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Does the world really need another great war? April 15, 2014


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Unfortunately the situation in Ukraine is getting worse, and it looks like a war is about to start…But I cannot get rid of a feeling that it is all being made of and conducted between USA and Russia, according to some prior agreement. At the surface it looks different, but while trying to get a bigger picture, this is what comes up for me.

Recently one high rank Austrian banker told me “After all…we had no war since 60 years! So much money has been printed, so many weapons produced…the world economy is stagnating…it needs a way out”. How brutal it may sound, but a war brings an economic boost.This is probably what the politicians think of.

But of course I have no idea what the real reason is (Who can actually have any? The true backgrounds are mystery anyways)…and of course my only heart desire and everyday prayer goes to Ukraine, that a war will NOT take place. And lots of people do the same, I know!

A philosophical question which bothers me about this situation is of another kind.

Since the 1970 there was a strong feeling in the world that people, more than ever in the human history are discovering their inner Self, getting to Spirituality. It looks like a global transformation is taking place…And a question comes up….Have the Earthlings not evolved since the last World War? Have they not become better, more satisfied, more knowledgeable, advanced compared to their ancestors? For instance, even on the material level, according to life standards the world population had the best life ever in 2013, .

All that gives an idea that probably we have evolved at least a bit, we are different now!  – The recent happenings show however that such mental techniques as propaganda, no matter on which side, are able to brainwash almost any deep and intellectual soul. The situation around Ukraine shows how badly people are falling into that trap despite all their seeking, evolvement, working on themselfes…That’s shoking!

Does it mean, the world will never change? It is that unless and untill everyone has even a single drop of hate in the heart, the danger of a war is always there?

I do hope it will, but so far I cannot see it. Probably it’s still a long way to go.


LOVE, and loads of it to everyone!



4 Responses to “Does the world really need another great war?”

  1. rohit Says:

    Invasion of Iraq , Afganistan were wars too fought for economics . Ukraine is also economics .

  2. Ania K Says:

    I am also wondering how people can be draged into this. I think the problem is that people´s ability to distinguish between good and bad has been undermined over recent years, through advertisement of “no-values”, mostly focused on money. As a result, many people lost the ability to discriminate and find it diffcult to withstand the assault of lies and see what the truth is. And this is exactly the purpose of the manipulators, as it makes it easy to drive their agenda. The way out is for everyone to introspect and not follow the crowd.

  3. spyad.9 Says:

    Yes..Unfortunately. .the bankers r true..our history r the testimony of it.. To jump ahead u hav to get a step back.. Hope..such war shuld nevr occur..I pray 4 u too coz I think somewhere u mentioned dat u r Russian n ur husband is Ukrainian. . I think its tough 4 both of u.. May god bless u..n yrs all..

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