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A friend in need is a friend indeed? There is a much better friendship test! November 5, 2013

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My first personal insight on a true friendship was that the friend is not the person who helps you out in a difficult situation but the one who can enjoy your joys. Indeed I have noticed that many people are happy to help out, in some or other way if anything bad happens. However not many are able to enjoy what you enjoy. 

Recently I thought of another important friendship distinction:

A true friendship passes through the “money test”, and the false one not. How many stories we all have heard/experienced when so-called best friends, being in a business situation of making and sharing money, suddenly part and fight? How many seemingly stable and good relationships have been brocken when money came into the play?

Luckily I never experienced that, in fact just the opposite: one of my best, long-term friends is at the same time my employer and the money issue makes no impact on our wonderful relationship. But I know of many opposite cases.

Somehow or rather, money has its power spell over relatioshiops. Therefore it is the best friendship test.

LOVE, axinia


4 Responses to “A friend in need is a friend indeed? There is a much better friendship test!”

  1. Sara Campitelli Says:

    What you are talking about has a specific name.., it is called jelousy. I experienced and it was a bliss because I could make a quick selection!! If someone really loves you is able to enjoy spontanously your happiness and joy.

  2. A true friendship passes through the “money test”……
    If it is true it is unfortunate ….rather it should not be …because friendship is far beyond materialism .Money really should not play a game among true friends. There are many more thing apart from joy or pain can be share spontaneously. rather i have learn you help to needy ….somebody another will help in your need not necessarily that person . you just help and forget .His work will over and both of you will not carry burden in your situation maybe somebody else will help and your problem will finish without carrying burden and EGO’s and both can enjoy thought less state and of course life… many times romantic love come in between and play a drama.
    there are many but one nice movie song i will share here …

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