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The aim of Spirituality is Pleasure October 19, 2012

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Even though Spirituality has become a trend and many householders (normal citizens, not ascetics) are seeking and finding their spiritual practices the understanding of it remains  a bit perverse: the mainstream and often the seekers themselves perceive Spirituality as the opposite to the pleasures of life. What a wrong idea indeed!

Now I would like to make a few statements that some people may find shocking. But let’s face it, this is what it is!

1. Any longing for self-development and evolution – which sooner or later anyways leads to a spiritual practice is the most egotistical acting because it means the INDULGENCE in the SELF. Seeking the Spirit and finding it is in fact the most powerful longing of a soul and is the driving force behind all uplifting actions.

2. Being a spiritual person means having a lot of FUN! In the light of the Spirit one sees many things differently, for instance angry or idiotic people just make one laugh. One starts not only seeing fun in many situations, but also enjoying situations which for a non-spiritual person may be unbearable.

3. A truly spiritual person lives in the present and therefore enjoys every moment of life . One starts seeing so much beauty around, beauty in people, in situations, in nature… And this gives so much JOY! Bubbling with joy is one of the greatest pleasures of life!

4. Getting HIGH – the supreme experience of Nirvana, which is possible to attain even far from Himalayas. It is the state one can reach in meditation on one’s own. No need of any drugs or suppliers, no side-effects. The power of Kundalini does it. Getting high in meditation is what makes one a pleasure-addict, and this sort of pleasure is the highest, it’s a total dissolvance…

5. Last but not least – HAPPINESS. When one goes beyond matter and draws his/her attention to true values of life, automatically one becomes generous and kind. Env though this is obvious, also recent studies proved that generous and kind people are happier and thus more successful.

Aren’t these things – Happiness, joy, fun, high and indulgence with the Self – are natural attributes of PLEASURE? Yes, they are :). And  all those who are seeking so-called worldly pleasures which are normally costly and demanding may simply switch to these REAL PLEASURES which are free and easily available.




9 Responses to “The aim of Spirituality is Pleasure”

  1. Ana Oproiu Says:

    So well said! Thank you, Axinia!

  2. Dmitri Says:

    hii…i wonder if i can have your advise on personal question…do you have email??

  3. I agree!!…with LOVE and JOY!

  4. Jules Says:

    Nice entry Axinia . Jules from Australia

  5. Erwin Says:

    Interesting idea Axinia. Had never really linked pleasure and spirituality. Joy yes, Love, happiness…generosity, yes, but pleasure I had always linked more with the senses. I suppose I will need to introspect and see if there is some Catholic conditioning there such as “suffering purifies the soul” : ) as a good friend’s grandmother used to say. The belief that spirituality needs necessarily imply some hardship , some penance, some going without pleasures…. suffering a bit … ok, busted : ) ! You have successfully unearthed a conditioning in me I think : )

  6. Most people consciously or uncosciously searching for pleasure, that is true. The goal of spiritual journey is not pleasure but to find out your true nature. But still I am agree with your post simply because most people are searching only for pleasure in different ways.

  7. Vikrant Says:


  8. […] selbst getestet und als hilfreich und wirkungsvoll erfahren hat. Meditieren kann wirklich Spaß machen! Ob die fleißige Biene es genauso sieht… das kann sie erst nur nach einer […]

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