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How to enjoy yourself during troubles July 17, 2012

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The idea for this post came from my recent holiday experience where due to some technical problems many things went wrong and various difficulties had to be fought.

I noticed with surprise that despite the complicated situation I remained peaceful and yet dynamic and took right and benevolent decisions. Somehow I was not at all bothered, although at times the situation was a total disaster. At some point I realised that this is what my Guru Shri Mataji used to underline many a times: ” you have to enjoy yourself, then nothing can upset you”.  And I was indeed enjoying!

Since my life is in general free of problems, I seldome have a chance to experience it so clearly. However last week I was lucky enough to undergo a good test…  And I found out how easy it is, to enjoy myself in every situation. How did I reach this state? – no idea, most probably thanks to the years of meditaiton :).

LOVE; axinia


5 Responses to “How to enjoy yourself during troubles”

  1. Hi axinia
    that’s what i was thinking why u r not on net !!!!. I thought u might have gone for toure……
    Obviously It is because of your years of meditation practice…

  2. Dima Says:

    Thanks, but it would be also very useful to know the details of your story.

    • axinia Says:

      nothing that tragical, but the whole travel plan changed due to the car broke, finally we could not travel much and lost lots of money. And the baby got ill :(… but nothing serious luckily… but also not favourable for the holiday…so many various obstacles, re-arrangements and unexpected expences, on the whole it looked very troublesome ..but we managed to enjoy, in the end we were just laughing :)))

  3. Sameer Says:

    Its very strong of you to admit that.Thankfully you could meditate during the travel.
    I know how painful it is to travel in a country like India with ignorant people when you don’t get to meditate at all and other wise you meditate regularly.

    • keeping attention to sahashrar doesn’t require any thing just it should be their that’s all either u may be in crowed or lonely in room that’s why i like that DI comment what u do when u r empty is important…

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