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How to outsource your personal growth February 25, 2013


What a nonsense, you may say. How a personal growth can be outsourced? This is something highly personal which entirely depends on our own efforts and learning abilities. And yet I would claim it can be outsourced, let me tell you why and how.

The basic driving force in the human evolution has always been learning from experiences. Either exploring environment or building up their living comforts, people has been learning by doing. Some experiences became a success, but many more have been mistakes. Especially as far as psychological issues are concerned, talking of experiences people mostly mean pain.

I guess each of us can confess that learning from a painful lesson is a long-term thing, often it takes  not one or two, but many similar cases in order to realize the mistake and change the behavior. Learning from pain is painful and this is the way we have been learning since ages.

Is there any other chance to grow? Can this long, boring and painful way be outsourced? Can we develop ourselves through any outside help and – this would be the best – effortlessly?


The cool thing is that each and everyone of us has “something” inside our being which is not our being itself,  but a kind of an external part which is ready and happy to take over and do the personal/spiritual growth job for free! This part is tremendously powerful and intelligent, and it knows exactly how to help us out, even in our daily matters.

The sages and enlightened seekers of the past all knew about it and described their experience with this power in various cultures and religions, all in the same way. In the Indian tradition in Sanskrit language it is called KUNDALINI (here you can find an excellent description of this fantastic power).

Now how does it work?

1.You get your Kundalini awakened (here – how exactly, easy and fast)

2.You let her (this is a female energy) do the job: rising upwards your spinal chord Kundalini clears out your energy centers/chakras and removes your problems. The best thing is you can almost always precept it physically!

So basically you sit down in a nice meditation for some 10-15 min mornings and evenings and while this your Kundalini works. The perfect outsource, isn’t it? You do nothing, she does it all. You get up fully refreshed, happy, fully of energy and bliss! And by practicing this for some time you will find out that not only your old problems vanish, but an actual personal growth takes place – slowly but steadily. Even within a year or two a person can change dramatically to the best! And that -again – without any painful experiences.

This is my observation done for over 17 years since my Kundalini has been awakened. Within this time I had a couple of painful experiences but as far as I can judge, I did not learn that much out of them. I learned much more from Kundalini itself – the power which she carries is truth, auspiciousness, holiness, chastity, self-respect, detachment, oneness, enlightened attention, compassion, pure love and joy. This is all what I was lucky not only to experience through the Kundalini work but gradually to imbibe and manifest in my personal growth. This would not be possible for me by a mere human “learning by doing”, at least not in one life time.



9 Responses to “How to outsource your personal growth”

  1. ansarvaria@gmail.com Says:

    U can not assent till the time there is any sort of lurking in you.
    H H Shri Mata Ji

    The moment the lurking stops Kundilini rises 🙂
    Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

  2. Kara Daly Says:

    Interesting! I have never tried to consciously raise kundalini, but have been told that certain activities that I already do both indicate and influence the rising of kundalini. For now I think I am interested in allowing things to move as I go, but perhaps one day I will experiment with giving things a little push. Thanks for sharing!


  3. nigelstonham Says:

    lovely, thank you very much ! nigel

  4. Ana Oproiu Says:

    Let’s try it, let’s se! Thank you!

  5. hi Axinia
    actually I donot want to disturb your moto of spreading ” self realization”,this is an another excellent idea but I want to write on another point which comes in my mind just seeing alert in my mail actually I was not expecting this post by this way truly i was expecting by different way as you are working in finance sector directly or indirectly any way you can think about this way also which I am going to write .
    Now just tell me are some people not outsourcing their financial growth even normally also . i feel all successful persons have become bigger in one lifetime because they outsource their personal income ,people work for them do hard work sincerely and earn for self that much which one person can earn normally but they multiply owner’s income in crores. and obviously both become happy .
    Another way one man in his life how much he can earn? because he out source his income ,his income multiply for example MLM , what Reliance is doing ? Dhirubhai ambani is the best example of it . A boy filling petrol on petrol pump in one life time become such a rich just because of outsourcing income .In fact this idea touch me after studding him only ? What “Amway” is doing? because many people work for them their income multiplies in crores daily. What microsoft has done ?what FDA,wallmart are doing ? same thing. One should learn outsource his income smartly rather than doing hard work alone don’t you feel like that ?
    I am very sorry to divert topic .I understands it’s importance but to add spice in diet…..extremely sorry ( for other readers… I already practice the same for many years and I know it is perfect instrument ..)

  6. Thank so much – I have always been a bit reluctant to become further involved in eastern religions even though I meditate regularly but I can see from what you have written how closely everything is connected. I will definitely take a step forward in that direction.

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