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My Fine Art of Blogging April 10, 2007


I was surprised and very much flatted to be asked by Quasi Fctional to take part in “Fine Art of Blogging” project. The author asks prominet blog artists to share their views on blogging.

Those my dear readers who are passionate bloggers themselves, or those who are thinking to start a blog – you may find it interesting to look behind the curtains of my blogging and see how I create these pages FOR YOU!

The post about it is here.

LOVE, axinia


The sense of blogging April 6, 2007


I love guests. My home was created with the thought about the comfort and enjoyment of the people who would visit it, and so it also became. The picture above is the taken at my place and the tee in the cane is the chocolate one (very special taste!)…

I consider myself lucky to have guests once or twice a week, my busy life is not letting to have it more often. But blogging gives me that opportunity!

We all blog for different purposes, but we all know it is addictive. I started with a missionary idea to tell the world more about the true beauty in a 3-language blog. As it grew I had to split it in 3 separate ones.

Then I realised that I still want to share more than this topic and started 1000petals – my sweetest and the most joyful baby that let me treat it as often as possible without much effort. Then my best friend invited me to join the administration of our exclusive club`s blog, and here I am with 5 blogs 🙂

One gets addictive for different reason. For some it may be the fame, for some others – a way of self-expression, a  kind of a personal magazin or a toy. To me blogging is the one of the best ways to express my generosity by inviting you to my home, to the home of my soul.

All the colors you find in my blogs represent the actual decoration of my physical home. The feeling you get here is the same you will get at my place. People say it is relaxing, cosy, pure and joyful…

In my case blogging is giving. One of the aspects of giving is teaching, and I admit willing to live my teacher-principle also through blogging. And teaching is often about self-sacrifice (just think of maintaining 5 blogs sufficiently!)…

And last but not least: my blogging is a pure enjoyment. I enjoy the process of creation, I enjoy the reading/watching the final product and I enjoy the fruits (your comments, ratings and friendship that grows out of it).

To make it short and sweet: I love guests -> I love giving -> I love teaching – >I love enjoying -> I love blogging.




WHY THIS BLOG? February 22, 2007

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After developing my first blog ShaktiPower that is generally about woman and beauty I found out that there is sill much more I want to share with the world.


“1000 petals” means to me:

1000 wonderful, colorful petals on the FLOWER OF LIFE, and the opening of each brings some new freshness and beauty to the world…

1000 sweet, gentle and yet powerful petals on the FLOWER OF LOVE, and the opening of each promisses new and new shades of the loving light…

1000 petals of Sahasrara, the seventh chakra on top of the head. Indian scriptures call it “1000 petal lotus”, modern medicine speaks about 1000 nerve endings of the brain…

LOVE, axinia


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