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Music in relatioships October 24, 2013

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The seer, the deep thinker, the knower of human nature, acts also as a musician by finding in people’s actions their tone and rhythm.

He notices in an untimely action, caused by ignorance or impatience, the irregularity of the rhythm; and in a word or action that has a harder or softer effect than it should have he sees the false tone, the false note. He also feels consonant or dissonant chords.

When two people meet the dissonant chord of their evolution keeps them distant from one another in thought, although they may be sitting near together; and often a third person comes who either harmonizes the dissonant chord or produces disharmony in the consonant chord.

The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan


3 Responses to “Music in relatioships”

  1. Hi axinia
    rhythm is the base of life. when I look in nature I find rhythm everywhere. when you seat quietly near sea shore may be in midnight when no one around and observe or listen….. a typical music…… you get touched within and when you get one with and how much time is lapsed you never understood ( In marathi we call it as “Samudrachi Gaz”) .for me it happen at every moment and everywhere I never find alone I feel nature is singing with my soul and i get ONE with .. Ounce Mother told in Brahmapuri …river is singing for her and welcoming …
    I always listen music in nature ..even flowing of winds …sounds of leaves …even in wild nature there is a beauty …. have you heard typical sound of falling water from height ( sound of Falls) ( One must visit western ghat of maharashtra during rainy season )
    The first sound appear when Shakti separate from Shiva “OAM” I fond that everywhere ….. even in heart beat …. ( what we called in Marathi ” Nadbrahma ” and there is never disharmony ( I am not talking about diseased ?) same thing should be true in relationship .we should go within and try to listen and understand that melodious music and of course should response appropriately as it is bipolar process I am sure that music will be harmonious ,joyous ,soothing peace loving and much more …as the years will pass the relationship will become stronger I am sure that music will be more melodious and heart touching … .. more harmonious ..one will never find alone ..
    thanks and regards

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