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All truth about living in a house with garden September 15, 2013

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living room

this was our living room

The title may seems bit off-topic to this blog but this is what I really want to share: Some realizations I have gained from my 3.5 years experience of living in houses with garden. Why could it be useful and interesting? – because living in a house is a dream of so many people, it is probably an  archetypical human desire. Many people take huge bank loans to pay for this dream. But what is the reality? I would like to share with you some experiences from living in 2 different houses withing the last 3,5 years.

1. Renting a house with garden is far too tricky: it is much more responsibility, work, time and money than you can imagine when going for that! Even by renting a house you are much involved in the maintenance and a house needs much more than an apartment.

2. The most tricky thing in a house is the heating/cooling system which in mostly designed specially for each house. If you are lucky and have the central heating then you are more or less on the safe side. But if your landlord has built in an expensive heating (oil-based, for instance) then god save you and your money.

3.The garden is another Troyan horse: it looks so pretty and nothing compares to a breakfast on a green terrace on a sunny day… However beware of the all gardening work! Not only it has to be maintained in a good state (mowing the meadow, cutting trees and bushes, planting flowers, etc.) but the is a constant money investment in tools and fertilizer.

If you have some fruit trees this is just great – eating fresh fruits from your own garden is safe, tasty and highly enjoyable. However do not forget to take care of fallen produce! – and this is just another time and effort issue.

Even if in your dreams you are lovingly taking care of your own garden, most probably in reality you will not be that enthusiastic about gardening on a regular base. You may want a gardener instead.

4. A house with garden attracts more insects, dust and possibly mice than any apartment. This results in even more cleaning activities. Ideally a house needs a cleaning lady on a daily basis – but how many can afford that?

The problem I have about it all is not only much time and efforts, but especially the attention which I have to keep on all that. I am quite happy that for a while we, my husband, our daughter and me will move to an apartment and enjoy the uncomplicated and unsophisticated facilitation of it.

However for the future we definitely want our own house. Here are some ideas from the previous experiences:

our house should be small – indeed there is no need in much space and big rooms. If there is some garden, the space feeling comes with that.

-we will be definitely building our own house with our own design and natural materials, most probably straw balls.

– we will be very attentive to heating and cooling,  – the best known version today seems to be the so called “passive house“, which need much less energy than any regular heating system. Important! – to have a real stove/chimney, this is something what will always work, no matter how any modern heating system behaves. Unfortunately the more sophisticated the system is the more vulnerable it gets, and you can literary freeze under the Christmas Tree in your own house because some spare part cannot be delivered in a week time.

-the garden should have more natural beauty, no perfect lawn is needed. There are various beautiful alternatives to the trivial golf-style lawn.

a round house with no corners is a great alternative to the modern building habits – i love this idea! some images are here.


I hope my lesson learned was useful for some dreamers :). Dream are good but reality-check is better!



11 Responses to “All truth about living in a house with garden”

  1. Hi Axinia,
    so is the title …
    I am staying in own house last 13 years where we have a small garden ? too. but believe me …it is very difficult to maintain all that .now there is dew for maintenance and still I am paying home loan if both are working it is very hard to give time for all that really we get exhausted.
    staying in rented apartment near to public garden can be good idea …
    otherwise small farmhouse including cattle’s ?… could be best one where we will be close to nature too and we can have earning from it .
    you will be very much agree that cities are becoming very dirty, congested,polluted and expensive which one can not afford too.
    so goto villages …they are not far away form your working place .good schools are available there too. I brought up in villages only and it is true that we get less opportunities and competition too so…
    finally i come to conclusion that dream house is dream house ..it never exists ….

  2. Deepa Says:

    I agree with you. I realized this now that I’m a senior citizen. A house does require more money for maintenance. In India if one has the money then affording a gardener, house help is not a problem. Most middle class homes can afford a daily part time maid. But in the west, it does take a lot of work and unless gardening is a hobby & passion, I think a weekend after a full office day is not very welcome. But then having said that, it is a great way to get exercise specially if a person sits 5/6 days at a desk.
    And its not a big house that gives happiness. Its the state of one own’s mind. If people are happy, then they are happy wherever they live.

        • man is a social animal he cant leave alone specially without spouse …I know many bachelors who dont get time to marry leave them I am writing in general… Starting family and rearing children …is an universal phenomenon …successful people manage it well.. see lots of dreams .. many may comes true many may not …. still they enjoy and get fulfilled…in the whatever they have ..one room kitchen …or just tent/hut but most importantly “own house” they may struggle years together to get that …celebrate all festival in that .some time may loose significant one ….and get detached when there turn comes ..if not then.. normally people work heard whole day and remain outside but definitely there feet turns to home during evening …..even birds turns towards their nests… .( you know there is one ritual …after death also at least for one Minuit people take body of person in his house .and then take to funeral…?)
          there are many movies on the subjects which you can search and watch …
          these are few songs …one can enjoy …

          • Abudana means food and water…
            these from nikah which explains lot themselves about what we should expect in family life and what not ..good movie and songs too.

            • ashiyana means house..
              Deepa provoke me to share all these ..I dont know how much u understood …
              finally I end up with one very popular saying …
              Foolish people built up the house and intelligent people stay in it on rent..
              thanks a lot.

              • axinia Says:

                mahesh, this is definitely vice versa! – renting is not intelligent at all, exactly for the reason I gave: because it was not planed and designed by you, you have all building mistakes to deal with, and sill lots of costs (normally the maintenance cost should be shared or fully paid by the renting side, not by the landlord. at least in Austria it is the case.)

                • hi axinia I agree with you
                  that was learned lesson from older. you know in America they face first recession due to that only people are exploited to expense more than they have our older has exactly told oppositely i.e. if you have 10 rupees spend five only and never take any loan …. i still remember how much energy , time, money I have just wasted while construction was going on ( which was very precious at that time and not available too as having shift duties with no holidays and leaves and uncooperative people at workplace )….and whatever yo do they( builder) cheat with their own way . Thanks I have not committed suicide …as people were discussing behind …. any way …..their time scenario was definitely different and they were true in that period too as construction was very very tedious job ….
                  logically you are right …
                  but it has another aspect too.
                  Today real estate has become great business. builders sales dreams of people and en cash. literally they are playing with emotion and yet nobody is happy in that . spends years together in never finishing EMI’s spoiling all small… small joys of children and family members …. which could have celebrated in family in that huge EMI amount.
                  this business take over everything ..all crimes stories ,politics …corruptions murder ( you know our people do murder for two things …ladies and lands….even in close relation too) and many more ….
                  just I will give few examples

                  one person took a land equal to me from developer .instead of building a house like me he buildup an apartment where now 23 families ? stays ….purposefully I have not shared cost but I can assure you he is crorpati .whole money he has raised from bank loans taken by those families for purchasing house. they are paying EMI’s and apart form that he kept three flats for himself in that apartment and with that money he already started three more sites in another prime locations…now construction is his main business ..
                  now tell me whether I was wrong …? constructing a bunglo having a small garden ?in front of it and shared by only two adults who are out of house more than eight hours for job… and two children . now one already shifted to hostel….and another remains out of house more than 10 hours … father in 80 alone at home .. believe me I have to higher people for protection ….( that is another headache) as you can not a lock house as there are chances of theft …

                  there are many people I know who only collect the rent equal to my salary monthly not doing any other job…

                  last year while coming from belgaum in bus I met one person looking like old villager. in discussion he told quietly ..just now i am coming after purchasing 10 acre fertilized land for 1 cror. he was military man just few years ago first he took one flat in mumbai just for few thousands and given on rent then he built up another chal in pune and he kept family there from now also he get huge rent and run the five children family who are just literate and doing some minor minor jobs . now he has sold his property in mumbai and purchased that land for children .still he has saved enough for future… now he travels alone and visits all the temples in India ..as retired senior citizens …
                  now you decide what is right and what is wrong …
                  thanks again

  3. just another point i have noted is when you built /purchases your own house people believes that you got stability and mostly it affect ? on promotions in service .They think that now you will not leave job and they dont consider your threat of leaving job seriously many time changing job at right time gives more opportunities of fast growth .. even fly overseas…and may not come back?
    thanks again

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