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Once a communist is forever a communist May 26, 2013

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I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union. When I moved to Europe in my 20-ties, my first shock was to see a sign in the forest: “private ground”.  I just could not comprehend how a forest can be private! Later on I realized how deep the concept of private belongings was rooted in the West when I saw how they teach small children in kindergartens to play with toys: the most popular phrase of kindergarten teachers is ” this belongs to that boy/girl, you cannot take it, you should ask first”. I guess a person who grew up in the West will not find anything strange in it, but it was a total shock for me. I was astonished to see how much the owning of private things was being emphasized, and that from the tender age of 2! Even now I strongly disagree with that way of up-bringing.

Another thing which I will never understand is the copy-right. I was posting about it before. I believe that any product of creativity, especially when beautiful and useful cannot really “belong” to anyone but to everyone.  As many of my readers know I never claim any copyright for my texts or photos. Also I can easily give away or share my personal belongings, it seems so natural for me.

Recently I was thinking about all that and how deep this feeling of collective possession and sharing is rooted in my heart and mind. Although I am living since 15 years in Europe I still cannot get used to the Western mindset in respect of this matter.

Once a communist is always a communist?

I found an interesting quote regarding this point, a quote by one of the greatest spiritual masters:

The only nation which I have found very good, is Russia. Because of Communism they are collective and desireless, because all their desires were fulfilled by Communistic ideas, they didn’t have any choices left, and also they were collective. In a way Communism has suited the public not the government. While the other way round – democracy has suited the government to make money but the public has suffered”(1981) Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

May be this quote will not be clear from the materialistic point of view, but from the spiritual one it makes perfect sense!




19 Responses to “Once a communist is forever a communist”

  1. Terry White Says:

    I understand your reasoning but I want share my experience in the materialistic USA. You must be aware of the catastrophes that have happened in my country recently–the Boston bombing, a devastating tornado in Oklahoma, and more. People lose lives and limbs and possessions and of course they feel terrible loss. But everywhere in the country people send money and materials to support them and rebuild their lives. It is the way our culture embraces materialism and at the same time realizes possessions are illusion.

    How do you explain why people who are taught to love their private property even as children can grow up to be the most generous culture in the world. The statistics on charitable giving put Americans far ahead of any other country because we see ourselves as part of a community where no one is intrinsicly more deserving than anyone else. I am not talking just about responding to a disaster–anywhere in the world by the way–with massive and immediate personal donations. In this country charity is a lifelong commitment and a legacy goal for many.

    I happen to consult with people who earn huge incomes by world standards. In turn my clients work with mega-wealthy. I have seen astonishing sums of money distributed to charities around the world in my four decades working with these people. One of my clients told me years ago that the reason he loves to make money is that he loves to give it away. Yes he had many possessions and lifestyle very few people will ever share, but he spread his wealth out over thousands of people in his lifetime and never asked for anything in return or judged anyone he gave his wealth to as less than himself. Of course there is certainly ego in his statement, but their is spirituality as well.

    I am using America as an example because I know this culture very well. I am sure wherever there is a strong drive for possessions, there is a corresponding drive to help people who have less. It fits the description of action to gain merit according to Buddhist teaching. Here its roots are Christian tithing.

    Some people are attracted to this generosity model, others are attracted to the communist model. But there is no less spirituality or more spirituality in either model. There are greedy capitalists in one and corrupt communist leaders in the other. But these human defects are not caused by the system, only by their own natures. In communism the ideal is all will share equally. In the capitalist system one tries for more–and then one reaches a point where he wants to give it away. It comes to the same thing in my opinion.

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Terry,
      It is so wonderful to see your comment here again. And it is so sweet to see how totally different and yet alike we see this problem.
      IT is true that despite the economical system there are always generous people. In fact, they are in majority! Generosity and kindness are in fact the basic human qualities and exactly because they are that, people still live on this Earth. I mean if the evil and greedy people would really outnumber, there would be no people left.
      Since I was able to compare “communism” and “capitalism” – although none of this really exists! – since I lived in both the systems, I find the communistic one is more suitable for masses. You see, as an businessman yourself, you precept naturally that one can and should earn more and share. In fact this is NOT natural!
      Working as a recruiter I can see that the huge majority of people hate selling, marketing and hate doing that themselves too. Only few can be good at that. The rest does not want to follow. The “business intelligence” is not a strength of everyone. Probably in America it is a bit different, but believe me, in the rest of the world – no.

  2. what is this patent filling business? Food & drug market they want to capture totally all over world specially US , more to that seeds ? that too patented….now Indian farmer could not sew their stored seeds they have to purchases from same and one owner every time . This principle applicable to many things e.g. basumati rice, termaric etc..Previously it was never same in India they transfer traditional knowledge generation to generation with no cost e.g. Ayurveda , traditional farming ,,”Grand Mother’s Batawa” …..
    Now People talk about ” IP Right ” Dont u feel it is interesting ? Even in SY too..What about production and distribution of Mother’s Talks ,Public programs? IP Right come there too… then where spirituality goes..
    In India letest example of wealth distribution is Mr Azim Premji from Banglor karntaka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azim_Premji..

  3. ….The Another form of spirituality ? we found here is …Donations to temples ,Gods, goddesses and various trusts e.g. Balaji ,Sai baba , sidhi vinayak, various ganesh and navratri mandals e.g Lalbagcha Raja . People earn money by any way mostly corrupted and put in those collection boxes thinking they have earn lots of “Punya” and prestige . You can not even imagine How much wealth they have owned ..Huge ..uncountable…gold ,lands and cash ….huge amount….. On the name of spirituality many “BABA” have become crorpati and billionaire .. This is what type of materialism and spirituality?

    In Christianity they says they have to pay 10%
    In muslims ” Jakat” is Popular ….
    these are few examples ..there are many ..
    can u imagine how much wealth is away from Direct public use and just accumulated ?
    so now they want to capture natural resources …
    Jay Ho …capitalism,materilism, and spiritualism too..

  4. Claressa Says:

    Thank you for writing this very interesting, and thought provoking, blog. It sounds as if you had the experience of true community while growing up. In my opinion we are healthier when we embrace the community we live in and share our time and talent to assist each other.

  5. http://nikunj-shares.blogspot.in/2011/01/from-pages-of-sudha-narayana-murthys.html

    another interesting couple actually want to work as communist but cant…Narayan murti and sudha murthi..

  6. swaps Says:

    I believe communists are born…I see very few around who are disgusted by the global cult of money. Even when it is failing, we refuse to rethink our vision of prosperity. I really wonder if ever we can learn to say ” enough, I need no more”.

  7. Dear Axinia,

    as you know, Russia came to the stadium called “communism” where you grew up, through unbelievable suffering of your forefathers, murders of millions and millions and millions in gulags, unearable powerty and torture of sick people like Stalin. The state in which you grew up, was not a natural or nice human evolution, which lead to “communism”, but it was an effect of kind of spree of mentally sick idiots and human beasts. Once you understand that the people really didnt have a chance to behave freely, and so they made slaves out of them, under danger of being killed in case you had another opinion. You for sure read the pieces of Russian writters.

    Mother said “they didn’t have any choices left,”, and thats perfectly right, but it wasnt meant to be loved. Are we supposed to use the same instruments to bring the paradise here? Hope not…it is an oxymoron to freedom. If someone tries that on me, he will die, sorry… You cant love the communism, and at the same time hate instruments by which it was created. It would have been an ignorance.

    To the private ground. I understand you, and in the flowery, sweet, sunny world where all people understand that they are just visitors here, even their body is a gift from Mother Earth…such people can trully live without any private ground and copyright. Surprise – we as a society, are not there, actually we are billion of miles far away from there. So if you try to implement step 108 in a point, where even the step 2 is not estableshed yet, it will collapse. Try to go to a building area where they put bricks on mortar, take nice picture of your family and hammer the nail to hang it on the freshly built wall there.

    a.) you will brake the wall
    b.) you will dammage the picture
    c.) you will be considered as crazy by all the guys actually building the house

    …simply not the time to make it, few steps ahead…

    We are currenty bussy with the basement building, might be only the hole digging when I look around. Humanity is still in a total ignorance not only about themselves, but even about all the things that are happening around them in the simply visible area, not spiritual, but in the grossest visible area. They are able to finance mass murdering enjoyed by few demons without even noticing it or even clapping them, they are able to agree with laws which are enslaving them, they dont rise up even voice when the slavers take their money directly from their accounts (like communists did, outch) to finance their sick activities.

    This society almost lost its immune system against oppression, parasitism and enslavement, and it will collapse.

    So, today it is absolutely necessary to have private ground, otherwise it will become a private ground of someone else soon, who will dictate you how to behave there. It is necessary to have the copyright rights to recognize the apples from excrements, as today many empty people, sick idiots, which are bringing nothing to society, are taking the ideas and beauty of others to adore themselves from outside, and the blind masses are following them, befooled by their outer look, made out of non-copyrighted beauty of others, leading them dancing to the deepest hell.

    In a perfect, sunny, flowery world there will be no ownership or copyright. People will understand. But with one major, rocking difference – they will understand from their inner being, not by force of someone under the danger of death, like in communism. I hope the difference is as remarkable, as possible.

  8. I remember experiencing this feeling when I visited Russia as a university student in 1988 and again in 1990 I think it was. I really enjoyed this collective feeling and desirelessness regarding material possessions. I was deeply impressed how the young Russians I met seemed to be free in some way to just enjoy you as a person. There was a wonderful simplicity about life.

    • axinia Says:

      a lot has changed since then, unfortunately…the dead breath of Materialism has poisoned many. BUt somehow you can still feel many people are trying to get back to their high ideals.

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