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The Sufi take on the nature of Will-power May 10, 2012

When the mind inquires into the nature of willpower, it becomes a question whether it is a power of the mind, a power of
thought, or a power of the brain. Those who cannot see beyond the power of the brain, call it brainpower; those who cannot
see beyond the mind, call it a power of the mind. Those who cannot conceive of the existence in man of anything above the
feelings, consider willpower to be a power of feeling. A Sufi understands it to be the divine power.

It is the Divine Will that is manifested throughout the whole universe, which has created the whole universe; and it is part of the
divine will that manifests itself through us. Everything we do in life is governed and directed by that power.

But there are two ways in which the willpower works:

firstly, when it is lighted with the light of intelligence;

secondly, when it is not so lighted, but works by itself.

When it works by itself, we call it accidental. We do things accidentally which we have not
intended to do. But when willpower makes our mind and body work consciously, then the light of intelligence is followed and
the willpower is acting consciously. This is the difference between various happenings. In the one we are conscious of what we
are thinking, we are conscious of what we are speaking and of what we are doing in proportion to our willpower and to the
light that is thrown upon it from the light of our intelligence. But we have acted without willpower when we have to say, “I have
done something I should not have done; I have said something I should not have said; I have thought something which I should
not have thought.” When a person says, “What I did is terrible, I said something I should not have said,” it means that during
the time he said or did it the willpower was there, but the strength and light of intelligence had not fallen upon it to the extent to
which they should.

There are two aspects of our being: the willpower or governing power, and the vehicles, the mind and the body. Both are governed and controlled by that one governing power. In one aspect of our being we are king, in the other aspect we are
minister, and in a third aspect we are servant. We are minister when our mind works, and we are servant when the body
works. We are king when the willpower works.

If a child throws a knife at somebody, it has not committed a crime, because it has not yet set that action down as a crime in its
world of experiences; it has not gathered it into that world. It only becomes a crime when the child knows it to be criminal.
After that it becomes responsible for its deed. Judge not, that ye be not judged; for with what judgment ye judge ye shall be
judged. We judge others according to our world of good and bad; the same world, the same scripture that is our religion
judges us also, when we do wrong. And no one would do wrong if his will-power helped him to do right, for how could he do
something which the scripture of his own heart tells him to be wrong, had not his willpower failed him? Therefore those who
repent after their crimes, faults, and failures show thereby that it is not that they wanted to do or have these things, but that their willpower failed them. The willpower was not strong enough to help them to carry out their own standard of good, as it should help all men through the journey of life.

The Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan

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6 Responses to “The Sufi take on the nature of Will-power”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    how we can understand it is devine will and not not our….?

  2. axinia Says:

    oh, my friend, who can know that??

    • axinia Says:

      may be a good indicator of Divine Will can be the feeling of pure joy afer something is acommpished. BUt this is very subtle. JOY is such a misused word nowadays, many people misteke it for the Ego satisfaction.

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        absolutely agree. not only ego ,it applicable to personal need,motives and demand also.. so it is very difficult to understand devine will…
        Some suggest Vibration guided activities should be done but many time it is also depend on for what we check the vibration and how much we are in detached state otherwise one may lead by false vibration too ..

  3. Michael Christoper Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    The spark of the divine flame is in all. Concerning the human soul, when one obeys the illumination of truth in the heart, then that one is blessed by an inner peace. Yet, when one does not obey this illumination then that one is condemned by the very word that has spoken in the darkness of the heart.

    Truth exists perfectly within itself in peace and in love, dwelling in an infinite harmony of song. Truth is dependent on nothing else for its existence, for truth is existence.

    The people of the earth may speculate upon the truth or be confounded by it, or even deny the brilliance of the light that truth brings to all that it touches, yet in even all of this, the proof of its pureness, power and eternal substance is revealed.

    This revelation rests hidden from the unspiritual eye. Although, for the discerning softheart it becomes a light, for it is the very foundation of life itself.

    For truth is not found first in a name or motion outside the heart, but truth is found within the heart first, and may then move outside even in a name or motion. And in the beginning of the life of every heart, this truth is as a tiny seed of light that desires to grow among the many seeds of darkness that also lie therein.

    Thus, waiting in the simplicity of holiness and in the gentle strength of the pure measure of the Spirit, one comes to understand illusion, which is the impurity of the spirit of darkness. For as one learns to become still and quiet in obedience to hear God speak, then through the unfolding of his words that one obtains light for the eyes to see.

    Adieu, Michael

  4. Michael Christoper Says:

    Here are some more gentle thoughts for you Axinia,

    As I have contemplated God and creation, so God and creation have contemplated me. With such intensity have I felt God’s desire to be united with me, that with awe do I now see and better understand the wisdom and the depth of his love.

    Early this morning, I was escorted through the old mountain trails by my friends the dragonflies and butterflies. A pair of rare bluebirds even made their appearance to share their love with me. A lone bouquet of beautiful tiny pink flowers presented themselves to me very deep and high up in the mountain forests. The sound of a waterfall was off in the distance.

    Such was my guidance in my contemplation today.

    What I write to you about are the divine truths that I have paid dearly for through deep suffering. Yet, still I am as a fool living among the foolish and I share all of the things with you as a simple man for I am nothing and I possess nothing except suffering. However, in the times of persecution and suffering there remains the burning fire of God’s love which brings a lasting comfort. So, I pray that the light of the One who lives in unapproachable light draws you more deeply into the depth of this love.

    Now, there is a rose that I have learned to gaze upon and it is the most beautiful rose of the earth. The name of this rose is called truth and it is found only in the garden of humility. And to get to this garden, one must cross the plains and the desert of suffering. There is no other way to get to this garden. I believe you understand this as well.
    My prayer is that we may sit in this garden together and only if you wish, I will point out all that I have learned of this rose by gazing upon the beauty of the Lord in his temple, as I am indeed becoming his temple unto perfection.

    From complete and perfect stillness the manifestation of the will, who is the Father, rests and dwells within the Eternal mind of Wisdom, and the expression from the Wisdom is the Eternal word that speaks within the darkness of the heart.

    The motion of the will, through the Wisdom of the Eternal mind, is the emergence of the Spirit who moves in power within the Eternal word to bring the energy of life and to sustain it in perfect love through the birth and existence of all things.

    For God is love and love is the energy that is conceived by the motion of understanding that flows from the Wisdom, which is the brilliant light of the will found within the Eternal mind.
    This is the perfect love, the disinterested, selfless love. This is the love that has no motive except to present itself in its pure divine form. This love is often understood as and called light and it is the only substance that is perfect within the universe and in all creation, being found in the visible and invisible worlds.

    So, the Spirit of God is the energy of love that shines through the word, who is the light that is being expressed from the will. And the light of the glory of the word, who is the perfect image of the Father, is the spark of the divine flame that is found within one.

    Every individual upon the earth becomes a living being as the very word of the Father breathes life, this spark of light, from the Eternal mind of Wisdom into the soul. And this spark of God is the will, who simply is from always.

    So, it is the spirit of one’s soul, the breath of God, that gives that one understanding, and to shun evil is understanding, for it is the will in the heart that is immortal.

    The will is immortal and has been given to man and woman so that we may learn to love and give to God as he gave to us. For he gave to us of himself in giving us the will, so that we might learn to give back to him in returning it. . For the proof of love is to choose to love, through the testimonial of the motion of love.

    The aperture of the will is found within the universe as an eternal choice to fill its opening with love, which is the sole root of all energy that moves anything and everything, yet it remains passive and gentle in its essence.

    The will is divine for it is the very seat of power within the human existence, for the will is the existence of an individual. The will is the very center of the mind, the core of the soul. The will is the one perfect being, the uncreated, Eternal being, who is found within all the other beings, as a tiny seed of pure, powerful light.

    For light moves within darkness, and exists without darkness, yet there is no darkness in light. Thus, that which is imperfect moves only in time, although when perfection comes to dwell within one, then that which is imperfect disappears because what is perfect moves within and without time, which is eternity.
    And God has placed eternity in the hearts of man and woman, yet most souls upon the earth do not understand what God has done from the beginning through to the end, for lie holds one in time.

    Yet, the soft hearts will find that the divine will is as a swift horse that the inner eye of the mind rides on, as it pierces the darkness, opening unto itself in power seeing all things in the light. And upon embracing this light, the power of truth stops the motion of lie dead, by extinguishing the illusion of lie in the light, thus destroying its power and energy.

    So, one stays safe in the land of humility where the darkness cannot dwell. For when the mind goes out from that which is pure and holy, and strays from that which is truth, then that one looks upon oneself in darkness, instead of looking upon the light of God.
    Thus, one is out of the fear of the Lord, away from the meekness by becoming ensnared in the fierceness, and God is no longer in those thoughts, for there is no darkness in light. And the spirit of darkness is subtle and powerful in the illusions that ensnare the thoughts.
    Yet, as one controls the tongue, then that one controls the external senses (the body) for thought is the beginning of speech. As one learns to control the external senses by which evil enters into one, then that one will become more sharply aware of the internal senses.
    If one puts down and controls the internal senses, then that one will be alone with truth itself, who is God in the heart. And that one will indeed hear God speak through the day and through the night. For as one learns to rest from the motion of reason, then that one learns to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord in his temple.

    Down through the ages, most of all the philosophers, the theologians, and the metaphysicians have all felt the need to define truth. This is an untruth. Untruth is to defy the truth, to disobey the truth. For lie is part truth and part defiance. And defiance must always have its object of desire.

    Lie draws near to oppose truth, for that is its nature. Yet, lie draws away at the same time, so as not to be exposed. Lie is in a rage of truth….drawing near and drawing away….rage.

    So, we find that lie cannot live without truth and lie cannot live with truth.
    Lie cannot live with truth, because if the moving illusion of lie stays within the bright light of truth for too long, it gets exposed and no longer exists.
    Lie cannot live without truth, because its very nature is to oppose truth, since defiance must always have its object of desire. Therefore, we find that lie lives within the orbit of truth as in a rage.
    For lie is at war with truth. War is rage encircling the truth…. all war, any war, the human heart at war with itself.

    One cannot think of these things in a linear fashion, as in two sides to a coin; but one must see these things with the eye of wisdom in a circular motion, as in an infinite circle.

    For in a deeply obscure understanding, just as truth exists without lie, so truth exists within the illusion of lie….as in a mystery.

    Yet, there is no lie in truth.

    You are a dear soft heart and you and your loved ones will be in my thoughts and my thoughts have become my prayers.
    Adieu, Michael

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