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5 spiritual qualities which grant success in material life August 26, 2013


image by axinia

Spirituality has become a popular word and yet in the mainstream understanding it is still something “unpractical, unreal”. I would like to point out several interesting moments about the practical side of spirituality.

When the spiritual base of a person is touched and developing, some qualities start manifesting more stronger, clearer. It is not that non-spiritual people don’t have these qualities, but just see for yourself:

1.ATTENTION Having a good attention is crucial for all sorts of jobs and daily life. Normally the attention of a person is much disturbed and overloaded, or spread. A spiritual person always keeps attention on his/her inner being, reflecting/introspecting every single minute. This is a great attention training.  A master of attention can do so many things only by pointing out this fantastic instrument to the right direction. Literary, it save much time and efforts in accomplishing any task.

2.AWARENESS Being aware of what you are and what is happening around is obviously important but few people possess that. Awareness helps in every situation, but in particular it makes us alert and attentive. And this means being efficient!

3. TRUST A spiritual person is the one who is easily being trusted by everyone. Why? Because a spiritual person is always sincere, innocent and benevolent. And trust is the soil of all relationships, and thus the important condition for any success, For people are everything.

4. FLOW A spiritual person is almost permanently in the flow – it is known as the state of “being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.” This is what everyone wishes to have but a spiritual person achieves easily because he/she is “tuned” with the Divine and everything goes smoothly when the “instrument” is really well tuned.

5. LOVE As trivial as it may sound, but the ability to love people it is the greatest power of all, and it is crucial that a truly spiritual person loves everyone, not just his family and friends…or God (for God and people are actually one and the same thing). The love which flows from the open heard of an enlightened personality opens the hears and inspires everyone around. This love elevates! No wonder everybody coming across this sources of love is bathing in it and is ready to assist in everything possible. Thus tasks are easily accomplished and all is well :).

There are surely more qualities, this 5 just came to my mind first. As you see there is nothing unusual in them, but the amount and the intensity of these qualities are mostly stronger in the people of Spirit therefore they can actually have a wonderful life in the realm of material success and comfort.




5 Responses to “5 spiritual qualities which grant success in material life”

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  2. draupadi16 Says:

    Wonderful pic, Axinia!!! Your words are true.
    Von Zeit zu Zeit kommen Dinge in mein Leben, die ich überwinden muß. “Zeit zu lernen”, denke ich. Mit diesen 5 Instrumenten gewinne ich immer und dann kommt die Freude die Freiheit und das Bewußtsein, wieder eine Stufe erklommen zu haben. Es ist ein großartiger Weg, den wir gewählt haben!
    Leider habe ich Deinen Geburtstag vergessen – Alles Gute für Dein Neues Lebensjahr!!! Draupadi.

  3. Sameer Says:

    Nice and also in my opinion 6>diplomacy,7>hard work,8>talent,9>courage and 10> discrimination. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the comprehensive list of the Spirituality’s benefits. They look the obvious, therefore the world’s attempts to silence them are hard to grasp…it’s good that we receive the Spirit not by our understanding, but by faith.

  5. hrushikesh sarpotdar Says:

    jay shree mataji, enlightened thoughts 😊🙏

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