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The magic of human touch or don’t be afraid to handwork! April 9, 2012

Our advanced modern life has made us extremely lazy: by pressing  a button we can get so many things done. We invent gadgets that free us from physical work. We make our life easier and easier – but what about making it truly beautiful? I think that what gives a true beauty to life is something many people afraid of/or even hating that: a hand work, a physical effort or any kind.

Let’s see what impact physical work can make on things:


Cultivated gardens not only look pleasant but also emit peace. Forest taken care of by foresters look softer and more friendly that totally wild ones. Amazon river is full of dangerous fishes and animals because its banks are not crowded with people. On the contrary, the river Ganges has an amazing water quality and is not dangerous because since millenia human beings have been living and worshiping there.


Even combing your hair can soften the expression of your face in the morning. There is an old beauty advice saying one should not look in the mirror in the morning before combing hair. Styling your hair properly will make you look as another person – if done everyday, works miracles on your good mood and positivity! A face given some basic care (oil or crème at least) daily is easy to differentiate from the one which is not treated that way. For women: Putting make up if not only a pleasant act of creativity like body painting but it adds to a face certain “value” which everyone can feel.


Any relationships especially close ones flourish when the human touch is applied – hugging has never been so needed as today, starting with babies and ending with elderly…everyone is happy to get a comforting touch and this simple act can make a day for many!

Generally in every sphere of live when some physical work applied the objects look much different. Why?

Because besides the working on the matter, changing or adjusting it, we give our vibrations with the hands. The energy that flows from our hands (no matter if you feel it or not) enriches the dead matter with the breath of life and thus gives the genuine value to things.




7 Responses to “The magic of human touch or don’t be afraid to handwork!”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    hi axinia
    importance of human touch !!!!
    Then why not it works in some human relations ….?
    For news update .. there is one more honor killing in maharashtra jalgaon.
    grandmother killed the girl and her two son ( Unkle and father ) helps in .
    What kind of heart they were having ? incidence happen 15 days back and they are living like nothing is happen … as they put her on railway track after killing .. they didnt claim for dead body also..
    I really surprise why vibrations ( Love ) not working there….. as because girl is loving some another inter caste boy ?? then all love get lost and only for prestige father unkle and Grand mother ????? killed the girl very cold bloodily..
    any way I agree with you ..our vibrations are necessary to make wild nature soft.. so as with human relations too.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      … In first year of life when child require only warmth and nutrition …Mother touch work for it if for any reason child doesnt get it child develop severe emotinal problem in future life it is proved … so true with kangaroo care also..
      So human touch… with love is necessary in any kind of physical work then not only live but other matter also response positively including animal plants and
      your own house vehical ,etc… they softens …and add in beauty and they take care of your safety also

  2. axinia Says:

    thank you Mahesh, I forgot to mention the importantce of physical touch in human relationships – of course it is crucial!!! and also missing often…:(

  3. exactly Axinia, the same words could be written by Carl Jung who pointed out how important was the phisical work creating armony with nature

  4. Dmitri Says:

    how does loksemburg look like??????????

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