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How to free oneself from jelousy or bad-eye impact? October 11, 2012


I wonder if such problem as envy/jealousy is common everywhere or only in some places? I know from living in Russia and Austria that both these folks admit having lots of jealousy within. In Russia understatements are very common because people are afraid to give some good news – what if some bad-eye will damage the luck? It is common not to tell even friends about plans. In Austria people are not that superstitious about airing plans but they seem to be quite envy towards success of their fellow men.

My approach has always been quite different from both these tendencies.

First of all, I don’t really know what envy/jealousy means, or how to feel it. If I see someone having something better than me, I start enjoying it and feel happy for that person.

Secondly – and that is the crucial point – I don’t need to “hide” information about my plans or success. I can openly tell anything to anyone and this will not bring any bad luck or problem. To make matter even more interesting – I sometimes proclaim something to have become already a success before it actually takes place and  it definitely happens!

I was wondering for  some time what is behind this mechanism, why so many people seem to be affected by bad eye or jealousy and me not… And recently I received an answer. I friend of mine gave an interesting idea that it has to do with me “not feeling guilty”.  Apparently Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi mentioned once that people who do not feel guilty are not affected by black magic or bad eye. Whatever it is but feeling quilty is indeed a common Western problem and I definitely stand out in this context. 🙂  In fact, the real attraction of this blog lays in this freshness of free-from-guilt feeling, as some people wrote to me.

I know some lovely people who feel being abused by the jealousy of their fellow-men and I feel like saying to them: may be the problems is yours? As soon as we let our guilt or fear dominate us, the negativity is here to stick to us.

Well, again, these are only my subjective observations and ideas. I wonder what your experiences about this phenomenon are?

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7 Responses to “How to free oneself from jelousy or bad-eye impact?”

  1. Pranita Says:

    Thats well captured…..and very true..
    its all about succumbing to your own fears, insecurity and guilt

  2. I heard what Christianity taught to follower that they should feel guilty all the time in front of Christ ..may be change of topic but when you used word” feeling guilty ” so i wrote .. Thanks ..
    I too agree that it is very common In all families in India there are various tradition like “throwing salt/chilly after rotating hand taking salt in hand … putting ” kajal” “Tika” to child .. or tying threads around hands … there is long list. Some tradition i have seen in “sahaj life” also…
    main reason what i feel that a attention works and when a person with bad attention likely to cause damage what many people believe and we know that attention works .. so how one say attention works in good things and not in bad ??? so… the traditions …

  3. Marilyn Leate Says:

    Axinia, I know that Jealousy can be one of the most destructive of vices.
    I don’t know if it’s because I’m Virgo like you but I cannot understand its mechanism because when unleashed it can cause no end of conflict, pain and confusion. It seems strange.
    Probably there are two types of jealousy or envy. One coming from the ego and one from insecurities and a feeling of being unloved.
    Luckily these days I can easily forget that this state of the soul exists as I can see no jealousy in or between any of my friends.

    However years ago I’ve experienced its destructive side and have watched a family fall apart and children damaged by just one insanely jealous person. Infact I’ve seen quite a few separate examples which follow a similar pattern and I have personally been a victim….most frustrating!
    When someone and acts upon it in a devious way it’s almost impossible to get through. Sometimes jealousy is accompanied by paranoia. I guess there must be a ‘Jealousy management therapy’ out there just as there’s ‘anger management’.

  4. http://www.amruta.org/1999/10/17/navaratri-puja-1999/
    “The evil people have a capacity to hate and to express their hate in every way that is possible.” – H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
    You should keep to your innocence and, you’ll be surprised, you’ll be completely protected. How? Because Mahakali will stand around you. She will look after you, if you are innocent……H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

  5. axinia,

    I think you bring up some good points. Living a guilt-ridden life attracts those same negative realities back to you. Living free from guilt opens us up to create that which we desire. Guilt is like a heavy weight tied around the neck.

  6. Elet Says:

    The text I jet read makes me think,
    that in the effort of trying to find an answer on why a person gets afflicted by “bad eye”, he may arrive to doubting themselves, thinking they may be guilty of something they may not be aware of.

    I really don’t think it does any good start questioning your self-confidence.

    Who knows, maybe someone gets the bad eye cause he or she has a low level of self-esteem in the first place…

  7. Deepa Mahajan Says:

    So true.

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