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I cancel the doomsday! August 31, 2012

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I feel that it’s time to cancel the doomsday, because the game is over, we won.

Why? How? What?

Let me explain it here.

Five years back I was one of the first to spread the word about the doomsday in December 2012 (my post here) – at least by that time Google showed my post among the first results on this topic. Some time after a big hype about the Mayan Calender and the End of Time made the mainstrim think of some deeper questions about their being and existence.

My perception of the recent 5 years is that the time is spinning so fast and everything is changing so rapidly!… I have been watching  social networks for peoples reflections on themselves and the outside world for some years now and here are my obervations:

  • spirituality has finally became mainstream, or at least something “natural”, it has become a word for many people; earlier it was mostly connected only to religion.
  • even in business spiritual awareness is rising (one of the most popular professional networks in Europe, XING has over 4.200 members in a group “spirituality and business”, almost same situation on the biggest Anglo-Saxon network LinkedIn).
  • today many people are aware of the fact that “one has to forgive” to live happily… alas, it took people over 2.000 years after Jesus Christ brought that message to realise that. Interestingly, even some decades ago that forgiveness was not in collective awareness that much as today. And it is growing!
  • all in all, the number of spiritually aware people is terrific! – everywhere I look I see them, meet them, read about them. When the first modern wave of spirituality came in 60-70s, these people were considered ” a bit funny” – now being spiritual means being normal, even fashionable! Isn’t it a great awareness shift?
  • not only spirituality, but general kindness and goodness of people is increasing: at least what I know from the West is that the numbers are people selflessly doing any non-paid service to the society are huge! Only in Austria 44 % of population works for free in various projects and non-profit organization beyond their regular jobs.

All these and many other small facts and observations have totally changed my feeling of a world catastrophe to a feeling of a great transformation of humanity taking place right in front of us! I can clearly see it changing, day by day, more than ever before. I feel that the certain percentage of progressive humanity has already made the breakthtough to its enlightenment, and this percentage is sufficient to carry the rest towards the great transformation. 

Yes, considering the global warming and obvious climate changes we can expect some dramatic situations and deaths of millions, but on the whole my feeling is that no doomsday is going to happen. The world is being and will be transformed – slowly but steadily towards love and light!

Therefore I decided to cancel the doomsday. At least for myself. And you can join :).

LOVE and loads of it,



30 Responses to “I cancel the doomsday!”

  1. Thanks for sharing Axinia, a great post as always. Guess we will seen in a few months if doomsday is December 2012. Either way I am fine and I would imagine you would be too for you are right spirituality is the way and spirituality does not have a doomsday. Spiritualit lives forever. We will live forever.

  2. Konnie Hoover Says:

    Just yesterday I saw an article about a previously unknown Mayan Calendar, recently discovered, that continues way beyond 2012. So, on to the next adventure!

  3. Leo Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    great idea to cancel the doomsday… so we can cancel fear also – totally,… there is no need to have fear anymore… for enlightened people there is no fear even possible 😉

  4. Axel Says:

    Dear Axinia,
    It took a long time for you to find and see spirituality in many (maybe all) people – even male persons (see your former post 😉 )
    You are right: If spirituality is everywhere and enlightenment is for everyone we are on the path to a better world! I trust in it yet for a long time.

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Axel,
      I do hope you are not siriously thinking I was seeing spirituality in males :).
      BTW, gratuliere zur HOmepage, hab grad angeschaut…ist sehr nett, bur zu wenig Bilder, speziell keine von Ärzten!

      • Axel Says:

        Danke, eine Aktualisierung der Homepage ist in Arbeit – dann auch mit Fotos vom ganzen Team wie schon in unserem Praxismagazin. Kann ich Dir vorab zuschicken, wenn Du magst.
        Apart from that keep on with your enthusiasm and diligent research in all fields related to spirituality and the path to beauty, peace, goodness and a better world – for all your blogs. – Congratulation.

  5. vinayakah Says:

    I agree that humanity reached the point of awareness shift, already some time ago, and it will, no doubt, lead to the new age of Spirit, beauty of innocence, love and wisdom…for everyone who is ready to exist there. At the same time I am deeply aware of the complete picture, which is but not such nice, as you state – I mean situation of whole planet, at least. Did you speak in your post about whole planet, or about some limited artificial pseudo-paradise, or about your surroundings only,…..? I mean, does the picture include everything, the North Corea, Libya, Syria, Albania, Serbia, with their growing human organs bussiness……., and much much more, which I dont have stomach to talk about here… increasing mass murderings around the world in the name of whatever, total destruction of human liberties throughout the world…..

    I am just checking if your sample of observation is regular, to make objective statement, which leads you to the point, where you dont see any need for the doomsday anymore, which could possibly change my view. I am checking my optics, but I cant close my eyes before the horrible things that are happening directly in front of my eyes. I personally see the need for doomsday much more imminent than ever before, looking at the complete picture, and the terrifying global trends. The confirmation of the shift of awareness, the redemption of part of humanity who woke up and changed, evolved, was never the cause for non-doomsday scenario.

    On one side, there are people who crossed the point of illusion, and are just ready for the higher existence, within their Sahasraras, themselves representing the beauty of God, no doubt, they are there, but at the same time there are devils, who in today´s world are doing things which cross yet another borders and points of the very oposite directions, and they will not become angels by blink of the eye, they cant. The only solution is a “cut-off”.

    The doomsday will occur, as was the case many times before, at the end of the cycle, and will occur during the future cycles as well…. and as was clearly, and in a very detailed way, stated by our Mother Herself too. Every armageddon (revelation), leads to the doomsday (Judgment day), when evil entities, cause of the shift of awareness, are no more able to cover, hide their deeds and faces under masks, are revealed, and all is seen, and known, and when that is happening, they will try, with all their power, at any cost to prevent it to happen, which will lead to the last battle, and Last Judgement (doomsday).

    They do that just now…..crossing borders of innocence, humility, humanity, knowing their time is over. And at the same time there are people, who crossed the point of illusion, are established in their Sahasraras, enjoying the bliss, care and love of the Divine. My estimation is that the world situation will be much much worse, than it is now, and than we go through – this or that way, as always…

  6. WritersWindow Says:

    Hmm… I’m sorry, but I cannot see what the good lady sees. Of course, I wish I COULD, because then I’d be very happy, but I don’t see this “great planetary flowering of spirituality”. Among many bad things I see as glaring realities of the 21st century landscape is the growth of racism. Example: anyone with black hair, dark eyes and olive or dark skin gives the impression of a terrorist, or some other kind of bad guy.

    Axina, surely you know how badly the Roma Gypsies are being treated after communism.

    And there are the innumerable lies that us “ordinary people” are supposed to believe, lies that I’ve been noticing since I was ten years old.

    Even after being exposed as blatant lies, our “information services” try on the repeat-it-until-they-believe-it trick. I guess it works on the weak-minded and illiterate among us: throw as much sh** and some of it will stick. Yes, it will stick on sh**-brains.

    “Global Warming” is almost certainly a lie. At one time, I was so enthusiastic about “saving the planet” that I spent years working for an environmental protection organisation doing their most harshest work. But it turned out to be nothing more than a scam perpertrated by the “managers” of this organisation—who were also a bunch of very vicious people. The were vicious because, when they realized I was trying to expose them, they sent a very pretty young lady to tempt me to join them as a fellow scammer, and when that failed, they twisted an ordinary enquiry by a member of the public into an accusation against me of the vilest kind, one that was aimed to cause me shame so intense, that I would want to leave as quickly as possible lest the fabrication took root in the minds of all present as actual fact. And this was an organisation devoted to the compassionate and kind aim to preserve and extend the natural home of all those poor koala bears etc. What rubbish!!!

    Axina, you say “..considering the global warming and obvious climate changes we can expect some dramatic situations and deaths of millions..”, I think this “global warming” myth will make it unlawful for the people of poor countries to use coal and hydro-generated electricity to develop and create affluence for themselves. Laws will be imposed upon them through their puppet governments to force them to us “solar” and “wind” generated electricity, which supplies far too little energy for substantial wealth creation and comfortable lives. And while this might sound counter-intuitive, solar and wind energy actually cost a lot more to peasant folk to who owning a telephone is a great and unreachable luxury. To be quite honest, one of the aims of this “global warming” fiction is to keep poor countries in their state of poverty—all of them being “non-white” countries. Keeping the maximum number of people poor is a good way to control them.

    And did you say “deaths of millions”? Yes, Europe and the Europeans who dominate the world will see to it that any “deaths of millions” will be the deaths of dark-skinned people (“they’re all terrorists, aren’t they?”), something Europe and Europeans have always done.

    I don’t see any spiritually growing in the world world today, sorry Axina! Just a Satanic, thoroughly evil world, in which even more evil is in store for us. All those “insignificant brown people” that Western people have harmed will never forget, and power shifts and other shifts will make it quite viable for them to seek and wreak revenge.

    • vinayakah Says:

      More than that – “solar” and “wind” generated electricity is as well myth, and an excellent example of blind way and idiotism of polititians. Every engineer in this area knows that, just decission makers are making their pockets bigger, whatever cost. Truth is that to manufacture a solar generator, costs more energy than it brings during its lifetime. Well, so much to the “green ideas”. 😀

      Almost the same myth, like the bio fuel – again the same principle. It costs more energy to produce it than it gives as an output. But more than that – the bio fuel plants are planted in the soil, where the food for millions starving people could be produced, instead of that bio stupidity. Stupidity x2….

  7. WritersWindow Says:

    Just continuing from my last, there’s no need to heed certain statements from me (an unknown person to you, good reader). To back up statements about “Global Warming” being another lie (and a gigantic one), I have a Wikipedia link AND a link to a video of many GOOD scientists speaking of this “Global Warming” swindle..


    • vinayakah Says:

      Hi WintersWindow, I didnt want to put in here the evidences, but I think now it could help to complete the picture:

      – There is no global warming, it is a proven lie, to bring feeling of guilt to ordinary people, and tax them more again, for non existent issue. See the hackers attack on the “scientist” communication, which proved they consciously lie, see the Czech president Vaclav Klaus is clearly talking about it (and many other things), as one of few politicians together with guys like Nigel Farage in Europarliament, telling the truth to the former Maoists and Nazi guys sitting today in the European commision. In case someone doesnt know it, see their blogs and youtube materials for clearer idea.
      – Global warming is a root for another activities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUJMR3BUm2s Here, our dear Bill Gates, talking about global warming and CO2 show us, where does he invest 99% of his wealth. See it whole, but listen carefully from 2:35. “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really GREAT JOB on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, –>we could LOWER<– that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!" [About 1 Billion People!] Our dear Bill is telling us that the new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services which are currently distributed to your children, and performed, are an instrument for the global depopulation. Welcome to hell…..
      – Read US laws Patriot Act 1 and Patriot Act 2, and you will learn the US citizent have no rights anymore, done. Read "National Defence Authorisation Act (or NDAA)" of 2012, which defines whole world (!!!) as a battlefield, including your toilet, and a person can be detained "under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities", the bill states. The hostility in question here is the "war on terror", and at the moment, it seems to have no end. According to this law, if president of US decides you are dangerous for the national security, you can be kidnapped from anywhere, and you: have no right for a lawyer, they dont need tell you WHY, you cant use phone not even once, they can keep you in the prison for how long they like, and are not obliged to tell your family or anyone you are arrested….
      – read the new ESM (European Stability Mechanism), and you will learn that any state who sign it, seell its citizens into the eternal slavery to the banking machinery. This ESM is not possible to give up, not possible to say "no"….read it whole. In the future this "agreement", will come into history as a slavery act, of the 21st century, making simple people responsible for ANY issue in the banking area and their global casino.
      – see mass murdering around the world, for murdering, power and greed itself….
      – you drink water with fluoride, using tooth paste with it, not knowing it is blocking your epiphysis, and has nothing to do with health of your teeth
      – you eat (this or that way) aspartamine, not knowing its real effects….even it was, together with fluoride, first time used during the 2nd world war in Nazi camps, to keep prisoners "peacefull"…
      – and last but not least….see the tendencies of the EU, US, OSN, UN…. to establish one world government. Dont be befooled, this is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact. And this is not the "one world", about which our Mother was talking about, but the most terrible planetary dictatorship, with eugenics and social engineering, under the guidance of the Big Brother.
      Mr Warburg, as a member of the few degenerated families, which think they are governors of the world, made it clear in 1950, he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He gained some notice in a February 17, 1950, appearance before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in which he said, "We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest." Now they just realize their plans, thats all.

      Evil forces at their peak…the conspiracy which we face is much waster we could ever think of, and to remove it, we need very, very, very deeply aware realised people.

      At the same time I see many people at the point of deep understanding, spiritual blosom and fragrance, and when doomsday comes, it will clear things up.

      Common sickness of spiritual people is that they are enjoying their own state and bliss too much, and dont see the reality around themselves, and sometimes cause of their blindness, they support/bless/tolerate devils and their lies and illusions. Lets open our Mantrabooks on page 12, and read a meditation which Shri Mataji Herself lead:

      "Let me get that feeling completely, innately built within myself that I am part and parcel of the WHOLE because we all have one Mother and let my concern go to the WHOLE WORLD to know what are THEIR PROBLEMS, and how can my true desire power solve them. Let me !!feel the problems of the world in my heart!! and let me try innately to remove all of them from the basis of which they are generated.
      STUDY CAMPS, JUNE 18TH ’88

      • WritersWindow Says:

        Greetings Vinayak,
        If you read my post previous to the one you replied to, you will see that I do NOT believe the “Global Warming” scare. It is, as you say, a myth fabricated for purposes that have nothing to do with saving the planet, or cooling the earth back to “normal” levels.
        Also, I was confused about Axinia’s post, about a sudden prevalence of “spiritual awakening” which is spreading peace and contentment everywhere … it just has the ring of fantasy. –WritersWindow

        • vinayakah Says:

          I understood your point WritersWindow, just wanted to point out the thing more strongly, not all was addressed to you. Your opinion is clear.

          Looking today back to the Libya of 2011, was anyone of the NATO and British devils arrested, punished, captured by officials, someone of the “demo(no)cratic” guys, who bring their sick model of “peace” to everyone, by force of course…through war, murderings, virgins raping, cutting off their breasts (and let them die), and afterwards, when they were “done”, arranging their breasts on the local square to spell the word “whore.” There are innumerable witnesses to these and innumerable other crimes throughout the world, of devils worse than any demon in the history of mankind – are they in the prisons?! No….. http://dissidentvoice.org/2011/06/going-rogue-nato-war-crimes-in-libya/#http://dissidentvoice.org/2011/06/going-rogue-nato-war-crimes-in-libya

          I am just asking – are they arrested? The western nice living illusion is just a bloody bubble, because we can live like that only because we allow this murderings by our silence, murderings which are financed from our taxes, it is financed by us – tax payers. The blood is on our hands as well, we should not be mistaken….and as well very very carefull too, to think we are just through the Last Judgement, because we live such “nice lives”….

          • axinia Says:

            I heard that Global warming is a myth many years back – in fact from Russian scientists 🙂
            However in the last 20 years I myself expeirence REAL changes in the climate in Europe. It is getting more extreme, many waves of heat (about 40 C) and I know for sure it was not like that some time back- Also the winter is not any more here, even in Austria which is a mountain country we do not see much snow any more…This is REAL changes, I wonder if you don’t notice that in your places of living?

            • axinia Says:

              As for the cancelling of the doomsday I meant that what I feel (and this is of course very personal) that there will not be “one big drama”, not the end of the days and total devastation – some time ago I felt it different.

              Of course I am aware that spiritualty is on the rise probably only in the West, and billions of hungry and poor people in Africa and Asia have no time even to think about it… BUT the thing is that it really work out even if a certain amount of progressive people reach this state. You all may know this famous experiment with the 100th ape, remember?

              And one more thing…since my childhood I have a good “access to collective consciousness”, in a way that I always senced a bit beforehand what the trend would be, – especially that was amazing in a fashion. I can start wearing something new, and in 2 years it becomes fashionable everythere. Not because people follow me 🙂 but because I felt this comming and “picked it up”.
              Also with other things, I can really sense the changes. – without any special powers.

              And that is why I decided to write this post although I knew that it would not be understood as it is.

              The amount of evil and dirt on this Eath is tremendous, but just think of one thing -it if would prevale, the humanity would simply fall apart long ago! The thing is that kindness and love DO PREVALE, but we cannot see it because people react strongly on negativity and take goodness for granted.

              • vinayakah Says:

                I can agree partially, but understand your point Axinia. As I said, I am aware that the rise of spirituality is real, and can be seen by anyone with enough sensitivity to feel it. No doubt. At the same time, with the same sensitivity, I am but aware that the evil is same way rising its own direction, and working more openly and much strongly for its target than ever before. Again, unfortunately, no doubt.

                The point is in the difference, in between the awakened ones and the evil ones, which is growing exponentialy every moment, and at the same time they live together in the same limited area (Mother Earth), “sphere”. It is clear, it cant last forever, because there is one point clear – the evil ones need the simple people, to fulfill their desires of power over someone, greed, lust, torturing, manipulating…..while the awakened ones are able to be happy with only themselves, needing no one, existing in bliss. Of course, they can live together, but not as a must. There is no mutual need…for evil and good.

                Taking into consideration that the situation is global, it must come to the point where the simple, innocent, awakened people will no more accept the torture and evil doings of the devils, with “enough now!”…which will grow into an opened conflict….with the strong help (here you are right), of the 100th ape phenomena. The devils will do whatever possible, to keep the object of their desires (simple people) under their control = opened conflict.

                Or do you see any other realistic scenario, with different behaviour of the devils, who as we know, live only for power, greed, lust, torturing of others, opressing, devastating, manipulating…, with their weapons of mass destruction, evil laws, structures everywhere in their hands…to just leave others to live divine live, just nicely, without any global conflict?

                The love prevail in the hearts of awakened ones, but in the outer world, lets be honest, it is not, not yet. We live “nice lives” in the west, because we are silent to the evil doings of the devils, and even giving them money to do that deeds….sorry, simple truth. I feel that we are just before the brake of the current evil system, it is not self-sustaining. To exist, it needs to be powered by blindness of masses, and the blindness is smaller and smaller in the apocalypsis (revelation) time of today. The Last Judgement is happening for 42 years already, but it will not last forever, it has an end, and it is quite clearly described by Mother Herself in Bombay, India – 28 September, 1979.

                “All these Eleven powers are going to come on the top of us when we will be finished with Sahaja Yoga, when we will be absolutely sorted out,” …….. “…it is not going to be an ordinary Hanana…”. If one reads it, and imbibes the message of whole this talk, it can bring light into the current situation, and open the answer of where we really are today.

            • vinayakah Says:

              The information that global warming is a myth is clear from the very beginning, based on who and how is declaring it. We need just to understand the difference in between the normal short therm, long thermm extreme long therm…cycles in the nature, and man made global warming theory.
              In regards of snow on mountain….do you know where did the Greenland get its name? Some time ago, long time ago, the people were growing the grapewine there. So I would like to humbly ask you, who was at that time the bad guy, who put with his industry so much CO2 into the atmosphere, that…..
              What I notice, are the normal cycles, many much shorter than yugas, and some longer.
              Dont you see that hoaxes like global warming myth are serving as a base for (for example) depopulation of the plannet. Today the guys are talking about it absolutely openly, like our dear Bill Gates in the video. The hoaxes are not the aim, those are just preparations for the aims, which are behind..

            • WritersWindo Says:

              Axinia, in the first 30 seconds of the video I posted on this page, some very rational people say, yes there is global warming, but it’s not caused by CO2 released by human activities.

            • WritersWindow Says:

              Axinia, in the first 30 seconds of the video I posted, some apparently sober and rational people clearly say that, yes, the planet has been warming, but that it’s not due to human activity.

              • axinia Says:

                yes, and I was never saying it is due to human activity! 🙂 I know these arguments well and I belive it.
                on the other hand think of this:
                I think the real reason is that we all produce so much heat -on the subtle energy level (not physical) that the Earth is boiling…people, especiall in the West are full of enegry but they are mostly all “overheated” in theri heads and hearts, and subtly this has an impact on everything…

                • very true… You are exactly on point…but important is how to cool down and collective balancing or collective thoughtlessness is the answer…

                • vinayakah Says:

                  Actually not, Axinia. The warming as a part of natural cycle was here, but about 12-14 years ago. It looks like planet is from 1998 on a cooling curve, not warming, and the boss of the global warming hoax John Holdren is already avoiding reference of “global warming”, preferring the more reliably vague phrase “global climate disruption.” OMG By chance? No. I am currious if they put up the tax for a “global climate disruption”, so they dont need to jump with the natural cycles 😀

                  We are actually at the end of period of 11.500 years, just at the beginning of new small ice age. 500 europeans frozen at the beginning of this year, Serbia “has started implementing power cuts in a desperate bid to stave off the collapse of its national grid as the country suffers the effects of days of freezing temperatures.” In Europe 1,876 patients were treated in hospital for hypothermia in 2010-2011, up from 950 in 2006-2007 – quite strong rise, isnt it?…………..but we build up the wind generators, asolar pannels…. Sounds not much like warming.

                  Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune’s moon Titan (which are precisely monitored) went through the same cycle of warming during the 20th century – it is but not now. It is the Sun, and the electromagnetic cloud, through which our Solar system goes now, causing with other factors the magnetic pole shift which is now 4x faster (40km/year) than at the beginning of 20th century (10km/year). No theories – scientifical facts. From 19th century, it moved 1100km already and the movement is speeding up.. The airports had to change the maps and navigation systems already 😉

                  Did you know that in 1974 there was an analysis in an article in Time Magazine entitled “Another Ice Age?,” the scientists say that man is resposible for global ? You change one word, and… 😀

                  “Man, too, may be somewhat responsible for the cooling trend. The University of Wisconsin’s Reid A. Bryson and other climatologists suggest that dust and other particles released into the atmosphere as a result of farming and fuel burning may be blocking more and more sunlight from reaching and heating the surface of the earth.” So CO2 is blocking Sun rays, or, how is it – blocking, or keeping in?

                  Cooling warming, cooling, warming…… hahaha. Now, since the warming stopped 12 years ago, the alarmists are finally beginning to admit that the earth has started cooling again. And what are they telling us is the reason why? In what’s got to be one of the most mind-boggling displays of chutzpah ever seen, they’re actually saying that the reason that it hasn’t been warming for the last 12 years is that China and India are now burning such a massive amount of coal, that it blocks the sun’s rays from reaching the earth and warming it. That’s right! Our use of fossil fuels is warming the earth, while China’s is cooling it? 😀 😀 😀 Ok, stupid idiots, no more evidence needed, but we still pay the carbon taxes, isnt it?

                  You can see locally that some ice areas are getting smaller, but globally, it is a very different story. If poles shift, the areas which are under the ice get warmed, while the other areas, which grow grapewine….. 😉

                  The heating of planet, by westeners… they are minority in the world´s population. West Europe has 420mil ppl, some 320mil in the US, it is not even 1/7th of the planet´s population. The rest have completely different problems, targets, lives, symptoms. Hundreds of millions are dying from hunger, and thirst, others live in closed microworlds like China, India getting poorer and poorer, more and more preverted, Arabians try to survive mass genocide, westeners murdering anyone for anything, for their greed and lust…..

                  Question is, how far this evident nonscence can go. Looking back, George Orwel, together with Aldous Huxley were true visionary. They described this time of today, so precisely that one must ask how was it possible to know all that, in such a detail in 1932 (Huxley´s Novel: Brave New World) and 1949 (Orwell´s Novel: 1984).

                  • axinia Says:

                    Well I know what you mean my dear Vinayakah, but whatever the reason is my life in Europe is defiently getting hotter! -don’t you agree?
                    About the reasons of warming and cooling, yes I am aware of that informaion and it looks true to me.
                    Huxley and Orwell are indeed visioners and yes, there is lots of truth in their books. But still I am sure things will change because they have to. And probably not that dramatically, I belive God has his/her own way, we can never predict anything to 100%. After all there is this magic of future which gives us all hope :).

                    • vinayakah Says:

                      Yes Axinia, agree. It might look like I am kind of pesimistical, but oposite is true. I experienced so many miracles, empirical findings of absolutelly stunning wastness, wisdom and encompassing love of the Divine, throughout whole my life (ama 39), and especially after I received my Selfrealisation from Mother, that there is no doubt about the positive result of this happening we witness today – whatever it looks like now. No doubt the Divine will prevail, like it was countless times before, at the end of the previous cycles.

                      It is interesting to see how much I changed and how much I have got and could/can give to others, and if that so, everyone can. Once Mother spoke about thoughtlessnes, how one can look at the carpet, without thoughts and experience the beauty of the art and the artist, with no reaction, no judging, just experiencing it in wholeness. I tried the same with the looking at the evil things, and my first reaction was cover up, run away, hide behind Mother. And than again, again, and again….till I brake through, and was experiencing within the ugliness of evil, pain, sorrow, suffering, in its wholeness the same way, with complete openness, and learned this can be the game changer. Because…we have a promise fom Her that She will be by our side allways, with all Her Powers, and that all powers stand around, ready to…. What will they do, if in such conditions you enter the evil nest, shining with bliss of the Divine? 😉

                    • axinia Says:

                      Hallo my dear Friend…BUT WHAT IS EVIL after all????????????

                    • vinayakah Says:

                      @ Axinia: “Hallo my dear Friend…BUT WHAT IS EVIL after all????????????”

                      Quite clear….. “Evil” is the deviation, acumulated ignorance, which crossed the border, where it is no more possible to get it back to natural, non-deviated status. Solution here, is only the Hanana shakti, which temporarily solves the issue, see Rama, Krishna,….till the end point at the end of the cycle comes, which is “not only Hanana”, but final anihilation, small personal or even collective…. pralaya…

  8. Annemarie Says:

    very good Axinia….congratulation!

  9. Sam Says:

    Doomsday was cancelled way before in 1970’s when the world witnessed first ever biggest spiritual awakening.
    There are many types of spiritualities in the modern world today.Some are true and some are fake.Fake spiritualities include Tantrism,Black Magic,Hypnosis,Chanting etc.Perhaps such type of spiritualities have become main streamed.
    How many business people out there are self realised?And will only mere experience of spiritual awakening transform people?There are many who were self realized but later turned into gangsters,corrupt politicians,wicked people etc.And we still have corruption today,more than ever.
    On the contrary one comes across hatred and violence more than love and forgiveness.
    All merely spiritually awakened people are not good.There are many spiritually awakened people who are cruel and continue to be cruel.There is a difference between spiritually awakened people and those who practise spirituality regularly which are very less(0.003% of the world’s total population)
    I don’t know about the west but here in south east people are becoming more and more indisciplined,irresponsible and dishonest.
    The world will be transformed because of few spirituality practitioners who possess the principles which you mentioned.There would be no doomsday but something very similar to doomsday only little milder in which millions of people will die.
    Aren’t we on the brink of world war 3?

  10. this is great rummer I heard in India that ….Doomsday not far away …half of India suffering with severe drought and half ruing under flood or heavy rains at odd time…. same thing true with every state and districts … What climatic changes you are writing for? they are already appeared in extream contrast ….only thing is it will not occur on one day but surely many thousands will be finished … still life will be there ….

  11. dmitri Says:

    Maybe the 27 of desember is like checkpoint…its a break in the regular scheme of things to make a house check….and u come out of it aither justafied or otherwise…can be????

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