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A dream house in crisis times… and forever! March 22, 2009

Today when to get a bank loan for a house seems to be almost unreal, it is good to know about other possibilities of building one`s own house with little money and much fun. A dream? Interestingly, no!

Apparently the best houses existed long ago, but along with industrialisation we lost this possibility to live in homes that would really make our life both comfortable and naturally enjoyable.

Let`s think why do we build square houses? A square form does not exist in the nature and in fact everybody hates corners 🙂 Normally people try to put a plant or a piece of furniture in the corner in order to “round ” the place. You may suggest that obviously to built a square house is technically much easier than any other form. But this is not true!! Just see what a wonder exists on this Earth and that already for a long time:

A Cob House

What is cob? Cob is a building material composed of clay, sand, and straw. Cob has been a traditional building process for millennia, even in rainy and windy climates like the British Isles, where many cob buildings still serve as family homes after hundreds of years. Many old cob buildings can be found in Africa, the Middle East, Wales, Devon, Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany and some parts of the eastern United States.

A Cob Cottage might be the ultimate expression of ecological design, a structure attuned to its surroundings  like “an ecstatic house”. Cob (the word comes from an Old English root, meaning “lump”) is a mixture of non-toxic, recyclable, and often free materials. Building with cob requires no forms, no cement, and no machinery of any kind.

Isn`t is lovely? I would immediately move in!

What fascinates me about cob houses:

  • Cob is very durable and requires little upkeep. They say: “It won’t burn, bugs won’t eat it, and it’s dirt cheap.” Additionally, it’s non-toxic, creates no waste, and requires minimal tools to construct.
  •  cob building is not about mud huts and primitivity. It is sophisticated technology to break free of the financial trap and general insanity of today’s wasteful McHouses.
  • Builders sculpt their structures by hand: Instead of creating uniform blocks to build with, cob is normally applied by hand in large gobs (or cobs) which can be tossed from one person to another during the building process.


  • It is amazing that literary everyone can built such a  house, with very little training  – and even children and elderly people can contribute as no heavy work is involved! The traditional way of mixing the clay/sand/straw is with the bare feet; for this reason, it is fairly labor intensive.
  • The building process is very meditative and working with clay has a healing effect (people report getting cured from allergies only by working on such a house because of such clay-therapy)
  • Apparently a small house can be built within one year at a coast of 5.000  (!) Dollars.

What I like the most about this idea is not only the natural origin and look of it, but also the possibility to create some rounded  furniture with my own hands! -it  feels expremely cosy and cute: (more…)


The way we all will be farming after 2012? August 10, 2010

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Now when half of Russia is burning with heat and wildfires, Pakistan is drowning in the worst floods in its  history and the sun’s activity is frighteningly  increasing, more and more people start believing that something dramatic can really happen to the Earth by the end of 2012. Scientists warn us we should be prepared for many more natural disasters to come, even in the areas when by now nothing serious has ever happened…

It becomes obvious that all our plans, especially connected with money and property can vanish in one day, and nothing material will really survive when a true natural disaster hits our homes. Hopefully not. But what if yes?

Well, how can we get prepared for that? Apart from the spiritual level, which definitely helps one to survive: I remember one interesting work on Nazi concentration camps saying  that people who had been better spiritually off survived easier, and the ones who had the best health but were materialistic broke down the first. A lot has been already said and posted about the need of personal spiritual transformation…will not repeat here.

Supposing many of us will really lose “everything” but save lives, what shall we do? Obviously we would have to get “back to the roots” and start with handwork, primitive building construction and farming.

Some time ago I posted about my dream house which – by accident, of cause! 🙂  – is exactly the one can easily built with own hands (see here). My family is panning to start a training pretty soon.

But a house is not enough, we have to eat something. How to grow food if none of us has ever done it before? (I guess that’s the case with most of modern people). Here comes another handy concept which works wonders in Austria.

Sepp Holzer is an oustanding modern farmer who created a fabulous wonderland of abundance and beauty on the family farm in the Austrian alps, at elevations where things should not grow, but he has always trusted only his own knowledge and experience from working with nature, so things grew.

At one time he thought to go to Agriculture school and learn from the experts. He applied the professional training on his farm, and most everything died! He says “we complicate everything, we make things so complicated they don’t work anymore.” He observed that commercial agriculture makes plants dependent on humans as they become addicted to the growth chemicals and pesticides. So basically that carrot and apple you ate grew up in a drug addicted home! “It’s not life supporting nutrition, it just fills your belly… nutrition should be your medicine.”

For each landscape, in every climatic zone, says Sepp Holzer, whether in a fertile river valley or in a moderate climate, whether in the Tundra or in the desert, there is always the possibility to cooperate with nature, to guide her and to cultivate something that suits the land and its inhabitants. In this context Holzer’s Permaculture is not a method which offers the same procedure for every situation. On the contrary, its core lies in the observation of nature, in putting ourselves in the place of other living beings and through this understanding from within, realizing which are the healing measures that make sense in the given situation. Sepp Holzer: “The book of nature always tells the truth; we just have to learn to read it.”

Holzer calls his approach PREMACULTURE. Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies. The intent is that, by training individuals in a core set of design principles, those individuals can design their own environments and build increasingly self-sufficient human settlements — ones that reduce society’s reliance on industrial systems of production and distribution that is identified as fundamentally and systematically destroying Earth’s ecosystems. (more…)


~My Bucket List :) Wishing, Hoping and Attaining~ December 29, 2009

No, it is not my New Year Resolution. It is simply a nice tag a friend Sahaja has asked me to do.

I am not someone who likes to achieve goals. If I have a task to fulfill (say, a project), I will determinately follow it, but I do no “achieve” goals. I belive that the power of my Spirit  attracts the Matter and thus I get things done without much effort. Thus I enjoy drifting on the waves of the Ocean of Life and see where it takes me to.

If we do not speaks of goals but of dreams, I have a small list of four, which I would like to see happening in this lifetime:

1. Save the world. No kidding! 🙂 I think that I have enough potential and powers to make an impact on many people. And I know many people who are of the same type. So the good chances are that one day we’ll do the job!

2. After I get and bring up my own children, I want to become a Principal of a Private School and realize my long time dream of a new generation school system, bringing up the best people of tomorrow. I have this concept already in my head and I am sure one day I will get a chance to fulfill this beautiful vision!

3. I want to build a house with my own hands. No kidding! (imagine I can do that! :)) (more…)


all 600 posts March 23, 2008

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