “Smile…An everlasting smile…”. I love her honest sharing of experiences and feelings about her life as a young Indian immigrant in UK. I love ther distinctive style with exclamation marks and pure emotions…

Apart from her brilliant writings, Sahaja has also started a photoblog Miriad Colours of Life, which is so lovely and sweet.

Good job, girl! keep it up!


LOVE; axinia


What happens after self-realisation? October 8, 2008

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After getting self-realisaitonwe start to engage in a very subtle battle between the head and the heart, or we can say the ego and the spirit. Up until the moment we gain our self-relisaiton we will have been under the complete “control” of our ego; we have made decisions based on our desires and wants, we have experienced emotional crests and troughs, we have suppressed our true selves beneath an unconscious set of accumulated baggage which has ruled our lives.

How many of us have ignored the warning signs of a relationships which was clearly not good for us, but whoch filled some other need – usually fear or loneliness? How many have accepted situations which we truly did not enjoy, want or need, simply to maintain our popularity or status with friends and family? Who hasn’t acted impetuously and stupidly and not regreted it afterwards? These are all signs of a perfectly normal lifestyle, but one that has been governed by the ego and superego in us. A life of compromise governed by our weakness. Even when we thought we were acting from the heart! (more…)


The Legend of the Jewel October 7, 2008


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Once upon a time in a long forgotten land people lived happily and in complete harmony with nature. They owned a divine jewel which connected them with their inner light: The Water of Life!

Centuries full of peace passed but eventually people started to forget about the jewel and soon after they turned to greed and lazyness.

The Gods watched this with anger because they once offered this jewel to mankind and so, they decided to take the jewel away from man and to hide it in safe place. (But where? )The deepest ocean, the highest mountain and even the moon did not seem save enough to get the jewel out of reach from the greed of man.  

Then the Gods agreed to put it in the one place where the curious humans would hardly ever look for it: (more…)


What happens when you start to meditate September 24, 2008

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One of the difficulties that many people face when they first start to meditate is working out whether they are doing the meditation properly and whether it is having a beneficial effect. Strangely enough this is not so much an issue in the first two weeks or so as it is later on, after the initial period of familiarisation is over.

The early days of meditation are usually marked by a general feeling of well-being. For many people, this is the time that they will have experienced a true spiritual practice in action, and their subtle system really flowers under the attention. They feel happy, many start sleeping better and may find their heart opening in the most unexpected ways. (more…)


How to start blogging September 12, 2008

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Blogging has proved to be not a hype but an important online activity, very creative and useful for many. At some point regular blog-readers get inspired to start blogging and naturally seek for some advice.

Being a 2 year old blogger :), I have the following to share:

1. GURU-blog. 

Fall in love with your favourite blog!  – the best inspiration is by love, and naturally you will pick out a blog which appeals to you, because you can actually do the same. When I started, my inspiration was Meditation Photography by Suresh, with his excellent pictures and great philosophical texts, which he always kept short enough. In the beginning you always have to learn, and it is better to learn from the best!


The subject of your favourite blog is probably also the best for you 🙂 So what do you want to blog about? Normally, a blogger has a certain theme, which makes the orientation easier both to the blogger and to the readers. You may also like to blog on random topics – in that case you need a strong personal expression to make the blog interesting. People will read you just because of your special character, your style of writing and self-expression, does not matter whether you blog on the US president elections or your last shopping for shoes(more…)


The unknown talent of Leonardo da Vinci: story-telling September 9, 2008

Apart from being an absolutely outstanding personality, the great Leonardo da Vinici was famous for something, that got lost among his other brilliant and impressive talents like painting, science, inventing, music, etc. – namely for his very simple and wise fables, which he wrote in a similar vein to those of Aesop.

Almost five centuries after they were first penned some of Leonardo’s fables still exist and are told in the Tuscan countryside. Few people remember who was the author of these tales which were once told in the courts of France and Italy.  

Leonardo`s fables are very short, but involve complicated ideas and each one focused briefly on dangers like greed, jealousy and selfishness, or the benefits of compassion, kindness, honesty and generosity. It should be noted that fables are written, not so much for the entertainment of children, but to impart wisdom to adults.

Here is one of them: (more…)


One more advantage of blogging! September 2, 2008

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This month I celebrate my 2 years of blogging!

Apart from being such an excellent tool for sharing and communication, blogging is also something between two desirable professions which I could never really experience: a Journalist (I am not critical enough for that job) and a writer (not serious enough about becoming one yet)… But that is my personal thing.

Something else what I notice can be extremely useful for everyone who bloggs – you can spare so many words in any discussion just by giving a link to one of your posts! Especially for the hard online comunicators it  can become a pure blessing: you write something ONLY ONCE and then always reffer to it! Very useful in our busy-busy times…


P.S. I wonder if my readers-bloggers also use blogposts for the same purpose?



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