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How to attain peace, wealth and power? March 19, 2012

Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc., but God is the origin of all these. 

Then why should there not be the desire for God?

Shri Mataji 



5 Responses to “How to attain peace, wealth and power?”

  1. Deepa Says:

    Yes, so true Axinia. There is a saying in Hindi.

    Jab Tak hai teri zindagi, fursat na milegi kaam se,
    Kuch aisa samay nikalo ki preet lage Shri Rama se.

    Till your life is there, you will have no time from your works. (Kaam here means worldly works and Kaam also means worldly desires)
    So take out such time that you can love God (devote time for God.)

  2. Dmitri Says:

    hey, how are you??? everything ok?? i wonted to ask severl things..if i may please…first I understand that GOD is “connected” or maybe “Identefied” with the color purpule-like…why this colour in paticular???
    also when, a sun burns most of it energy supply (Gas “i think”) it becams a “red gaint”… very massive…enorums!!! this means (speaking scientificly) she is at the final stage of her life….by the way can i add you to my facebook page??? ok…..
    hhhmmmm…so then the sun (red gaint) explodes and massive wave of enregy relaesed in all direction…like in the sci-fi movies kaboom and a wave after wave…it shatters the astroids, Comittes even planets..even can destroy solar system…anyway….what, then left of priviously glorius, peacefull, greace giving sun’ is A supernova…which, is also of the colour purpule like….it a littale bit small…but is (twat) very pawerfull and strong…(maybe if you put on it a cup of cofe bines it will dissolave. but how will you get close to it…it has an antena…hihihihihi)…..so, I bealive that the supernova (the core) is strongest Item in the Knowen Univear’s!!
    when i whatched science thrilerrs on the discavery channel…what was Buatiful :)) is the Image from above of Ourrrrea u y lift , Milky Way Galaxy. Is how it revolves around The Black Hole Which devours everyone and everything…Is like a shaped round well…(A stink)…and then……………../?> where does it dissapaer??? whats on the other side??? is it a coin or a tube…how do we locate him!? any way pleasr be my friend on facebook and Vladimir also!!!! please!!! sorry…Raja Rama! is there such a thing??? hey…your’s douther is buatiful I also have a sister who’s (her deouther name is also Emiliay)…קשה לי לכתוב…..ים hope to see more pictures!

    • axinia Says:

      hallo Dmitri, I guess God can be indentified with any colour, but purple is special in a way because it looks so mystical and deep…In fact purple is the colour of Agnia chakra and therefore it is soothing for agnia when used properly and can be very annoying when overused. Also because the worl is moving up to Agnia level, collectivel, now – people find this colour very attractive. It was not so even 10 years back!

      Sure you can add me on facebook, if you know my family name 🙂 otherwise I think you will not find me…

  3. Dmitri Says:

    oki doki…….is there an Israeli channel in Austria??/? we really like shimon peres…. 🙂

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