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Is compassion stronger than intellect? March 14, 2012

I have always been a person of intellect, the one whose reason comes before emotions. Before starting with my spiritual practice I had a pretty neutral attitude towards human beings — I never hated anyone but at the same time I was never getting too emotionally involved with people. I used to belive in Good in people and that was good enough for me.

Later when I took to sahaja yoga and learned about the power of compassion I started wondering what it is. I learned from my Guru, Shri Mataji, that compassion is nothing but love in action, it is the manifestation of unconditional love. This sounded beautiful but not clear enough, for as usual I needed my personal experiences on top of a great theory.

Being quite happy with my personal growth and spiritual achievements, some years back I started wondering what about this compassion, whether I have it or not. I thought I did not. Because I used to be rather strict to people, very demanding  – because the same strict and demanding I was to myself. I felt this cannot be near to compassion. Because first, it is unconditional. And my condition to people was that I would only help if they want to grow. I did not want to waste my energy, time and attention for those who are not interested in self-development.

Interesting enough, my personal evolution was taking place even without my effort (this is what I love so much about Sahaja meditation practice! – the growth happens spontaneously, only because Kundalini works during the meditation). It has been for 16 years since I started with this practice and so far many wonderful qualities opened up in me, even such which I did not expect I could develop.

In the last couple of years or so I noticed a strange thing about myself – I am much less demanding to people and I do support and help without thinking if I really should and whether the person deserves it or not. Even with the people whom I know as negative, still I will help if they ask, even knowing that they probably will never change and my help is for nothing. In fact what is happening is that my sensibility does not come forward, I can see some greater power within me which acts in my intreactions with others…Does it mean I became compassionate? Does it mean my compassion is stronger that my intellect?

It is stunning that someone like me, a person of reason could ever develop such a quality! As far as understand this is exactly what is meant under compassion – when the power of love, unconditional love is at work and the reason does not interfere.

I am so grateful to be able to experience such a transformation, and that  – effortlessly and almost unnoticed…



9 Responses to “Is compassion stronger than intellect?”

  1. Deepa Says:

    Very Beautifully said Axinia. Sahaja Yoga is so spontaneous that all qualities develop spontaneously. Even if a quality is lacking and one desires it , it arises within in a very subtle,gentle manner .

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  3. Ronald Says:


  4. compassion should be stronger than intellect. If u are less intellect it’s OK but heartless ..not good because world can win with compassion only.
    I also agree with transformation because I have experienced it with before and after Sy the change within me. I consider it as my spiritual growth.
    …….when the power of love, unconditional love is at work and the reason does not interfere…… nice one and true one should be unconditional…

  5. Erwin Says:

    Dearest Axinia, I am always amazed at how you can express yourself so well about things I have never even thought of writing about. I think I experienced something similar through Sahaja yoga. It is something I can best describe as my heart being opened. I began experiencing unconditional love and joy, and compassion flowing from my heart as something new in my life. Before that I used not to understand love really ( only attached love from the mind ) . Like you I have always been a rather intellectual person , (although not so brilliant as you : )) although emotional too and imaginative. But I didn’t know what it is to have an open heart.

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Erwin, indeed this is one of the most amazing impacts of spiritual growth, that it does take place, and that continiously if one is really interested.

  6. Dmitri Says:

    amazing storry!!!

  7. Dmitri Says:

    iwhat kind of flower is it???? tulip????

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