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Water qualities in human beings October 1, 2012

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We all know that human being consists to a great percentage of water. Interestingly, it differs from age to age: Babies have the most, being born at about 78%. By one year of age, that amount drops to about 65%. In adult men, about 60% of their bodies
are water.Water is a very great element in removing all problems. In adult women, about 55% of their bodies made of water.

Water as an element plays a huge role not only in our body but in our entire life. There are plenty of research books, films, all forts of information about it. But little is known about the subtle manifestation of water, about its “psychological” nature in a human being.

I have found several amazing quotations on this subject in one the Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi lectures (1981, Diwali, UK), truly wonderful and inspiring words.

Water is a very great element in removing all problems…How do we like to have a bath or to be clean and to be presentable? In the same way we should try to clean our thoughts. Just by paying attention to them, we can clean them.”


” You have the power to purify. How do you cure people? By purifying them.”


“It quenches the thirst, the spiritual thirst. You can quench the spiritual thirst of people, tremendous power”


“What other qualities? Think of the water, nourishment, you nourish. You give spiritual nourishment to people through your power; even if you are standing there you are nourishing others.


“You become a cool down person… You become cool, cool personality. You have cooling effect, water has.” 


“You carry others, very gentle and also drown some of them. Drown into the love, into the ocean of love”.


“It has another very great quality that water permeates into the smallest particle. It goes the roots, I mean suck into the roots So…you just see the roots of the person. You just know where the problem comes from, just, actually it is the awareness, it is the intelligence, suck the truth part of it which gets enlightened. And you understand that now where is the problem, you just go near the root and you permeate.”


“the another quality is the glistening of the water is so your glistening your skin becomes very radiant.”


“and there are other types of powers of water, which we know about when it comes out of your eyes it expresses your compassion, your love, your emotions. That is the only thing out of all the elements which expresses emotions, water power.”


“So how important is this water and the water is the carrier of divine love, is the best carrier. And this is the time of Aquarius means the Kundalini is made of divine water.”


8 Responses to “Water qualities in human beings”

  1. Ana Oproiu Says:

    Thank you, Axinia! Great meaning!

  2. Hi Axinia,
    I could add little more ..
    There should be a free flow, when it get stagnated there are chances of infection. It is a standing rule anything get stagnated get infected including your thoughts .it should flow in its limit then always it nourishes ….see extravaseted fluid from intracellular compartment called oedema which is not a good sign .flood water always dangerous same with emotions /thoughts flooding should be avoided as psychologist suggest, you know it better ..
    on earth also water element is more ..so there is life same way within body appropriate proportions of flowing water nourishes us ..life will be present .bathing of cell in adequate aqua is good for removing toxins and metabolic waste even oxygen dissolve beater…which gives life…so on substal level soothing ,calming ,detoxifying effect of water can be observed. I always observed that people who stay in low water supply area are always hostile , aggressive and fighting in nature on the other hand rich water supply area people will cool,calm quite and happily within and less competitive ..

    • axinia Says:

      Thank you Mahesh, that’s a great input and an interesting observation.

      • Thanks Axinia
        I will add just few more stunning observations…
        1) bladder stone among working female … reason is obviously clear . I dont know about other countries but in India we dont have female public toilets ….even in offices ..again usually whenever questions comes about using those due to certain social customs usually they avoids . In Mumbai suppose she is leaving house at six /seven AM (usually they leave before that also) and coming home at eight pm she holds bladder almost 12 hours and to avoid over distention she drinks less water results are very clear they gets bladder stone…( impact of stagnation ..) another thing whatever may be type of stone usually we advice to drink plenty of water as a medicine ( refer to theory of stone formation due to saturation/concentration)
        2) obesity – weight of the person is mostly decides by water component. Water hold in intracellular and extracellular compartment of cell decides the weight .
        many advertise who claims to reduce weight within certain stipulated timing actually they are working on these compartment and claiming for false weight loss..
        3) certain antibiotics work on principle of withdrawing of water from cellular compartment of organism and dehydrating and killing them thus controlling life ? by controlling water element .
        Certain hormones like cortisol /adrenaline/aldesterone/ thyroid and ADH/and insensible loss decides about it .If you will see location and control of these organ it is by pelvic plexus( muladhar) or cervical plexus (vishudhi) and pituitary ( Agyna) .
        If one can understand manifestation of qualities of these chakras whole scenario of occurrence of these problem could be understood.
        Absorbing ,withholding ,secreting or excreting of water element within body mostly depend on these so needs to be understand the importance of water element in life along with manifestation of characteristics of these chakras within human body.

    • smita bugde Says:

      Hello ! Good information on water content in body & its importance. Can you add something about the qualities of personalities of zodiac sign water & their health issues ? Thanks in advance.

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