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What’s your strongest quality? September 26, 2013

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Can we describe ourselves in one word? Normally it’s not easy. We think we possess many various qualities. However often people while giving  a reference on us, use only one or two words . It means there is one powerful personality trait which we should know about ourselves. It may not be what others think of us, but ideally it should correlate with the general opinion.

When I introspect on my strongest quality, several things come to my mind. And if I have to decide on only one, this is what comes up:

I do not have double standards an I am always the same – in every situation, with each and every person I behave the same way. I have same love and respect both for nice, positive people and for the negative ones, I treat a beggar and an oligarch with the same attitude, despite any set up. Is this sincerity? Or unconditional acceptance? I don’t know how to name this quality but this is what I believe is my strongest personality trait. Hopefully this is also what others see as my strongest trait as well.

And yours? Looking forward to read about your stongest qualties!

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18 Responses to “What’s your strongest quality?”

  1. Yes, it is not easy to describe oneself in one word, but I have succeeded in that http://arthiker.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/self-portrait/ I took a picture of a stump and named it as a self-portrait. So what is a stump? is it the wisdom underfoot or the roadblock on our path? Once I, as all of us , was a tree and enjoyed the growth – the changes, but the youth passed by and I became … a stump which sees his advent in our changeless spiritual oneness.

  2. Even-Mindedness, in pleasure or pain, sadness or happiness, life or death, rising above the dualities of Nature… Even-Mindedness in a world full of constant change, never letting that inner peace, joy and happiness be touched or affected by anything external.. that is one word to describe your best quality Axinia… I am striving to be Even-minded in the tests in the classroom of this life.

    • axinia Says:

      Oh thank you dear, this is probably the word I was looking for; Ever.Mindedness (I was unaware of its existence!), it explains well what I could not express in one word.

  3. Elke Says:

    Patience – That’s the quality that best describes me. This I just realized today while vacuuming the house. I believe that every person has their personal strengths and weaknesses – if we all find our authentic personality and strengthen it, we become one perfect collective of people of the world, who support each other with our strengths!

    • axinia Says:

      Elke, patience is one of the greates virtues indeed! i am glad you’ve got the idea of this post – exactly we should become aware of our strong qualities and by this awareness enrich the collectiv beauty of the world.

  4. commitment is my strongest quality…I believe in simplicity too …weaknesses are many…one most experienced is I believe on next person very easily and get cheated or misused for which I Always curse myself afterwords and repeat same again..

    • draupadi16 Says:

      My situation is now, that my husband has died in the morning of 15.09.2013. He slept away… We were married for 40 years and 1 month. We loved each other the whole time – sometimes more, sometimes less. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary (the RUBIN one) in Gmunden on the Traun-Lake. It wa such a wonderful weekend!
      The strongest quality of my husband was FRIENDSHIP. And this is a very important one I felt in this difficult days….
      With Love – Draupadi.

    • axinia Says:

      Mahesh, dear, commitment is a powerful and wonderful thing, keep it up!

      • @Draupadi
        sorry and my heartfelt condolence .. while reading for a while i just become quite and suddenly goes within ….I understand … one has to become strong ..we have to accept HIS decisions …Mother says …we never die ..we come again and again and the person with whom spend 40 years !? who was the breath will be remain in heart and every cell forever …you must stand with his good memories …. sustain yourself within and be consistent believe me you will never find alone … he was a friend and will be forever…never find alone.

        • draupadi16 Says:

          Dear Axinia, Dear Mahesh!
          Thank You so much for Your deep words. In my situation is a lot to do. And so I saw Your Reply just now. It is great to be in the Family of SAHAYA JOGA. There are so many friends I feel it now much more… With Love from Draupadi.

  5. Dear Axinia,
    Still trying to puzzle this one out… maybe my sensitivity to nature, beauty and art, but then many people have that I guess…Maybe my Piscean capacity to see an argument from the two sides, to understand the two people involved, some sort of instinctive empathy ?
    Probably nothing very useful in this rational, money-driven ,action dominated society. ( A Piscean with left-sided qualities in a right-sided society : )

    • axinia Says:

      any quality can be useful, in any society i think. What youd escribe could make you a good MEDIATIOR and this is what one can even earn money with 🙂

      • innerknowledge Says:

        Hey thanks Axinia! Maybe I’ll look into that. Do you know what you need to study/ do to become a mediator?
        The other day an ex student sent me a message thanking me for my kindness. That’s just something that flows spontaneously from my heart when I notice someone has been treated roughly by someone else or is going through a tough time.

  6. Sam Says:

    I like to imagine 🙂

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