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Why women are more sensitive to Spirituality June 26, 2012

A mere glance at various spiritual practitioners grasps the female dominance. Disregarding country and cultural background. Now more than at any other historical periodPeople wonder why women are seeking more then men, why are they outnumbering in that sphere of life?

The answer is as simple as genius: Men just have a bigger ego which does not allow them to surrender easily, for surrender is one of the core spitirual features. ” Real men” are so-called doers and while acting they are not inclined to think of themselves as of “God’s instruments”. Due to their nature, men are more on the right side, using their right sympathetic nervous system, being proactive, dominant, thinking, directing… All that blocks their emotional side, the side which brings one faster to God because of the connection through the heart.

At the same time the greatest saints, yogis are prophets of all times are mostly male. How to explain all that? The men who truly become the men of God, they managed to overcome their ego and along with their male nature, could develop their female side as well. They became compassionate, loving and forgiving. Thus, balancing and enriching both sides they in fact managed to become the perfect humans. For some ironical reason, if a woman starts using her male side (“right side”) as much as the female one, she is more likely to become an unpleasant rather that a holy personality…

Today more and more women take to Spirituality. This gives them peace and a lot of positivity however creates another huge problem: because the men do not catch up, women find it difficult to find the right partner. Ideally the perfect match should also match in spiritual matters! But many do not. Often, even when everything else matches, the lack of spiritual interest in a partner becomes a burden. What is the way out, how to resolve thins imbalance?

The answer  again – is simple as that: women have to awaken the Spirituality in their men! This might be a hard task. But what is the other way out? To remain a single only because there is no adequately interested partner around? That is no good either, because being married is vital for spiritual growth (again the question of female-male energy balance).

I know many wonderful examples of remationships where women managed to inspire men for seeking their Spirit. And I also know many stories where is never worked out. And yet this seems the only reasonable solution to me. Considering that men are mostly pushed by women to their financial and social success, why should it be different in spiritual matters?

This can work on two levels:

-on the physical level, when literary every spiritual woman will work it out in her relationship

-or on the global level when the proportion of spiritual women will reach the critical mann and men will automatically follow as per law of social dynamics.

Let’s hope it happens soon otherwise I am getting worried for my wonderful female friends still seeking their best spiritual half.




14 Responses to “Why women are more sensitive to Spirituality”

  1. Abhinayaraj Says:

    Everything in the article is fine but for the ‘Title’ of the post which I doubt is correct. Spiritual “Sensitivity” is not measured by the nos. but it is how deep someone understands, behaves spiritually. Women sadly despite their natural side to become a very evolved person there, thanks to their limited attachments mostly they’re not there as high as they should be. Men despite their natural being not supportive namely Mr Ego, cling on to it, understand deeper and strive hard to rise higher despite the multi pitfalls they may encounter in their journey.

    • axinia Says:

      Abhi, as I stated in the first sentence the title is based on the observation which is the fact, at least in the West. Check any group of spiritual practiciooners and you will find more women. Doesn’t it mean that they are more sensitive to it??

    • axinia Says:

      Abhinayaraj, you conclusion is correct: being male or female has not much to do with the actually spiritual depth…but what I meant is the inclanation to seeking, in fact this is also proven statistically: in USA the companies intrested in wellness and all kinds of esoteric and so-called spiritual productd have done a huge researchon the market. And the conclusion was that the best target group are women of age 45-60.

  2. I love your article. Just finished watching this ted talk by this brain scientist woman who had a stroke. She claims it’s the right side of the brain that engages us as beings with the moment, peace and God. The left one being the past future analytic thinker and organizer. Check it out, it’s an awesome story! http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html

  3. Axel Schwehr Says:

    Dear Axinia!
    I suppose your article is intended as a provocation to people seeking their spiritual path to help them to think about their own status on this way but it may not be your own real conviction. (I follow your blog for a long time.)
    As you know and feel – every human being, man or woman, every creature, every plant, the whole universe is – from its origin to its end (that do not exist because they are eternal) – spiritual in nature.
    When a child is born it is spiritual sensitive. Many human beings lose maybe part of their sight and sensitivity for spirituality and spirit – their own and the universal spirituality. But – in fact – everybody is spiritual. And everybody is on a spiritual journey.
    The simple way to see the spirituality in other persons – men or women – is to see the spirituality in yourself and you will see the spirituality in your partner and all people you meet. Thus it is easy for you to adress the spirituality in everybody.
    No one needs to complain about lack of spirituality and blame other peolple of that deficit if you are spiritual sensitive yourself.
    That´s so simple. No need for wrong feminism, wrong egoism and false spirituality.
    Bon voyage to all (seeking) people.

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Axel, you are right, I often post provocative things but this post was not at all meant to be that! I wonder why exactly men have reacted to it 🙂
      You are of course right that the Spirit is the essential part of every human being but what I wanted to say is that women are probably more inclinded to seek it withing, at the time when men are more busy with the outside world due to their nature.
      The men who managed to touch the depth of their Spiritual being are -alas! -not that widely spread 🙂 but the ones who do they are of a good caliber!

      • Hi Axinia,
        I understand your points
        path of spirituality goes from left as Mother told, obviously women’s will be more seeker.The men who overcome right side and cover up left and goes high in spirituality , as they are right sided obviously they will be less only those who walk on left tract will reach further . They requires to surrender their ego .It is one of the best quality of women is they get dissolved men can not they keep their separate identity with their ego that is reason we can not get more women as prophet as they do not keep their identity. Still I know many names like Radha, Seeta, gargi,maitrai,even Anusaya etcHow many times wife of Indra, Indrani saves him from going down from spiritual tract ….?? !!! in further generation Akka Mahadevi in ligayat, Saint Sakhubai, Muktabai, Meera, Janabai, in our karad one lady saint was their named sakubai, story says that when she used to go pandharpur wari ( Visit of yesterday Ashadhi Akadashi at pandharpur where all Maharashtra and some Karnataka visit) vithal himself used come and stay in her house and used to do all her work till she comes back . All her family members are witness for that as they deny that she is going to wari as they found her in house only all the time doing all home work …..Ones she went and never came back so people says still vithal stays in karad…
        Apart from this i want to share another story of women who was wife of saint Tukaram , Gajabai. She was so busy in all family matters of Tukarm, people says that when plane came directly from heaven for Tukarm when he requested her for, she refused saying that she has to watered to her buffaloes.and he went alone.
        Men are men and this is male dominated society obiviously u will get less women .
        She never win people with knowledge those doors were closed for her many years including puja…but she wins with her love ,compassion ,devotion etc she dissolves her self …..and become one that is the reason u can get more names of female saint .. and at the same time u get more female seeker. Sorry for my poor English. I hope u will understand what I mean to say…

        • ….I mean to say …you can not get more female saints .. please correct and if and whenever necessary edit and publish.. thanks

          • I know one more example of you can say left sided …???!!! male that is Sane Guruji .He was extreamly loving person who wrote a famous book “Shamachi Aai” and opened doors of pundhapur vithal to all community by his famous ” fasting till death” in 17th century….. finally he ended with tragic suicide…???!!!

  4. Dave Says:

    I thought I would add my own two cents. Women are unique in the fact that they carry within then the energies of creation. It is through women that all new life comes. As a result of this it has been said that women are always connected to the source, to the matrix of creation. Womens auras and etheric bodies are supposedly easier to see because of this. Men are connectd but that connection is experience and felt in a different way.

    One can get into a discussion of Jungian symbolism adn talk about the male female energies, transcendence and immanence or about yin and yang but for me, well my experiences at least, egoism affects both sexes and it isnt that men have more ego then women. Practically speaking how does one measure ego, it is always difficult to judge or measure based on outward displays of behavior the state of someone’s ‘heart’.

    Currently the earth and civilization are facng many serious crises and it has been said in a few circles that it is only through women that certain necessary changes can take place can happen. I feel thats why now in our times we see a lot more women taking place in spiritual activity, the woorld has a specific need only they can address.

    I will add an excerpt from the book by Sufi Shaykh Llewellyn Vaughan lee: The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul, because i doubt I am being clear enough to do this topic justice:

    FRom the Introduction
    Excerpt One:
    My own journey took me beyond my individual quest into the drama of the whole, feeling the suffering of the earth and its longing to reawaken from this nightmare of exploitation and patriarchal greed. Here I experienced the pressing need to reclaim the wisdom and power of the Goddess, Her healing and transformative potential. And I glimpsed how this energy is especially present within women, and how women have a crucial role to play in redeeming the sacred feminine and learning once again how to work with her. Although the feminine is an important part of a man’s psyche, women carry her wisdom and power in every cell of their body, and they have a responsibility in reawakening her potential.

    Excerpt 2:
    I have stressed how the work of the feminine belongs to the healing and transformation of the whole. The book begins with chapters that focus on our need to revalue the feminine, to understand how she has a central part to play in the work of global healing and transformation. Her natural consciousness holds a deep understanding of the interconnections of life, how all the different parts relate together: how her awakening oneness can unfold. And every woman has in her spiritual centers the sacred substance of creation that is necessary for life’s regeneration. Without the full participation of the feminine nothing new can be born.

    The book is very good and I highly recommend it. Please excuse my lack of clarity and dont few my words as a bad reflection on this particular book in particular.

  5. Lesha Says:

    Thanks for the great post Axinia, I just wanted to understand something better.
    Are you really saying that the male/right-sided features will develop alongside the left-sided, if a typical male becomes a successful spiritual Seeker?
    It sounds like a lot of the right side simply has to retreat to make way for the left side.
    Can you really be dominant when you are compassionate and loving?
    And if a right-sider ‘surrenders’, he isn’t a right-sider anymore, right?
    So basically it’s the withering right and growing left that have to happen eventually.. if one is to succeed. So it’s not quite like a male could use/enrich both sides a lot and approach the ‘perfect human’ state, more like he could balance out his right by growing the left.
    If that’s not true, what are the features implied by a large ego could still successfully be used and enriched while one truly grows spiritually?


    PS question isn’t too theoretical =) as you may know I am a massive RS, but hoping to explore my options!

    • axinia Says:

      Lesha, thanks a lot for this good question. I am glad to see you are trying to understand this. In fact it is very simple.
      I know several wonderful examples when males, being quite right-sided by nature, managed to develop the left side and now are complete and beautiful personality, both dymanic and compassionate, actually modern saints. How did they manage that i don in detail, but I can give you my own example :).

      As you know I am also more on the right side due to my nature. At the same time I surrender easily. There is no contradiction to me in that! Because I know that there is always a bigger plan which I may not able to see right now. So I try to act not out of my ego but mostly based on spiritual insights like vibrations.
      Right side does not mean only domination. It has some very positive aspects like dynamism and enlightened intellect. Left side does not mean only depressions and passivity, it has positive aspects like love, joy and compassion.
      I believe it is important to become aware of your strengths first.

      You ask also how to awaken the left side. If you are very right-sided, you should first reduce all extreme activities that pumper your ego and bring you to the right. Then do things that switch on your left side, I nave some tips here:
      And of course you have to take to your spirit. This is the shortest way 🙂

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