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Finally – a proper photoblog February 5, 2009

Upon request of my friends I have made a new photoblog with my best pics from the last 2 years, since I started that addictive hobby 🙂

Here is the link, you can enjoy the photos without any text and context!


Please note that there is NO COPY RIGHT on any of these photos, so feel free to use them, also without credits or links.

The foretaste:

LOVE, axinia


I am a blog-mama! May 22, 2008

  image by vova

Once upon a time one lady-researcher introduced blogging to me (thanks God, it was WordPress that I learned). Since then I have been badly into blogging – increasingly.

I started with the idea of emancipating women from emancipation (Shaktipower) and then realised that I can/want actually keep more than one blog – because there is much more I want to share.

Intrestingly, my feeling of a blog in the beginning was like of a home where I invite people to be my guests and to share with me the delight of life… I even wrote a post on that – The sense of Blogging. Some more time passed and I noticed that my attitude to blogging changed – now I feel blogs are like my babies 🙂 I feed them with new content, check their health (stats and comments), take care of their looks and of their friends… A very parential attitude, isn`t it?

It has been 1,5 years since I startet blogging and the number of my babies increased considerably. Today there are 6 of them: (more…)


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