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Why matter overpowers our Spirit April 23, 2013

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image by Vladimir Starchenko

image by Vladimir Starchenko

We live in the world of the dead matter – at least we surround us with the dead matter, for everything except the living nature is made of dead materials.  We live in dead houses, use dead furniture, we eat dead food…

And then, the modern urban life does not let one much chances to reconnect with the nature.

Therefore this dead matter overpowers us and does not let the spirit to get awaken or to keep the awakened state on its own.

Therefore we have to overcome this massive dead matrix in order to let our true self shine through.



8 Responses to “Why matter overpowers our Spirit”

  1. Shawn Ryan Says:

    This is great! I love the picture. It’s interesting how this picture of the city looks so alive, but it is dead just like you describe. It is easy to get caught up in all of the bright lights of this dead matrix.

  2. Deepa Says:

    Very well said.

  3. hi axinia
    well said but I have one dought ? our body is made up of mixture five elements which are part n parcel of nature as well as “dead matter” as u say so how it will prevent to shine the spirit? what I feel it is not the matter but habit /behavior of human which prevent . matter will be same for everybody and every time it depend on the person who use it and how he use it . how he is attached to it or how he has conditioned him with dead matter .
    any way our physical existence is nurture by matter only more probably our spiritual experiences are part of metaphysics which are beyond the matter and sensory perception and which nourishes the spirit what I feel.
    what we know or believe is soul /spirit is in witness state in human body and one with GOD it can not die or it has no rebirth it is omnipresent and static .it has no past no future just it is present. when it is in human body we feel it is separate and recognize by different name but actually it doesn’t. it leave the human body when person said to be dead and may enter another ( generation and sustenance of life on earth which is one of the function of nature )
    Then question came is what about life and its experiences ? the experiences related to physical matter will definitely depend on human habitat and spiritual experiences also some how depend on physical and metaphysical matter but only awaken person will be just aware of it and will accept and enjoy as nature law remaining witnessed ( he can recognize and differentiate bodily and soul’s experiences and gives due importance to both) he will not try to alter it (even by altering nature )in ignorance which usually common people can do because of their habitat/behavior so what i feel it is not matter overpower it is just ignorance about spirit and its relationship with matter. soul of awakened person will definitely shine in existence with physical matter too which is true for many great visionaries and souls who has taken birth on this earth and spend life for betterment of mankind and enjoyed life with full length. some times they may recognize in their lifetime many time may not but remembers for ever afterwords( after leaving physical body) which is not bodily representation but soul or spiritual only don’t you feel like that ?
    thanks and regards

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Mahesh, thank you for your extended comment but I think I could not get it well, so cannot really reply, sorry…

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        Oh sorry this is because my poor English…let me try again if you can tollarate to me…
        it is not matter responsible but greedy nature of human being who get conditioned by many ways and attached to dead matter ( in the sense modern life style .. spending whole life in earning and investing in houses ,vehicles.. even sometimes bad habits etc … only and forgetting/ignoring self in the sense man is going away from what is natural and supposed tobe remain natural. What ever is man made for comforts and all natural resources he is misusing nescssory to nurture life on earth and becoming destroyer of life on earth.. ) The awakened person remain in witness state still can enjoy with dead matter as some times understanding their necessities he need not tobe conditioned and accumulate dead matter unnecessary in the sense for him dead matter do not overpower . he can shine with true self even being part and using dead matter on regular basis as necessity .. so moral is not the dead matter but greedy nature of human being ….allow the dead matter to overpower over self or spirit to shine as there are many examples of great people who supposed tobe realized soul live a life on the earth and spent life for betterment of man kind. their soul /self donot overpower by matter to shine thyself ..
        .. you need not be sorry. you are very excellent writer in fact I am fan of it. no single log in to net goes without visit to 1000 petals…..any way this is for just information I know my limitations and there are many like me who are your fan and I understand your efforts and respect to me too …
        thanks and regards

        • axinia Says:

          dear mahesh bhaia, in fact the idea of this post came from no other that Shri Mataji – there is a wonderful old lecture in Brighton about Left side where she speaks exactly about it. I remember when I heard about it first I was stunned, this is so true! The more dead stuff surrounds you the more it drags you away from the spirit. The point about an enlightened person is that this one can try to surround him/herself with vibrated matter which become living through vibrations. And even more – if you feel vibrations good, at some point you only want to have things around you which emit vibrations (myde by a relalised soul, or just made with love). That is why craftsmanship and handmade stuff is so crucial.

          • agree and from this point ahead don’t consider it as argument but few explanations. subject is too deep and wide ..
            The first thing is Mother has given that lecture to western people who are extreme materialistic and not believe in GOD in general.
            Second thing the culture i brought up since our childhood it was impressed to our mind that material has second importance in life. earn and accumulate the things necessary for life. extra things you donate in society to needy person that to without any exhibition ( it is said that donation given by right hand should not understand to left hand ..)
            third thing the people who practice spiritualism used to called as “Sanyasi ” ( cope up with my poor English vocabulary I would explain it very nicely in marathi) .Sanyashi don’t have right to marriage ,right to property as per culture .The best example to quote is father of Gyaneshwar ,Shri Vithalpant , who was interested to practice spiritualism . he was married but his mind was not in marital life so he left house go to himalayas without taking proper permission of wife and afterwords with advice of Guru he again came back in marriage life and had four children as per societal rule that union and children not accepted by society and refused so vithalpant took death punishment with wife ( realized soul got unnecessary punishment where person was put secondary ).we know further story of Gyaneshwar how they got recognition in society but the moral of story we learn was a Man ( Human ) is important. Even Ramdas swamiji also told to their “shishyas” not to beg more than five houses … so point for discussion is we know it that materialism can took away from spiritualism but for ordinary person has to start family ,earn for family should accumulate necessities to run family satisfactorily you will get ample of stories in literature of sharing . the extreme example of it is ” Draupadi” which was also shared …. that’s why I trying to explain not the matter but person is important who decides what to choose …Even Mother told us she dont give realization to sanyashi .. Person has to “grahasta” …
            thanks and regards

  4. tonyfranTony Says:

    Matter is like Mother Earth which would have been a barren Chaos, if it did not receive, and nourish seeds which with their powerful WORD organised the Earth to support an eco-system with a purpose ( which is to become a nursery to grow and educate God’s children.)
    Matter is like the dirty pond with rotten dead filth out of which a lotus plant extracts all its nutrients and water required to make a sterile and beautiful lotus flower fit to adorn even God.
    Matter is like the cow dung or bullshits into which if you put the right seed with the right DNA can nurture it to grow into a plant which could produce sweet and tasty fruits and truths.
    Matter is like the hardware of a computer, and the spirit is like its software.
    Jesus is the WORD or seed of the Living God which has the power to turn dead into the living.
    Men’s spiritual DNA has been corrupted by the Evil Spirit which is a spurious word or virus which cause failure or death of a God’s perfect working system.
    Man’s software has been corrupted by the Evil One by successfully tempting him to go to forbidden sites infested with viruses.
    Now Man’s hard disk has to be formatted (remove corrupted software by spiritually dying) and loaded with the true WORD ( Jesus) to restore him back to the perfection God had originally made him in.
    The true Spirit WORD ( DNA) had to enter into the filthy world like a trojan (covered in a corrupt body) which had to die to release the true WORD inside – like a seed has to rot and die before the DNA inside would sprout into a fresh perfect plant which would in turn produce many seeds and multiply till all the dead and corrupt plants are converted into good plants. Also the new plants will be immune to future virus attacks. Communities that do not change their corrupt software will die a natural death ( killing each other), and become fodder for communities that live a Christian life who support each other who will live for ever.
    That is why God had to become Jesus the Man, live humbly under worldly laws and be killed physically by his own creatures to save them from eternal destruction, because He loved those sinners like Himself.
    That is why man has to forgive his brothers even if they hurt him, if he has to live happily.
    If we follow the rule of “Tooth for a tooth, and an Eye for an Eye” we will all become blind and toothless or dead which will make the Evil one very happy.

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