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The queen archetype November 26, 2012

The queen archetype is one of the most popular in collective consious of mankind regardless the culture and epoche. It is not by chance that little girls all over the world dream of being princesses – it is not a  silly childish wish but a deep longing for some special powerful qualities. And have you ever thought about the sagnificance and meaning of a crown on top of the king/queen’s head?

As we know, the C.G.Jung’s concept of the archetype is derived from the repeated observation that, for instance, the myths and fairy-tales of world literature contain definite motifs which crop up everywhere. We meet these same motifs in the fantasies, dreams, deliria, and delusions of individuals living today.

The four female archetypes of the Faerie, the Wise One, the Lover, and the Queen are found in most cultures and provide insights into female patterns of leadership. As is the case with her male counterpart, the King, the Queen is the most complex and mature of the female archetypes. This is because the image of a Queen who serves as a center for the mature ordering of things includes and transcends the other archetypes of the Feminine. Indeed the most powerful embodiment of this archetype is the Great Goddess—The Great Mother. This cosmic image is the equal to that of an all powerful God, the source of complete cosmic power, but at the same time is more accessible, less menacing. Images that may point to such a Great Mother, a supernatural Queen, are among some of the earliest human depictions of a higher power.

I like the way Shri Mataji addresses that archetype in her lectures, here is what I picked up from her talks on queen qualities /Raja Lakshmi principal. You can check how far this queen archetype is present in you (I guess it works both for females and males).

What a true queen is and does:

  • She is looking after the good for people
  • She is completely balanced
  • She has the dignity of a King or a Queen.
  • She gives love and benevolence for others.
  • She does not beg, because she is the Queen
  • She walks like a royal person
  • She is the queen who gives and does not demand anything
  • She does not change her style and fashion
  • She has her hair well done, like a royal person
  • Her dresses are neat, clean, colorful and beautiful
  • She does not follow fashion, it is for ordinary people. Instead, she creates fashion
  • She does not take money from others, she does not borrow money from others
  • She always talks with dignity and respect for the dignity of others
  • She uses royal language: no cheap words, no slang
  • She has a head that is capable to wear a crown
  • She gives solutions, she does not ask for solutions
  • She solves her problems herself
  • She does not use cheap things: cheap material, cheap language, everything cheapish
  • She loves decoration
  • She likes to light up candles and decorate the room with lights
  • She does not talk too much
  • Whenever she has to talk, she talks sense.
  • She is in charge of herself, as a queen.
  • She carries herself with dignity.
  • She is not self-conscious, but she is conscious of her dignity.
  • She communicates easily with the people who have powers (like royals, administrators, politicians)
  • She is completely detached about the power
  • She has a temperament which is very dignified but also very humorous
  • She understands what other people are like
  • Wherever she looks, in every glance she gives a feeling of happiness to others




4 Responses to “The queen archetype”

  1. Ana Oproiu Says:

    Your posts are always very special to me. Great! Thank you very much!

  2. axinia Says:

    Thank you Ana, it’s a joy to share good things!

  3. soulofspice Says:

    I love your post. and resonates with the lalitha sahasranamam, 1000 names of the goddess.. she is all of the above..and a beautiful description of pure consciousness.. thanks for putting it nicely…

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