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What about trust? June 16, 2013

image by axinia

image by axinia

Most of us would call trust is one of the basic human values. What’s the point of writing about it when it is anyway clear to everyone. My point here is to share my observations on how people relate to trust and what could be done about it if it is missing.

We all want others to trust us. But do we trust much? In my profession I have to get an idea of a person within one hour and to reach that I had to dig deep, taking straight to the values and desires. By doing so I can sense the level of trust in a person which is -alas! – often not that high. We are afraid of each other, afraid to open up and to trust. Afraid to get hurt and disappointed. I guess each of us had at least one case in life when our trust was misused. And this makes us cautious.

No need! Relax about it, my friends. Here is what my long-term observations on the trust matte show:

1.People who trust others, are more successful in life: they are more loved, more relaxed and successful in establishing long-term relationships which lead to better career chances and of course deeper and more stable friendships and families.

2.People who trust others are happier in life in general because they have less tension and fears of being misused.

One should not be too blue-eyed of course and if there are clear signs of someone’s criminal behavior one should be alert. However are many cases when even in criminal situation when approached with trust and friendliness, the negative situation could be neutralized. I once had a miraculous situation and know how amazing it could be.

In my life I trust every one, and often people say that first impression they get from me is the sincerity  which is magnetic. For me, when I meet a person, it is the first thing I feel – trust in him/her, trust in the joyful and successful communication and trust in the good about the situation. And this is what people feel and what wins them over, I think.

Interestingly, my boss who is dealing a lot with people of big money and power (often really less trustworthy people) and, despite disappointing and evil misused of his trust, still trusts every new contact, and this is what people feel and finally he gets rewarded for that.

If you do not feel happy enough it’s a good thing to ask yourself how big your trust in people is.

…And in God?




6 Responses to “What about trust?”

  1. ronald Says:

    Fully agree! Beautiful topic.

  2. Ambika Rikhye Says:

    Hey … what is your email ID… i would like to discuss something which i am uncomfortable discussing on this portal.
    Warm regards,
    Ambika Rikhye

  3. Olga Chernikova Says:

    How about a good old Russian saying:”Trust but check”?)) But of course, I agree that it’s important to trust people, and I most often do.

  4. Hi
    the word ‘trust ‘ itself require no proof .If you want tobe happy and peaceful sleep you have to trust only ..
    long back I saw one documentary on national doordarshan in both husband and wife were well qualified class one professionals having one daughter studying in medical collage staying in hostel .they both have to travel worldwide for business. that day they were in home so decided to meet daughter and spend a day together with family so she was preparing . while waiting husband call her ask tobe hurry so she said joking …why you are hurry I only knows who is her true father …. and that flshback him and he remember when she was a pregnant she was in Europe. Then he remember his life events and found out he has heated his wife three times in life time and that make him totally disturbed afterwards she explain thousand times but … finally he was in mental hospital tying to cot and both daughter and wife both are crying on both side …
    dont you feel life runs on trust only ….if no trust everything collapse.
    good post as usual

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