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Why I believe every woman should gain some kindergarten teacher experience June 10, 2012

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This is a topic I wanted to cover long ago. However I waited until I got my own child and my feelings and beliefs were confrimed.

Yes, I believe that every woman should gain some working experience as a kindergarten teacher. This is a strong statement and I am sure many people would not only be surprised but also react negative to it. Let me give my arguments based on my personal experience and observations.

About 10 years back I was lucky enough to work as a kindergarten teacher in one international school (children 4-6), which I still consider the most outstanding and enriching experience in my career  – even though since last 6 years I hold managerial positions and now heading towards a company director. And who knows, may be it was that childcare experience which in fact boosted my career?

Throughout a history when people used to have big families women /girls have helped in the household and in the childcare for their own sisters and brothers. These days are gone in the civilized society. Today thanks to the epidemic of adult infantilism, more and more grown-ups consider having children a burden. There are various reasons for that child-phobia but one of the reasons is simply lack of experience.

I believe it is a great experience to work with a group of children (not one or two!) for several reasons:

1. Being in charge of  at least 10 children is the best ATTENTION training you can ever get. Small children, especially before age of 6 are extremely active and curious, they easily spread around, everyone busy with his/her own stuff. But surprise, surprise — at some point you will understand that it is easier to manage 10 children than one! 🙂

2. It is not at all easy to make a group of small children follow you. Especially Western children, they are mostly over-active and have bad attention (Asian children are somewhat better off in these terms). The biggest trick here is to gain a certain power which helps you to keep the situation under control. And the secret is: awaken your innocence. These little kids are best controlled by their own power – the power of INNOCENCE! Today it is a huge problem for the adults because they lack innocence and even don’t know what it is. That is why working with little ones can awaken this fantastic power (read more about it in my other post here). Once your innocence is back, you will have no problems in life!

3. And finally – taking care of many children you will learn how to LOVE all of them! This is a crucial ability because one of the worst things in the world is the attachment of a mother to her own child. Why not love ALL? When I was working with that group of kids, I was totally in love with all of them, children of different origin and race… Some people told me “wait until you get your own, you will see the love for your own child is different” …now when I have my angel I can only reply – “nonsense” I have the same love for her as for that dear kids whom I had 10 years back. I belive LOVE, if this is the true love, then it is always same. How can love be different?

Thus, my recommendation to intelligent women of today – if you have a chance to work somewhere as a kindergarten teacher, or at least to take care of several children at a time, even for some months – go for it and enjoy this tremendous chance of awakening /strengthening your feminine and human powers!




6 Responses to “Why I believe every woman should gain some kindergarten teacher experience”

  1. hi Axinia
    i used to feel the same , when i see mothers love limited only to thier own children
    this topic was always disturbing me , i don’t have my own , so i feel the same love for all children, irresepective of girl/boy, dark/fair, plumpy/thin , rich/poor am so happy there is atleast one young mother, loving other children also , inspite of her own wil try to watch K.G teachers now

  2. Elke Says:

    Axinia, there are so many things I want to say about being a Kindergarten teacher, maybe I should start my own blog about this! I am a trained KG teacher and I can only agree to every point you have made! Working with a group of children is extremely challenging, but there are so many things one can learn from it. And it is so rewarding! The way children show their affection goes right into one’s heart, and fills it with love. Yes, I do love all children of all races and all characters! Children are so pure, so wise, so sweet! But they are also so vulnerable and dependent on their parents, teachers and other care-takers. I wished all children of the world would get the love and affection they need to grow up to be loving and strong personalities for the rest of their lives! I often thought that parents should get some kind of training before they have their own children, but working at a Kindergarten or day-care is even better!

  3. Harry Says:

    In my hunt for ideas to add to a dream-plan for a beautiful tomorrow for us all, I keep snooping around the thoughts of others. At one time, I was limited to books, and read the writings of Masanobu Fukuoka, David Suzuki, Bill Mollison, Holmgren and others. Now I find unpublished people with ideas worth adding to that dream-plan, like that expressed by Axinia on this page.

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Harry, this is quite an awesome compliment! I know there are lot sof people out there with great ideas and experiences, we all already work towards the beautiful tomorrow!

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