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Another realization from my motherhood experience March 4, 2012

My sweet daughter is almost one year old now. So far I have been fully enjoying the motherhood experience and learning a lot from that.

I have realized certain things and have posted about some here, here and here. Today, rounding up this year, happy to share one more insight.


Watching my daughter grow, I can see clearly that despite her taking physically after her father and temperament-wise after her mother, she possesses her own already developed personality. I wonder how people who have children can really belive they come totally “new” into this world?! Nothing doing, more than ever I am convinced now that one soul is getting born again and again, reincarnation is not a mere theory.

One amazing thing about my baby is her conscious vegetarianism.

I should admit I am a convinced non-vegetarian myself. I tried to reject meat many years back but this did much harm to my health so I realized that at least for myself this would not work. And I never regret that, enjoying some chicken or even beef now and then. When I got pregnant, after the second month (normally when the soul is believed to enter the embryo’s body) I suddenly stopped eating meat and fish. I could not swallow a piece!  Well I thought, this is definitely not me 🙂 Thus the embryo grew as a pure vegetarian, being perfectly fit. When the time came for the baby to start taking other food additionally to milk, I was advised to try giving all kinds of food, also chicken and fish. And – imagine! – she rejects completely! Quite a conscious choice, I would say, because otherwise she is a good eater.

Now tell me what is the reason behind this? I cannot see any other except that this soul has come not only with a certain character, but with a set of habits and ideas as well, and probably a even a certain mission.

I am  sure my experience and realization about it is not unique. Please share yours!

thanks 🙂

LOVE, axinia


16 Responses to “Another realization from my motherhood experience”

  1. Canan Says:

    I totally agree with you about reincarnation and the rest. I don’t remember if it had any influences on my diet at pregnancy, but my son’s been a vegetarian too! And my daughter is just opposite! She loves any kind of meat, and she dances like a rock star :))

  2. Terry White Says:

    I had the same experience with my son. But after six years or so as a vegetarian he tried a pepperoni pizza at a birthday party. That tasted celestial to him. Some things are stronger than reincarnation.

  3. Ulyana Says:

    Agreed Axinia! Babies are not blank canvases when they enter the world. I treat many pregnant women in my line of work and some can’t stand meat. I am vegetarian though, I’ll ask my mother what she ate when she carried me 🙂

  4. Eugene Timoshenko Says:

    Type of Homo sapiens is a predator who diversified their diet of plant food. The diet depends on the region in which the person lives now, and that where his ancestors lived and how they ate during the last chtyreh centuries.
    For the Slavs vegetarianism is a restrictive diet. Which can be used for a short time for some diseases. Vegetarianism for children it is very harmful.
    Reincarnation does not exist.

  5. Hani Says:

    Nice experience, I am 6 month pregnant, I did not like fruits at all, but after pregnancy the only thing that keeps me fresh is fruit. Moreover, I suddenly found myself interested to spicy foods! I believe in previous lives. She makes me just to eat food that are very healthy!
    chocolate that used to give heat to my liver is not disturbing now (anyhow I am avoiding this one) 😉

  6. swaps Says:

    Usually it is the mothers who teach their babies…but here the opposite is the case!! So what next? 🙂

    I don’t know about reincarnation, but I believe memories and experiences outlast the body.

  7. Dmitri Says:

    בקיצור I Realy love your blogpost…I learnd a lot from it…i didnt get to go sahaja yoga meetings…but i can say from sure that this () and other webpages were my connection to Sahaja yoga…thenks…keep on posting@! jjjj ץ.>}'”

  8. vinayakah Says:

    sorry for OT axinia. I tried to find your post “Tribute to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi”, but it does show empty page, with no article. Any ideas? Thank you.


  9. jed Says:

    I can totally relate to your baby’s “choice”. In my case, it started when my mom introduced solid food to me. I had no problem with all vegetables but when I was fed any meat, fish or chicken, I would end up vomiting and that is one thing that I still do until now and I am 31. For me, it is the smell of fleshy foods in my mouth that makes me throw up. Don’t get me wrong. I got nothing against eating meat. I just can’t do it.

    I love my veggies!

  10. Natasha Says:

    I cannot share any experience in this but I have a to say my word.
    I looked at this picture and the first thought I had was – how much you look like Sri Mataji…
    It might be even mothing with the mere looks its some

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