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Some amazing quotes on love by a Sufi master June 1, 2012

image by Vera Subkus


The word love is derived from the Sanskrit word Lobh, which means desire, wish; the same word is used in the Russian language, Liubov. Love may be called in other words the desire to be conscious of the object of love.


It is for this reason that we admire all those whom we love, and are blind to the good qualities of those whom we do not love. It is not always that these deserve our neglect, but our eyes, without love, cannot see their goodness. Those whom we love may have bad points too, but as love sees beauty, so we see that alone in them.


 As love is the source of creation and the real sustenance of all beings, so, if man knows how to give it to the world around him as sympathy, as kindness, as service, he supplies to all the food for which every soul hungers. If man knew this secret of life he would win the whole world, without any doubt.


A heart burning in love’s fire has a tendency to melt every heart with which it comes in contact.


    Love is inherent in every soul. All the occupations of life, however important or unimportant, in some way or other tend towards love; therefore no one in the world can be called entirely loveless.


   Love is above law, and law is beneath love. There is no comparison between them; one is from heaven and the other from earth. Where love dies law begins. Therefore law can never find a place for love, nor can love ever limit itself within law, one being limited, the other being as unlimited as life. The lover can give no reason why he loves a certain one, for there is a reason for everything except love.


  Love is like the fire; its glow is devotion, its flame is wisdom, its smoke is attachment, and its ashes detachment. Flame rises from glow, so it is with wisdom, which rises from devotion. When love’s fire produces its flame it illuminates the devotee’s path in life like a torch, and all darkness vanishes.


   The first love is for the self. If illuminated, man sees his true benefit and he becomes a saint. In the absence of illumination man becomes so selfish that he becomes a devil. The second love is for the opposite sex. If it is for love’s sake it is heavenly; if it is for passion’s sake it is earthly. This, if it is quite pure, can certainly take away the idea of the self, but the benefit is slight and the danger is great. The third love is for the children, and this is the first service to God’s creatures.


  Time and space are in the hands of love. A journey of miles will become a few yards in the presence of the beloved, and yards become miles in his absence. A day of separation in love is equal to a thousand years, and a thousand years of the beloved’s presence are not even as long as a day.


If there is anything that works against the vanity of the ego, it is love. The nature of love is to surrender; there is no one in the world who does not surrender. The world of variety, which has divided life into limited parts, naturally causes every lesser one to surrender to the greater.


 Life on earth is full of needs, but among all the different needs, the need of a friend is the greatest. There is no greater misery than being friendless. This earth would turn into heaven if one had a desired friend in life, and heaven, with all the bliss it offers, would become hell in the absence of the friend one loves.


find more wisdom of HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN here.


8 Responses to “Some amazing quotes on love by a Sufi master”

  1. April Says:

    A beautiful picture, and beautiful words 🙂

  2. draupadi16 Says:

    Mit diesem Foto hast Du einen wunderbaren Moment eingefangen! Sogar die weißen Herzen am Mantel passen zum großartigenText. DANKE fürs Teilen. Draupadi.

    • axinia Says:

      danke, meine Liebe Draupadi! Ausnahmsweise ist das Bild nicht von mir, sondern von Vera Subkus. Hab ich vergessen zu schreiben, mache ich gleich!

  3. Sofi Says:

    Really nice quotes, hope you don’t mind I will use few of them. Thank you

  4. […] Some amazing quotes on love by a Sufi master (1000petals.wordpress.com) […]

  5. taralovey Says:

    Some of my personal fav..

    Love is never lost.
    If not reciprocated,
    it will flow back and soften
    and purify the heart.

    The best and most beautiful things
    in this world cannot be seen or even heard,
    but must be felt with the heart.
    – Helen Keller

    Love that we cannot have
    is the one that lasts the longest,
    hurts the deepest and feels the strongest.

    love quotes

  6. lifedjen Says:

    Beautiful Quotes! It must really take a lot to become a Sufi Master!! Thanks for sharing this!! I also want to share with you something beautiful! http://www.lifed.com/top-100-inspirational-quotes-to-live-by I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Sufi Quotes Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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