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What I learned from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict March 29, 2014


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Since I am Russian and my beloved husband is Ukrainian, the story of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict around Crimea and more has a lot been in my attention. And because I have no TV at home and read Internet very selectively I could more or less survive the information war. But even if I try to minimise the information flow by getting possibly the first-hand impressions and facts from the people involved, I am still getting a lot of buzz from the world Russian-Ukrainian community…. It is really hard to stay cool!

However the hardship of the situation helped me to learn two great lessons. And I hope many more people will be able to see it in the same way.


This is something we learn throughout the history of humanity but obviously always forget when something happens: We are not able to find out all the reasons, all the real players and all real facts about any historical happening unless and until some time passes. The amount of totally useless thoughts in the heads of people trying to analyze the reasons and forecast the develop of the situation around Ukraine and Russia is terrifying. The heads are overheated and people keep on this nonsensical reactions. The truth is   – we will not be able to see the Truth right now. It is much more importatnt to keep a cool head and a good meditative state, and to point out the attention to the overall benevolence.


The current situation shows dramatically what huge damage to a personal development can identification with one’s nation of origin bring. Many people whom I knew as nice and spiritual, suddenly went mad about being Ukrainians or Russians, really hating the other side and some even breaking their friendships with “the enemy”. How horrible is that?!? Horrible and very sad to observe. Doest it mean all our talks and beliefs in some kind of spiritual development are mere self-illusions? This current test shows where we really stand.

It seems to me that even though in the 20th century some patriotic movements did good to some countries, we live in a different time now. What I can conclude from the current Russian-Ukrainian issue, the patriotism is only contra-productive, bringing bitter division and hate. I believe that people who consider themselves sensible, good-hearted and wise should really go beyond this false identification. It is time to become one, to accept and love people regardless their place of birth. It would be great if one day the whole of mankind would realize that. But if the spiritual people will not come to it, the rest will never come.

Let us go deeper in ourselves and honestly ask ourselves what our patriotism gives us except of an Ego? Let us go beyond, let us become one.




11 Responses to “What I learned from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict”

  1. swaps Says:

    The truth is economic hardship, corruption, poor governance… it’s a list all to familiar to many countries. But what no one cares to explain is how these can be solved by military alignment, dividing people and grabbing power through lies.

    • axinia Says:

      Swaps, it is quite naive to hink that what we see and think is the reality. You know very well what Maya is, right? The vail of it covers everyting and it is really hard to see through…
      In the case of Crimea I know of one highly interesting fact which I cannot discuss here, but this fact changes toatlly the whole picture…however only few people know about it, and even Putin has no idea 🙂

  2. These two lessons that truth can’t be seen immediately and that it’s better to be beyond country-identification are very easy. They are not lessons actually but an attempt to hide in some menthal shelter, which is possible for any situation. Just try to be beyond and wait for a proper time to find the truth. The main problem with such attitude is that it’s useless. Sometimes life demands immediate steps. Truth that woud be known in future is not truth, it’s history. You can study history, but you can’t change it. Being a yogi means to know and to act in present. Thanks God now everything is quite clear. There is no russian-Ucrainian conflict. The whole world in the face of UN condemned Russian agression which ruined afterwar international laws, and our Russins brothers and sisters who are not brainwashed by Putin propaganda supported us too. That’s all, no misunderstanding.

  3. Elke Says:

    A truly spiritual person is unchanged no matter what the political circumstances are! A truly spiritual person sees a person’s heart, not the nationality! Disagreements of any kind can’t hurt the relationship between two loving souls!

  4. Reblogged this on Come Meditate In Connecticut and commented:
    I would like to share this article of a dear friend of mine, Axinia. These questions are worth to introspect on. It is only a few people in the world who create all these problems because of greed for power, money or something else. But in general people all over the world in all the countries, people like you and me, just want to live their lives in peace. But to achieve that we have to start with ourselves, we have to find peace first within, then with the others, and go beyond all these misleading ideas that – instead of uniting us – separate us.

  5. Sergei Says:

    It is not a “conflict” between Russia and Ukraine. Neither between West and East. It is a “war” between poor and rich where Ukraine was by pure randomness selected as a next stage. This world has gone through many stages already (say, the whole EUR fiasco). And there are more, many more to come. “Country identification” unfortunately proves how easy it is to play the logman’s hatred and how easy people fall into this trap. One way or the other Ukraine is becoming a dead end for decades to come. In this world democracy becomes a fiction. And installed democracy has always been a joke. In the long-term the veil of “democratic” lies is much more damaging than the truth of reality. It is better to be constantly awake, than sleep numbly. EU is just as imperialistic as any other empire. And EU has as little respect for any country identification as any other super-power.

  6. Raj Says:

    Wonderful Axinia ! I feel the subtle knowledge and understanding you have. Whatever is happening around the world is for us to see within ourselves and for us to understand where we stand in our spiritual growth. The focus is only on Yogies, we are on the stage and we are being watched. Just think what a normal person can be in front of divine, a person like Putin or anyone what he/she is in front of divine and what he/she is in front of us!! Divine can make any powerful person, whoever he is, completely upside down in a moment, can’t he……!!!!! It is for us to see where we stand in terms of our growth and what non-sense we are still holding. We need to know our importance and depth, all these things that are happening is to make us see those things which are not good for our growth, so that we can remove them. Else we may get involved in it and it can create problems for us.

  7. Ona Says:

    That’s beautifully written Axinia. I agree patriotism and nationalism only divides people. When we look at the humanity as pure souls all the hate disappears. It is so sad that the ones with the power manipulates ordinary people and the buy it in. You are absolutely right that we know very little about the real deals done by those who are in charged therefore there is no point hating each other based on nationalities or countries. Nationalism is Napoleons inventions. He was master genius how to pursuade the nation to go and fight wars. No one wants to die for the oligarchs or money , but if you wave a flag you think you have bigger purpose and meaning for your death. I see patriotism as a trap as in the situations like Russian , Ukranian conflict it forces you to choose and hate. We have been there the Second World War is something to remember and move on.

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