1000 petals by axinia

the only truth I know is my own experience

why this blog? February 21, 2007

After developing my first blog ShaktiPower that is generally about woman and beauty I found out that there is sill much more I want to share with the world.


“1000 petals” means to me:

1000 wonderful, colorful petals on the FLOWER OF LIFE, and the opening of each brings some new freshness and beauty to the world…

1000 sweet, gentle and yet powerful petals on the FLOWER OF LOVE, and the opening of each promisses new and news shades of the loving light…

1000 petals of Sahasrara, the seventh chakra on top of the head. Indian scriptures call it “1000 petal lotus”, modern medicine speaks about 1000 nerve endings of the brain…

LOVE, axinia


2 Responses to “why this blog?”

  1. A few days after coming to your site I had a dream in which I was explaining to someone the crown chakra and “grounding” and I could see a tree grow from the fontanel of the person I was speaking to. Was very interesting but was reminded again after reading your description of 1000 petals of Sahasrara.

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