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If you want positive changes in your life – do not start changing yourself or your life, just meditate! April 14, 2012

Since many years I run a sahaja meditaiton class for Russian speaking people in Vienna, Austria. Based on that experience I have made an interesting observation which many other teaches like me confirm: when people start practicing meditation their life improves on every level  – physical, emotional,  job-or familywise and of course, on the spiritual.

I have no data on another spiritual practices but this is certainly the case with sahaja meditation. The explanation may be the following: the inner energy Kundalini gets awakened and it starts “working for you”, arranging not only for your physical well-being but also fantastically transforming your surroundings, arranging for great opportunities and pleasant people around. This looks like a magic but it is not!

And the best part of it is that literary you do not need to do anything yourself but meditate!

I mean you do not need to “work hard on yourself”, control your behaviour, try to become a better person, take certain steps. Sahaja yoga-  a yoga for lazy people I found out. 🙂

But one thing I have to mention: very often as soon as their life improves people give up this meditation practice(because when everything ges so fine one is even lazy to meditate)… and after some time come back again saying “oh, well, everything is gone, I was again beaten up by life”.That is how I know that this is not a mere coincidence but proved by hundreds of people whom I personally know: Immediately after they start meditating their life improves. And in the same manner it gets worse when they stop practicing.

What I feel about it is that this wonderful energy, Kundalini is so anxious to raise up and to nourish us, so when we give her this chance she performs miracles for us to signal that this is the right way!

MEDITATE, do not vegetate 🙂



10 Responses to “If you want positive changes in your life – do not start changing yourself or your life, just meditate!”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    Hi Axinia,
    very good post as usual,
    since April 2002 I do same job for marathi speaking people here in karad and my observations supports your .
    yesterday also one of new family telling me their 80 % problems (family,personal,economical, professional) solve within 2 weeks meditation and they find piece of mind too. and I have advice same thing i.e. continuation of meditation and listening to other and musics and participating mothers program . Further as person become more collective he receives more benefits of meditations that’s what I observed along with daily practice at home.
    My next observation is … How much you surrender yourself in meditation and collective ? benefits are depend on it. anyway Mother blesses everybody knowingly or unknowingly either you believe or not .
    For us it important to observe the drama, isn’t it? and Meditate ..
    Yesterday I saw one photograph of vein on Facebook then I realize how interesting It would be to meditate at early morning their in vein …. I enjoy this at 5.30 am daily. while writing this answer it is 2.30 am which is my time of regular study… thanks

  2. DEstroyer Says:

    That is commomly human.Though it limits Sahaja Yoga to a Therapy based on Meditation. Whereas in fact it is a nector of immense religious significance and what makes Sahaja Yogis stand apart is their thirst for higher level of existance rather than using Sahaja yoga to combat day to day problems.

    • axinia Says:

      Well as far as I know many people who go for any spiritual practice strive for a higher level of existence, there is nothing special about it in people practicing sahaja yoga.
      You are right, Sahaja yoga has many aspects, also a religious one but modern people want to establish a comfortable daily life first and then go deeper – why not show then the chance?

      • Rebecca Says:

        For those dedicated to their spiritual path, who hold it as sacred, it can be difficult to witness others speaking of it in base terms as in, “what’s in it for me?” I appreciate that, but those who have not tasted the nectar of the divine, can not, so why not share with them the other benefits that they can relate to as Axinia suggests? Those benefits will anyway happen.

        In my own experience, while the physical and emotional spheres have improved phenomenally, my surroundings still offer great challenges. But, what I have noticed is quite different, is the way that I respond to and handle the otherwise difficult situations that present themselves. Rather than being bitter, or angry, frustrated, or crazed,

        • Rebecca Says:

          I am better able to see what is needed and act to the best of my ability. I don’t suffer these situations as I had in the past.

  3. radha Says:

    there are many different people attracted by Sahaja Yoga. Some even keep coming to our classes without meditating on their own nor showing any interest or effort to do so; they just want to enjoy some company and some silence. One lady who is coming now to our class for example is clearly not meditating but has already stepped in four consecutive times and each time with a new friend! really funny! at the beginners classes u can expect to meet all kinds of people 😀

  4. Peter Says:

    Many people get confused by word “meditation” and they start doing this with their brains not with their hearts. This is the problem.

    • axinia Says:

      It is normal, Peter . all our life we are trained to use our brain, not our heart -nobody learn in the school how to do things with heart, right? Not only use the brain but strain it, consentrate… Same with meditaion I think you cannot expect people meditate “with heart” from the very beginning, right?

      • Peter Says:

        I am not speaking about new yogis, but about ”old” ones.
        It is our responsibility to allow Mother to purify new ones trough us.
        How many of us think about others?

  5. Triveni Says:

    Lazy to meditate and getting beaten by life, is my personal experience too.. 🙂 when one is connected it seems like Life is Beautiful, and when not, Then Life really sucks.. sometimes becz of the ease of this meditation and the ease in which everything improves and gets taken care, ppl take it for granted and dont realise what a gr8 gift it is.. 😦

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