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The Quest of Man January 4, 2014

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The quest of man has been in his three dimensions: 1) his physical being 2) his
mental being 3) his emotional being.

Man’s first and foremost problem has been that of
sheer physical existence. In the past as well today the cruel forces of nature kept him
worried as to how to preserve his own existence. After some time, all human efforts to
preserve human life become deadly enemies of man’s existence. For example, mankind
created the atomic and the hydrogen bombs, and now they have turned out like deadly
monsters. He created many human institutions like kingdoms and states to free himself
from the fear of destruction for the whole human race. All his efforts were in vain though.

One could understand his fear from forces which were not human, but today man is
faced with the fear of destruction from his own fellow human beings. So he is experiencing
fear itself, and created by himself. The all-out effort to establish security for human life has
potentially created insecurities of an explosive nature.

Man’s need for physical enjoyment
has driven him to another extreme position where he has learned that no amount of
physical enjoyment results in joy (Ananda). On the contrary, human life fills with
unbearable tensions and frustration. The so-called affluent countries have the maximum
number of frustrated, desperate, sickened human beings. This does not mean that those
less affluent are spared these dangers. The same problems will be faced by those not yet
exposed to physical temptations, or those who are suppressed under the fear of some
controls. All will one day face the same problem when such controls are removed.

Economic theory is based on the principle that human want is insatiable in general.
Someone who longs to have a house for his own satisfaction and maintenance builds his
house with great expectations. On taking possession of the house, however, he finds that
his sense of security is not established, nor does he have any joy or peace from his efforts
to put a roof over his head. So he starts desiring a car or other luxury items such as a
holiday, a boat or a plane, but we do not find a single human being who is satisfied with
his lot, or happy all the time. The desire for newer and bigger possessions is constant.

Another area where human beings search for their physical being is in the field of
beauty felt in the physical side of creation. Through art man expresses the joy of
aesthetics he has felt and experienced within himself. All such expressions do not satisfy
the creator of such art, the generator of such aesthetics. Yet we might say that such a
man becomes much subtler in his understanding of joy when he expresses his physical
nature through art, rather than through trying to possess and acquire dead matter. On the
one hand changes in the form of matter which are for the utility and comfort of human
beings do not give a sense of blissful existence and tranquility; on the other hand man
ultimately finds himself bound by those dead things, and he develops the habit of using
them. The next stage is for him to want to give up all his habits and become an ascetic.

He announces to the world that he is renouncing all material acquisitions and
possessions, and walks away from the temptations of enslaving matter to seek his
freedom in the wild, in forests far from the madding crowd. This kind of escape also
cannot lead him to his salvation because he carries within himself the material bondage
which he is running away from.


Through psychology we have been able to discover that man consists not only of
his pre-conscious mind, with which he asserts his will, but also of a subconscious mind
which equally builds itself up within him, and comes into play when there is a emergency.
We cannot say how man will react in different circumstances. He is even unable to identify
those items of knowledge of no avail in the discovery of his own being. Man’s emotional
search led him to create a family that he supposedly ‘owns’, and to express himself as a
member of that family. The limited love of man in any particular direction causes the death
of Divine Love. Divine Love is like the sap in a tree that rises to give life and energy to all
the flowers, leaves, trunk and roots of the tree. It does not settle down exclusively in one
particular flower or leaf. If it does, the death of that tree is inevitable, and the flower getting
such exclusive attention would also die as part of the doomed tree. In modern times the
institution of the family is a spent force. What was a binding force has now lost its sway
over human beings and their society. Its loss has achieved nothing but dislocation.


The human quest has been done to reach the extreme dead ends of no return. It
has disintegrated achievements out of sheer hopelessness. By effort one can reach the
periphery but it is necessary to reach the original central point. The search has been in the
outside area of the object, and objective in nature, but the search has to be for the subject
of the object. This is the subjective search. All this effort has been in the search of
something without understanding its true nature, the real substance, the original. But one
has to become subjective now. Simply by talking about it one does not become subjective.
It is a state of being subjective which has to be switched in to human awareness. This
state becomes a part and parcel of the human being when he feels the Divine flowing from
his being as vibrations.

from The Book of Adi Shakti by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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  1. Excellent Axinia. please read about the SAGE OF KANCHI and his teachings …

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