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Levels of spiritual development: check yours! February 1, 2014

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Are you interested in identifying your level of spiritual development? Forget it, it’s a myth.

In many so-called spiritual practices or esoteric businesses people are getting their “spiritual degrees” after they have been paid sufficient amount of money or done some exercises. After my 18-year long spiritual practice I can tell you honestly, there is NO such thing as a “level” or ” degree” or “stage” in true Spirituality. Not only because Spirit is beyond any concept.

Simply because spiritual self-development is the finest and hardest work, with its ups and downs. The world has seen people falling from such heights!…Nobody can ever give any certification and guaranty for your spiritual grow, because it is such a living thing.

And this is what makes spiritual growth to the most fascinating and mysterious thing in the Universe!

Despite this news…keep growing! 🙂




8 Responses to “Levels of spiritual development: check yours!”

  1. Miss Diondra Says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It has been a phenomena that intrigues me and worries me at the same time, although I appreciate and embrace the growth of awakening among the masses, it makes me laugh when materialism wiggles its way into spiritual studies that cost $300 or more to have under the belt.

  2. swaps Says:

    Also, I feel it is not a journey that one can cover in one life time.

  3. …But still question remains How to check ?
    it is one of the observation that any how people follow the person who suppose to spiritually better disciple or we can say who impress the people as best GURU. so there are many people who are in search of GURU and want to travel on spiritual path may be due to various reason as from material gain ,health,wealth, prestige or just getting GOD and as there is no such test exist they get trapped in false GURU and may knowingly or unknowingly spoil ? their life’s running behind the false GURU.
    What I have understood from small journey in Sahajayoga is getting self realization is first stage on path of spiritual growth, development of vibratory awareness is second stage so we can judge right and wrong/discriminate ,developing thoughtless awareness is third stage where our attention goes within we feel cool,calm and joyies. our Atman reflects in GOD almighty like reflecting and identifying oneself in a quite lake where no waves at all and one can see himself clearly .developing doubtless awareness is fourth stage/level where we further travel to identifying God almighty and trying to develop oneness . and goes ahead in the sequence where finally we can find complete oneness all the time with GOD almighty detaching from worldly things. In all stages we might be doing our daily things or enjoying dally leaving as any other person. These stages may be imaginary but definitely guide to individual to travel on right tract what i feel .
    It is not mean that those who do not follow SY not on same track they may be but i think do not understand where they are or really they are on right track? MOTHER has given that gift to us to identify our tract with our own where constant self evaluation is necessary what I feel.
    of course as swaps said these things can be gifted by God almighty to all human being in the process of evolution that’s why only we have develop from amoeba to this current stage and trying to enter in next dimension.

    • I totally agree with you that this state is not constant and a living process.One can fall from top to zero in moment after spending years together maintaining state at the same time ( because you are on top of mountain you have to just sustain otherwise at any moment by any action there is down journey just can be started….which can very easily take you at bottom )and even a child can reach to that state within few seconds. as it is live process . One need to maintained it by conscious efforts constantly still one can not force the things as the things should happen by its won In marathi we call it as “Dharana” (Sustenance of state by effortless meditation called “Dhyan”
      so it is clearly stated without “Dhyan Dharana” this journey is not possible. and can be achieved in moment or one may not even start for many lives together… ….

  4. if possible watch this complete movie otherwise just watch from 1.50.1 …a person who achieved state of samadhi described . he missed in pandhapur wari few years back to search of him his daughter came to pandharpur wari but when she meet him what she find .. he has already reached to lord vithala and same thing is told by vithala himself to her he was in complete samadhi state . In maharashtra this wari is very famous .everybody walks for his own purpose and get it and they still travel to path of evolution /spirituality further ahed which is nicely shown in this movie . You can enjoy full movie if possible

    • It is my humble request to watch a complete movie and try to understand what stage is complete samadhi and how he has achieved i know even marathi speaking people also doesn’t understand the whole concept .from the different character director has taken a movie at a very high state.A realize soul could understand the clear message . A very nice movie …you can observe different stages of spiritual development from behavior of different character. while walking towards pandharpur.
      This Wari itself is a subject of research .you may not be knowing every year two times more than five lack people walk towards panhandler very systematic way . as i already mentioned people walk in wari with different purpose but the main purpose is complete union GOD and many could achieve it by many ways which is nicely shown in movie.
      thanks I hope not bore much .if u want u can edit the things.

  5. Thank you very much and i really appreciate your think on be half of the spiritual exercise,

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