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Have you got a mentor? November 20, 2013

image by axinia

image by axinia

Since I was a child I had an enormous drive to self-development. And although many wonderful people surrounded me, no one could serve me as a role model and teach me things I was looking for. I was all on my own, trying to understand myself and the world, reading serious literature at 10, being busy with geo-political questions at 12 and writing a thesis in philosophy at 15. After having swallowed a huge amount of books I realised that my steps in self-development are still too slow and I lack some practical approach. Too much theory makes no sense. Then I tool to psychology and was soon disappointed at the negative nature of this kind of science. All trainings I went through looked interesting but had the yo-yo effect: all changed they have brought, vanished after some time. Something solid and substantial was badly missing in my life.

Thus at 20 I was desperately asking God to save me a Teacher. I realised I needed SOMEONE who could show me the right way and give not only some beautiful theory but also a real practical application of it. Shortly after feeling this I came to Sahaja Yoga which fulfilled all my spiritual self-development desires. I was more that happy to get he guidance of the most amazing Gurus of all times, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who was so generous in not only revealing endless secret knowledge about human nature, and actually gave fantastic instruments to an easy and quick self-development, which was my primary and the only wish.

However due to my highly idealistic and spiritual nature I soon realised how “immature” and naïve I was regarding the daily matters. At 22 I found myself all alone in a foreign country – divorced, brocken, without any means to existence. Many good people wanted to support me, and luckily did that. However I needed to stand up on my own….but… I obviously could not do it alone, because my views on life were too naive…And here comes another wonderful gift of destiny into play!

A met a person who became my best mentor ever in all “material” questions. When I first saw this person I thought: “Well probably he would help with a job?” – and how right this supposition was! We became friends, and out of the nature of this person, he on his own wish become my mentor. In the beginning of our friendship he used to invite me for a dinner and ask about my life views. Then he tried to show me the different perspective. He had a solid banking background and two MBA’s in Wealth Management – imagine, just the opposite of the direction which I would choose. In fact, he was really educating me – free of charge, but with a back thought: at some point he opened his own company and invited me to join. Then he kept training me as his assistant. He tought me how to ask right questions, how to see in the  “material” root of every issue, how to “check” people, how to keep the philosophical attitude to work and money. I recently realised that all I know about the material side of live I due to my dear mentor! I would never be able to learn it myself, at least not in one life. He made it very easy and applicable to me. No need to say I am still working for this person and more than happy about it :).

I don’t know about other’s experiences on that but my life shows that one needs a good mentor to come forward. I feel so lucky that both – my spiritual and material seeking have been fulfilled and this gave me a chance to become a mentor for others too. This is the way it works.




8 Responses to “Have you got a mentor?”

  1. axinia Says:

    The Guru-desiple institution has been existing in India since ages, also in the Westen culture we know the tradition of a master passing on his knowledge to a puiple. I wanted to show that it works also in a broader sence, it is efficient to have sucha meentor rather to struggle all alone all alone…hope I made this point.
    I wonder how many people have a mentor for themselves?

  2. I don’t have any mentor in material life..I believe on my own powers…
    of course in spiritual life MOTHER H H SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI. First time I heard about Mother before 10 surprisingly in my house people taking about Mother came to Brahmapuri…I couldn’t understand anything. letter when i was in 12th when Mother visited Kolhapur. I remember we had a long chat late night in hostel among boys about Kundalini Jagruti and How it is possible to raise 1000’s of people at a time? ….. Even Mother came to Karad when I have started working in age 22 in 1988. I was doing Gyaneshwari parayana( recitation) on krishna Ghat with 100’s of people … still time has to pass and I have to struggle It took 2002 to enter in SY. Till that since childhood I tried lot I still remember when I was in seventh I visited a person at morning 2.30 am as he promised me about realization ? He declared I am a true seeker he taught me pranayama and oamkara after giving Diksha ? I still remember ( actually I dont have any close friends) my friends use to play on ground holly boll I used to sit in Lord Shiva temple taking mantras Oam Nam Shivay … so I was in search and my search stop at SY… even i have written poem on how and what I am searching …and I am not getting when I was in 11th …When I settled In SY that moment I really feel that this is my destiny and my search stop … From that moment I didn’t require any mentor for any problem.
    It doesnt mean I dont like people rather I love people a lot either Family or other most probably I afterwords I never find myself alone or helpless..or powerless No dought still my strength is my own family but in heart deep within i know from certain point beyond I have to travel alone …Thanks

  3. Hi axinia
    This song is dedicated to mentership …. I like forever ..Thanks

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  5. Sam Says:

    After all its true what they say……..Mother is the greatest mentor!

  6. Agnofeld Says:

    Your blog is cool! I Like it. Keep up the good work!

  7. ankit Says:

    how to ask right questions, how to see in the  ”material” root of every issue, how to “check” people, how to keep the philosophical attitude to work and money.

    jai shri mata ji , even i m looking for the same questions how to b spiritual in ur work as well ,could u explain me the answer , how part above …….

    i asked these questions to many people , i tried many things , being thouhtless and listening to my vibrations as well but unable to listen to my inner voice its what i think and confused .what to do.

    In Sahaja people says in office u see people as drama and do tit for tat but my inner cauntious do not allow to do that … they say its all apart of corporate and you do your karma only without thinking too much , but as a manager always keep sympathy with people and in a process hurt my self as well ..
    In Short i just wanted to find out … how could i know that whatever i do is guided by divine only and whatever decisions i take is as per the divine , as these decisions in corporate hurt people …….

    could you plz help …… thank you so much…..

    • axinia Says:

      Ankit, thank you for this important queston. I can feel how it bothers you, and I am sure it is that important for many. But I don’t know how to help you beside my own expriences which are all on this lbog (I ahve about 900 post so far! – please read more and you will find out :).

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