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30 things about me which may surprise you March 23, 2013

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  1. I don’t know what bad mood is
  2. Although I look quite sophisticated I can milk a cow and mow a meadow
  3. I worked as a cleaning lady when I lived for some time illegally in Europe
  4. I have never ever uttered a swearing word
  5. I never smoked
  6. I have no issues with forgiveness
  7. I am detached to food, have no favorite dishes and can eat anything
  8. I can never get out of home without makeup on my face
  9. I am easy to handle because I don’t react to others anger or stupidity; when someone is angry this makes me laugh
  10. I only had one single depression in my whole life, and I forgot already how it felt
  11. I grew up in a military ghetto with unique set up: no broken families, no old people, no crimes, only peace and order
  12. I was an outsider at school and could not find any common interest with my classmates
  13. I love “partner look” and we always wear same colours when we go out (my husband, our daughter and me)
  14. any ugly place can be turned into a cosy living home  – this is what I believe and can do
  15. My mood does not depend on weather, I believe there is no bad weather, I truly enjoy any type of it
  16. I am not much into cooking although I can cook really well if I have to
  17. due to my sahaja meditation practice I live in 4 dimensions, not three – it means I posses the next level of perception (vibrations) and use it on the daily basis for all life purposes
  18. my mind is always relaxed but at the same time very sharp (side effect of meditation practice)
  19. just by pointing out my attention to any subject,  I can precept it in total and study, analyze and influence anything in a short time
  20. in my wardrobe I have 30 skirts and only one pair of pants (for gardening)
  21. I  would feel uncomfortable seeing someone wearing same piece of cloths as me
  22. I have no driving license and no desire to drive a car
  23. I cannot swim
  24. I don’t watch TV since 8 years
  25. I used to read a lot but now since many years I hardly read a book per year, same for films
  26. I had an arranged marriage
  27. I don’t really know what is “my”: even my daughter whom I totally adore does not feel like “my” to me.
  28. I am never “achieving” any goals, things just come to me when my attention is persistent
  29. I feel EVERY person I meet is my friend
  30. People are my passion

23 Responses to “30 things about me which may surprise you”

  1. Ambika Rikhye Says:

    WOW …. there is no other word coming to my mind … you are just perfect. I am practicing Sahaja Yoga since 1998… when i was in college…and its the best thing that ever happened to me and everything fell into place after that.
    But there are time when i get really angry, depressed and in difficult times am not able to meditate for days.
    i would like to know how one can feel happy at all times and not react to ugly situations.

    • I have not surprised..
      any way axinia what about ego…or is it self respect…?
      still why this “I” is not dissolving….

      • axinia Says:

        mahesh, good point! 🙂 If one’s “I would dissolve, one will not be able to live on Earh, but will just go straight to heaven. We need some ego to live in this world and also – you may be surprise! – to grow!! They say angels have no ego, and they also don’t grow, they are “fixed entities” like Mother says.

        • again I have not surprised …
          what I believe is ….self respect….which is important to grow …not ego ….angels have self respect …I can quote many examples .best examples is of Uma .Lord Shiva ‘s first wife .. even Sita ,Gargi, Maitrai, even Ahilya even Anusaya …probably Draupadi was having Ego so she become reason for Mahabharat …
          what I want to convince is one can maintain self respect and grow even spiritually but not with ego that should be dissolved only ..still one can grow..
          you can watch a marathi movie called “Vithal Vithal”..where this point is very much explore ..I am posting one song from utube for sample …http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iefeZREj_xY

          • Sameer Says:

            Yes,the ‘I’ must change to ‘We’.Indivisualism must change to collective.The bloggers should write more about collective nature,behaviour,world affairs etc.

    • axinia Says:

      hi Ambika, I think I have some “punias” from my past lives, because many of the named qualities i was already born with. I have always been a happy person and sahaja mediation just refined my mind and heart, giving me lots of deep and subtle joys and advantages.

  2. abishek Says:

    gr 8 , if i may ask , how many hours do u meditate every day..?

    • axinia Says:

      it is not hours 🙂 I think it is 15 min in the morning and may be 30 in the evening. Sometimes when possible I enjoy sitting for one hour (weekend or free evening).
      May thing I described are inborn, but some definitely came as a result of meditation (numbers 17, 18, 19, 26, 28, 29).

  3. Apurva Puranik Says:

    Beautiful! Truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  4. shivani Says:

    whenever i feel my mind has strtd wandering..and am not able to meditate properly…and getting too much involved in my work i read your blog…and wen i see a person like you…who has got all the good qualities of a sahaji.i feel motivated .i again fall in the ocean of peace and love…


    • axinia Says:

      thank you Shivani, whenever I read comment like this – I think this blog makes really sense and this keep it going! I wish you many more wonderful sahaj experiences!

  5. swaroop Says:

    …when someone is angry this makes me laugh

    Now, that’s not fair to the person who is angry.

    • axinia Says:

      may be but this is what happens to me, always…anger is such a huge manifestation of Ego and in the moment of anger is nothing but ridiculous.

  6. swaroop Says:

    And you didn’t mention photography!

  7. pranita Says:

    Thats so inspiring, I was blessed with Sahaja Meditation in 1999,Eevry moment it feels like ..miles to go before I could be called as one “Sahaja Yogi”.Nevertheless, i must admit, that regular meditation manifesting very many positive changes , that have made life just beautiful and a blessing. Feels blessed to be in the “Domain of Divine”. Every new set of challenge…gives a new opportunity to grow …n to master that weakness…..n finally to achieve the true self..the joyous self.
    Thanks for sharing !!!…looking forward to see you soon.

  8. Dima Says:

    Thank you, it IS inspirining…though the only thing which surprises me is that you can’t get out of home without wearng makeup. I understand that I’m not a woman, but I like women who don’t always wear make up. why would you have such an attachment?

  9. radha Says:

    Hello dear Axinia! Beautiful read and I m sure there is much much more than just 30 beautiful things. We are made really full of surprises from inside!

  10. L.M Says:

    “I had an arranged marriage”

    This is interesting 🙂 May I ask the story behind this? 🙂

  11. davefromtheblog Says:

    This was nice to read and it was nice to be back here on your sight again. Hope You have been well in the meantime

  12. Neha Says:

    what a beautiful description, I am amazed with everything you have written but I am really curious to find out more about point number 19..have you written about grasping concepts? or being efficient?
    if not,then would you help me how to become efficient or able to understand things in a short time no matter what the topic or subject is?
    I meditate so would be able to understand the terminologies and techniques you would suggest.

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