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How can we sustain a meditation throughout the day? August 1, 2013

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A highly valuable recommendation  from the most amazing Guru, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

How can we sustain a meditation throughout the day?

“- You see, you are in meditation in a way. You are halfway in meditation and halfway not. Now if you try to develop a state of witness, then you are in meditation – just a state of witness. Whatever you see, just watch it. Just watching is the best way, and then you’ll be surprised that you will find that you are in another world, and these people are only in another world. You are seeing them from another world. Then you will have compassion for them, you will have pity for them, you may also not like them – it’s all these feelings will come up to you, but you’ll be a person who is separated from them.”

from Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Questions & Answers. Burwood, Sydney (Australia), 6 May 1987.

Based on my meditation experience I can confirm that this works indeed, but this is the first stage – at first one has to separate onceself from the rest, otherwise there is so much involvement. And the next stage, which comes automatically if one gets vibrations – you will feel complete ONE with the WHOLE, and there is no “the other”. Unfortunately this is not easy to reach in a daily life business, mostly only during a really good meditation. But we can always strive to .:)

LOVE, and LOADS of it!



14 Responses to “How can we sustain a meditation throughout the day?”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    well said axinia…but my basic question is really how many are interested in that real state ?
    you might be knowing that story of prison and king ..
    king once decided to give gift to all including prisoners so he went prison and ask for difficulties and any gift …as all prisoners were unhappy they complains about many things like food ,clothing and ask about various facilities in prison but most wonder was ….nobody ask for freedom in that sense they were happy in prison ….?
    we all are in the same state as really we dont want to achieve and remain that witness state most probably we are happy in all that emotional drama ,attachments ,reflections and ego problem etc probably we feel we are doing something may be grate ?…so we may be happy at the same time complaining and demanding by that way unhappy?
    how many want that balanced state? how many are ready to dissolve completely to oneself and become ONE with whole ? …as they feel they will loose identity..prestige..relationship and satisfaction of drama they are playing …
    thanks… lots of love… and regards…. Jay shree Mataji…

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      many times i get the answer ….we are not GOD and dont want tobe ..we are human ….let we enjoy that …

      • axinia Says:

        that’s an interesting point mahesh 😉 I think we are God (everything IS god, is’t it?) and our evolutionary goal is to move towards becomeing divine. This is also the meaning of self-raliaztion…But of course we can and should enjoy the manifestaions of human nature, at least the benevolent ones..

        • yes we should . what hindu belives that ” Jeeva “stays in body and “Shiva ” in cosmos when person dies jeeva meets shiva and become one. but after self realization even in daily leaving one can enjoy oneness with GOD what we believe as Sahajayogi ….so one can enjoy human life being remain ONE with GOD isn’t it interesting . just one need to understand basic concept of “self realization”.
          becoming GOD or God like means we should leave/denial the human nature of enjoyment in present is the wrong concept what we have .Birth of Lord Krishna and of course his “rasleela ” were for that purpose only but we do not learn good lesson /understand the reality
          thanks and regards

      • Triveni Says:

        Hi Mahesh, even i used to wonder a lot why people strive for other things so much before. Mostly used to get annoyed when people used to pray for materialistic stuff. But the irony was even i used to be like that before, in the sense, as a kid, i used to pray god to give me good marks, then good husband and family, good job, good house to live etc etc. sometimes i still pray for some stuff like that these along with spiritual seeking 🙂 then i got the answer to my questions, its all about seeking. As u know in India, they say janam janam ka rishta (meaning the relation in every birth). similarly people keep taking multiple births to fulfill their seeking. now what the seeking is varies from individuals, it can be money, power, love etc etc. But once that seeking is satisfied then what? like if some one is seeking for money and they achieve it then what? still they will have something else they want, maybe power, OK granted say they get that also then what?? this seeking continues, until they realise that the absolute truth, that all of us seek for god. Now this realization can come sooner to some, or latter depending on their previous karmas.. But this does happen to every individual. As shri mataji has explained, from our state of amoeba where our nabhi used to seek for food, then we got evolved, the nabhi started seeking shelter, clothing, love. and now we are revolutionized to an extent where we seek for spirituality.

        • absolutely agree Triveni as I m from indian culture I know those things but further i will add that our future is not totally because of our karma (many time i have opposed that theory as it has ruined Indian culture many thousands years back as just we dont want seek and blem to karma ) yes even in one life time one can change that’s what MOTHER also said just one need step one step forward in the world of divine by getting self realization and sustaining it ( Dharana )and I wonder many times we are not ready for that . You may be say that we have not yet prepared that stage yet but I am not agree for that as I strongly believe my above statement of achievement in one life time. there are many examples ..like .valya become valmiky..etc and further i will add the ladder what we calls they are also false. just you can be true seeker or may not. their are not any ladder and it is not necessary that once you attend that state means you will there only. you have to sustain it (Dharana) otherwise also as Mother said in one lecture you are on top say Everest and further no growth then you can flow down at any time…… but if that flowing is for fulfillment of mother earth (betterment of mankind) like river yes then also one can evolve spiritually again and again( guru principle )
          thanks and regards

  2. Ambika Rikhye Says:

    What you are saying is true… but how do you be in a witness state when it comes to bieng a mother. i find my self extremely upset when my child falls sick or gets hurt.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      one requires complete surrender ….faith and patience …otherwise also becoming upset doesn’t improve child condition probably it may require some balanced actions… thanks

    • axinia Says:

      In the airplaines they say that in case of emergency one should first put the mask on oneself and then only try to save the children. I think there is much sense in it.
      By being a witness one can have much better attention and this attention works wonders, even in curing/healing (give a good bandan, for e.g.)..Having strong good vibrations is the “certificate” of being in the balanced, meditative, witnessing state. This makes you and your children safe and happy 🙂

      • This is my personal experience in day to day life ..I just try to enjoy witness state
        many day to-day so called problems, say adjustments otherwise uneasy to others become very easy to me .really it works very much wonderfully . even my colleagues thinks that they and problems are friends just like made for each other but for me situation is exact opposite in same environment even I work more efficiently with good result what other even my boss believes….

  3. (…)you will feel complete ONE with the WHOLE, and there is no “the other” — THEN everything relates to me and there are no involvements or the burdens of attachments : I identify myself with everything I see or touch and rejoice at meeting “the other” because it enables me to share my gratitude and so to double the love I experience. http://arthiker.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/thought-to-ponder/

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    Click to access jkimsu%20vol%202%20no%202%20july%20-%20dec%202013%201-5.pdf

    go throw the article which supports thoughtless awareness scientifically

  5. Interesting blog. Really informative and helpful. Very well explained and stated. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work. Very much appreciated

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