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What and whom you cannot forgive April 1, 2012

Forgiveness has become a popular topic. Sooner or later you come across this word on the way of personal development.  Many psychologists, healers, spiritual leaders and practitioners will tell you: If your head is full and you are suffering from unclear emotional heaviness you just have to forgive. 

In the classical sense one can/should forgive if one was badly injured (physically or emotionally, often in cases like betrayal). Luckily not everyone has experienced such heavy pains. But the head is still full and life has no joy…what’s the reason then?

I fount out that Forgiveness has a much wider relevance.

 Basically you need to forgive

  • when you keep coming back to a certain situation, keep analyzing or criticising others or your own behaviour
  • when you keep arguing in your head with a person you had a serious talk even when days, weeks or months already passed
  • when you regret you did not find the right word in a situation and you think !oh, i should have said that…next time I will say so and so”

In fact what happens is that your head gets stuck like a computer when it hangs. It just cannot continue working properly!  – Just think of it every time you catch yourself on perpetual one-thought thinking.

“I forgive” is a powerful mantra, use it every time you are stuck!




13 Responses to “What and whom you cannot forgive”

  1. Dmitri Says:

    i dont forgive and i forgive not…coz there is nothing there to forgive or forgive not/…
    good day!!!

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  3. Dmitri Says:


  4. Dmitri Says:

    ok… I understood…what is then to forgive??? or whom???

  5. mahesh chendake Says:

    hi axinia it requires total detachment…and usually we are emotionally attached so either love or hetrates or rejection or anger ( if thing are happening /not happening according to our wish n will )comes in action .loving the people without attachment and and without any gain…. usually not happened in life of ordinary man so their heads are full and heavy … nice post
    real forgiveness can occur in action when we realy remain detached…

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      stagnated thoughts and life are like stagnated water which gets easily infected i always feel stucking is like that infection it not only hamper your routine and reduce output but also multiply like virus and person can not find way outside as he can not come out and see the situation … Let the life flow …thoughts flows freely, forgiveness develop automatically because u dont have time to think about….. u just go on working… working ….and working…

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        please listen this bhajan by Deepak varma u will understand what I mean to say specially … sagar me dub sakhi swaroop lahareo ko chou but sahil na ban … karle mere man tu jan jan se pyar, chinta haran hai…. etc
        Hi axinia this is for all your readers from your platform… sorry if u feel inappropriate …

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    Hi Axnia
    yesterday Pam Sunday .. Good Friday is on the way and Then Ester Sunday …
    really appropriate time to write and think on ” Forgiveness” .
    It is substal quality one should built within , really it is strong Mantra but how many of us have understood real meaning of it and following ?
    SY is the good answer for it so I posted that Bhajan …Let people understand what we are intending to do and want to achieve .. We just want Love..Peace … Harmony and Joy of life …Nothing else.
    Let Me live peacefully and Let other to do same … and I can not live in isolation so ‘ forgiveness’ is really strong mantra to live peacefully,collectively and harmoniously.
    thanks now no more post …

  7. Elke Says:

    Very nice blog on forgiveness, Axinia! The comparison with the computer that is stuck is right to the point!

    An other thing about forgiveness and Easter that is stuck in my head (and heart) these days:

    On the cross Lord Jesus Christ asked God to forgive the people who put him on the cross! I think love can’t go any further than that! Not only did he forgive them, but he even asked God to forgive them! It is such a detached and loving thing to do! It absolutely amazes me!

  8. Dmitri Says:

    video of Shri Mataji…

  9. Dmitri Says:

    mahesh seemes realy a nice person!!! i really like him and his comments…there is much to learn from his words about india…or at least about a sector or group of indian culutre

  10. Dmitri Says:

    hehehehehe just rememberd something…dont know if i can tranlate to words well enghef so it would be clear but, i can show it in numbers……It goes a little something like this:::: hehehehehe……Lord Christ (Brahmadeva) is 95%…Adi Shakti is 98%…and Sada Shiiva (דני) is: comoon! comoon!..lets guess…..heeeeeeee is 100%
    i mean that even christ the all maightyy (bbooooo) is not how should i say???? perfect??? he is, also
    sorry to say lives in limitition…so does adi shakti..(אמא)…after all there is only one tru god one menifestation……..the edges show them self in mistake…so if you gave to chirst an absolute perfacte test without a single mistke he would score (if he is complate…a full menifistation…or whatever you call it)
    only 95!!! hhhhh ))))… Sada (דניאל) is the name in hebrow….so maybe someone strugeeles with the question why there is many gods, godess…and yet we talk about only one god!!!!!!…….by the way!!! they all actully really are jealous to their wifes but not humen kind of jealousy….they are maits for (life)…like this kind of birds that we call lovebirds!!!….so! there reason why there is aboundnce of life is:::::::: NO body whants to be alone!!!……Aaa…and another thing dima (Brahmadeva)…smokes!!…hhhhhh……….and yet another point i wonted to make clear if i may please, is that there alwayes progress and growth..the growth of every particuler or atom or i dont know!!! the smallest part is in regard to the part next in-line…..so gyes if you readdy!!!! THERE is no exit…….I”ll explain…christ is alwyet 95 percent his wife (Hashkhina-השכינה) is alwyes 95 percent…her kundalini is alwyes 95 percent and his kundalini also 95 percent……so yes!!!
    I do can streach it forwerd but i wont…the thing is that every particular “Time”…has it’s momentum or it’s princaple..(not complate)…sometimes it’s Evoulotion that predomanites..sometime it’s love……….the most importent thing is like shri mataji said…that you dont know how much points you have in the bank….and yes maybe the “owner” is in fact not contienuslly coenciuse of how many every single…organizem, rock, and…have in his or hers acouunt…in the end it’s all counted…down to the last pany!!!….for this task…we have each other…and who is the keeper of the score!!! you may ask! Ganesh (inoccentes left swastika cantere)…….he is fair…bealive me………

  11. we love the post and those who have commented have really added to our appreciation. Thank you sooooooooo much. We give thanks for this guidance

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