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Love is a collective energy February 16, 2009

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.
– Victor Hugo

Language is often troubling, as can be seen in the literal meaning of common phrases: love is something you fall into, the tender trap; it is also something you make. In the West LOVE is sometimes described as a sort of flu of the heart but a flu that killed Tristan and Iseuld as weIl as Romeo and Juliet. Like flu, it is contagious. Teenagers, lovers, couples playing with each other’ s hearts can all experience the pain – just as with kids putting their fingers in the electric socket.

An extreme form of absurdity is to adopt the reductionist view that love is sex. The fact is that human love has many forms: affection, sex, tolerance, protection, companionship, fraternity, sisterhood, respect, compassion, admiration, dedication and worship. All of these attitudes generate positive interactions and are potentially huge sources of satisfaction. Many of them are crucial to maintaining cohesive groups and productive working environments.
 Our inability to give or receive love hampers the quality of these interactions and the collectivity suffers from the sum of these accumulated failures.

The fight for survival of an individual may express itself in any form of competition or even in violence. (more…)


Top 10 posts at 1000petals January 22, 2008

It is almost one year since the start of 1000petals, this colourful e-baby 🙂

Out of 170 posts I have chosen the top 10 – according to your, Google and WordPress ranking.These 10 became most popular for various reasons – however there is one thing that makes them similar: they all have some unique content that is probably not to be found in many sources (if any). Or if not for the content, then for the attitude, some very personal and different from the common one. 

This fact makes me very happy, for it is exactly the reason why I am blogging so passionately: to share with you my insights, knowledge and experiences that make my life so happy and so fulfilled…

1000 thanks for your support and appreciation! And now… everybody`s darlings:

1. 2012: only 5 years to get ready for the Doomsday?

I remember reading about apocalyptical scenario 2012 one year ago: being a natural optimist I could not believe that dusky destiny. Being a realistic and scientifically-oriented person, I am not inclined to trust any prophecies either. Recently I´ve read a scientifically based article on 2012 which literally has rocked my imagination and awareness.


They live almost the same life as others. You will not check them out of the crowd by their funny dress – they look quite ordinary. They behave as normal, nice people – you will not notice anything special at first sight. However a little more attentive look will identify this new generation.

3. 10 Reasons Why I Practise Sahaja Yoga 

It’s easy.
I don’t have to spend years living in the mountains to achieve enlightenment. I don’t have to give up anything or spend weeks in silence. I don’t have to learn mantras or wear special clothes or even try to clear my mind. The meditation simply happens spontaneously. The classes are easy and fun, and as long as I keep up my daily ten minutes of meditation I find I am able to achieve a deep and peaceful meditation on a regular basis.

4. Why women love generous men

Most women love generous men. At least I never met any who does not (please let me know if you are a woman and disagree with that). Are men actually aware of that fact? And if not than why? Because the ladies keep silent on the topic? (more…)


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