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The morning poem April 3, 2012

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Open your window

early in the morning

and let the true life

come in.

The birds’ singing

and the majestic silence

listening to their song:

The Joy and The Silence


this is The True Life.


poem by axinia


4 Responses to “The morning poem”

  1. Sailaja Ginka Says:

    soooo ..Beautiful !!! simple words but full of depth!!!! the essence of true life can be felt only through such subtle expeeriences!!!

    • axinia Says:

      yes, it was a simple but stunning experience: I suddenly woke up at about 4 o’clock and heard bird singin so lively so joyfully…and there was a magestic silence all around it…only birds and silence…that was so special and clear…one of the most powerful experiences ever!

      UNUSUAL in the USUAL – this is the miracle of life.

  2. mahesh chendake Says:

    Hi Axinia
    I surprise !!!!
    why this is unusual I dont understand .This is very common for us infact we wake up daily by this way even in mumbai during my stay in J J Hospital I used to wake up by same way. there are some birds which comes daily in front of my house window and wake up us by singing truly it is melodious .I recognise them all if at all any one I cant see any day i disturbs but usually it doesnt happen they are become part of life .
    Are u going away from nature and your life become so artificial and busy that u dont have time to look out .Are u staying in AC rooms where all doors and windows are closed along with mind who can not even sensitize this type of nature ? and you dont have time to notify them from within.?
    It is there and changing forever according to seasons it is never same . In fact when I go for morning walk or some time evening walk I enjoy natures beauty and its minute changes daily .really its never same it always ever changing even though basic structure remain same apart from jangle of cement which is increasing very fast even around my home.
    Your poem is simple beauty. I like that as usual experience come in to words .
    I surprise with your comment …
    I remember with this about moon set . Have u see moon set any time ? if not take a time. see the timing of moon set and take out your car if u are staying in metros go to see moon set and enjoy night beauty around any lake or near big park or on mountain . Luckly I have it and I enjoy many times even from my house tarece. I remember even my bachelor period I used to do night duties in hospital and have to take rounds I used go hospital tarece for a while to enjoy natures beauty in night or early in morning .

    A beautiful old Marathi non film song or bhav geet by Suman kalyanpurkar about Kabir ….just enjoy

  3. Princess Says:

    wow morning equals life energy fresh dew sun window doors outside world coffee and again life..

    nice poem and lovely photo

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