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Does money spoil people? November 8, 2013

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There is a common belief that money spoil people. Stories are being told of nice people who, after getting rich, become horrible. I tend not to belive in such transformation. Let me show you why.

Since several years I work very closely with bankers, particularly with private bankers, who deal only with so-called High-Net-Worth-Individuals. It means these bankers operate with million-dollar/euros accounts and enjoy various benefits from assisting their affluent clients. Also many have a chace of earning a lot with side-services, even illegally. So basically one is very much exposed to seeing big money and the chances to get rich too. My observations show that people who are good-natured and decent, honest and self-respecting remain the same. The ones who have had some “worm” of indecency, are getting worse and worse…Yes, money spoils but only whose who are already spoiled. 

I think even moeny can be the best litmus test ever: Give a person access to big moeny and see if and how he/she will change. I bet that truly grounded, stable personalities will remain within theri best qualities and will only show more generosity.

This is again my very personal observation. Have any of you got the feeling of the opposite being the truth?

Thanks for sharing your experiences!



20 Responses to “Does money spoil people?”

  1. I pretty much agree but for the experimental integrity we would have to give people big amounts of money for the personal use. If thus the money does not spoil them… 😉

  2. Terry Says:

    A master I was lucky enough to encounter explained there are five great addictions in the modern world that we blame for holding people back from spiritual growth. Money, Power, Sex, Drugs, Food. But ironically, to the fortunate addict each one can open a path to realization of God.

    • axinia Says:

      Terry, i did not mean seeking God even, just remaining a person of integrity and honour… regarding your note on addictions, I wonder if you know personal examples of that…I think i have never seen auch cased. Please list he stories!

  3. My observations show that people who are good-natured and decent, honest and self-respecting remain the same….. very true …. even though they are poor and huge amount is given to them …they remains unchanged… i have seen such people .. but of course ..very less.
    What I feel it is something inbuilt characteristic …doesn’t alter by culture in which you live ,region where you stay or which friends you belongs .you may remain detached from all devil like lotus in dirty water . it is sure it is inbuilt .
    This is very true with some habits like alcoholism ,smoking or becoming gangsters . I apply this theory only because they themselves want to spoil. They spoils apart from what environment you give or restriction/freedom you give. by inner nature they are like that ….
    only thing is we need to understand their nature so we cannot get cheated from them . if we are using vibratory awareness to identify it will be plus point.
    Papaji used to say … doesn’t give more money to these people …they will spoil…. so what I mean to say many people believes in the same . Grossly I believe but on substal level i disagree .I believe on my theory.
    thanks with regards JSM

  4. Your posts always wake up and prompt to think. Thank you. Thus the musing below have appeared.
    If I have some cash, I would go outside and order a cup of coffee in the coffee house… As I put the truth on paper, the ugly picture emerged. I saw a man who hadn‘t any goals to follow. And the worst of it was that this man was I. I just need to say something positive. So…
    Not Money but our thoughts about money has power to spoil us.

    • very true
      Probably people don’t know how to manage money ….
      ……so thoughts about money spoils them
      In western Maharashtra Many young farmers or son of landlords spent money on many things ? ( dance bar ,prostitute ,Tobaco, ghutaka,alcohol and much more Sex crimes even in juveniles are increasing seriously) just like water . For them money is real power they can do anything with it . they do crimes and spend money like water from police to judge and move in society and keep hold on politics and society people ( what we call Gundaraj Only ) They get lots of money from farming ,sugar industry,cotton industry milk industry even onion,potato tomato… there are many money crafts .cooperative movements in western Maharashtra gave hard cash to farmers (in addition politics and corruptions ) even they get involve in criminal activities like…. trafficking ….
      Corruption in Govt. officers ..not a single paper forwarded without money .. they have collected a huge money by which next seven generation can survive without earning …in one life time … they themselves and of course their children both have spoiled already …
      Now a days it is policy (funda) of people …earn money any possible way in huge amount and enjoy ????……that’s why they them selves and their children are spoiling
      so grossly we can say money spoils people

    • axinia Says:

      That’s a good idea Thomas, however mind this: it is one thing you think about moeny and another you ahve some millions avaliable 🙂 I am sure this this is not the same, and your acting much chage as soon as you are in the situation.

      • Dear axinia, yes, the situations change, but change nothing. So the discussion about the cash can lead only astray . Money act like the sand in the shoes – in essence they change nothing but can harden the walking or make our being more comfortable yet that are the secondary issues in both cases.

  5. Today I listen one example ..
    Question – How much money is important in life
    Answer- just like petrol in car
    Question – how many people drive car for petrol ?….
    Ans- the people who drive car for petrol …they collect petrol …petrol in car …afterwards ..there is no space in car except petrol …afterword ..person even doesn’t breath… and afterword …..just one spot of fire …and everything is finish

    ….. if we work for money and if money become prime important for me ..one day money destroy to me ….

  6. Carmien Owen Says:

    I believe that everything we experience in life is invitation to awaken. We have experiences so that we can spiritually progress. Money is one such experience. If we identify with money then our transformation will include challenges of separation related to money. With such identification we place money as the important element, instead of more profound truths such as inspiring ourselves or others to awaken to their spiritual magnificence.

    It strikes me that your comment about the “litmus test” of money is saying the same thing, albeit in a different way. Someone who has begun to awaken will understand from a deep level that money is merely energy slowed down, and one mechanism for transference of physical energy.

    An interesting observation I’ve had concerns people on the spiritual path suggesting that having money is a bad thing. I happen to disagree with that. If I’ve abundance AND am not identifying with it, then I have all sorts of opportunities.

    I’m shifting my life to enter into full-time spiritual service. The money I earn allows me to make that shift, to pay for training, has helped me publish a spiritual book, and will eventually empower me in creating a centre for spiritual living.

    Money is a good mirror. If all you see is money when you stare in that mirror then you’re likely identifying with it. However, if when you look at money your imagination conjures thoughts of service and what good you can do for humanity for it, then you are likely making much better use of the lesson of money.


    • axinia Says:

      “Money is a good mirror” – like!

      • Carmien Owen Says:

        Another way to look at is like this. When you look at money do you think of what you can have or what you can give?

        The answer to this question is the essence of what money is as a mirror. 🙂

        • axinia Says:

          That’s brilliant, Carmien! Well I mostly think of what I can give, honestly.

          • thinking about use of money lead to the great lesson of giving, but such wisdom demands some free cash in a pocket and looks like just a musing if we are guessing whether we will have the daily bread tomorrow or involve in free meditation about the benefits of the yesterday meal, so to speak.
            I was used to share my artworks for a free (enjoyed the giving) but that became impossible because such questions as the framing (the cost) associate only with the fairyland now.
            You are very-very rich if you can muse over the use of your cash – you have something while the multitude of people fears even to dream about such luxury. Personally I am sharing just my memory of times when everything looked possible.
            I know lots of people who sea simple browsing through the web as a luxury because the internet fees…
            Yes, giving is much better than receiving because such activity creates the memory which will support us tomorrow.

          • Carmien Owen Says:

            Where our attention flows, our creation goes. By thinking of what you can give you are engaging in a powerful axiom of the Universe. The Universe abhors a vacuum. And so, as we give so do we receive.

            That said, I’m not suggesting that we should give everything away. Our heart is the best guide of what is to be given and what is to be exchanged. There is a practical reality to living on this world. We need to eat, to clothe ourselves, to ensure shelter, and to meet our worldy responsibilities. We must see to such things. My observation is inviting the reader to delve into understanding what motivates them. “Blessed are those who believe but have not seen.” Money is a test of faith. If we give as we receive we have balance. If we believe in this principle, we will experience the flow of abundance. If we set down questions of “how” and focus on the what, then we leave the hard work to the Divine. If we contemplate our fears to understand what an experince is teaching us then we grow. And if we are grateful when we do receive, and show our faith in our abundance by giving some of what we receive (otherwise known as tithing) then we will demonstrate to the Universe our faith in our abundance. There is no lack, merely a perception of one.

            In short, see to your worldly responsibilities, have faith in your creative potential and the flow of abundance, give as you receive, focus on what you want to feel in terms of money, contemplate your fears as opportunities to grow, be grateful for all that you receive as you practive the law of circulation, and most importantly know that there is no lack. Love and blessings.

  7. Joy Says:

    I enjoyed your post!

  8. Carmien Owen Says:

    Thank you for the inspiring blog and comment-conversation (above). After some contemplation I penned a blog on the spiritual perspective of money titled,Money is not a Four Letter Word here: http://knowtheflow.ca/2013/11/money-is-not-a-four-letter-word/

    It’d be great if you visited and shared any thoughts you might have. Love and blessings.

  9. You’re right – money spoils people who were already crooked but for some reason were maintaining a good-guy/girl mask. Also, money spoils those people who did not earn them (IMO).

    Destination Infinity

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