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I forgot how to complicate life February 9, 2012

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Recently I have been intensely in contact with one lovely married couple without any spiritual background and interest. They are currently trying to establish a new life in a foregin country and this process is rather painful (existentional questions like apartment, job, insurance, visa) and I am supporting them. But because of the intensive contact, especially in problem solving, I realized one interesting thing: people who do not concider the spiritual/subtle backround of any happenning have quite a tough life! They tend to think hard and be over-careful with decision making, make too many useless movements…

I understand now that I lead such an easy and enjoyable life because I can see the flow behind everything and I can swin with it, and be taked care of by this current… This ability allows me to take decisions and steps easily. And ultimately because of that I do not complicate life! I forgot how to do it :). I do not think things over and over again. This saves so much energy …And so much is left for the real action and real enjoyment!

How did Í come to that blissful state? In my case it is obviously my spiritual practice of Sahaja meditaion that gave me this awareness and practical implementation of the beauitful living in NOW, living in the FLOW theory. Somehow over the years I have reached there, so soft and gently that I haven’t even noticed- And only thanks to my suffering friends I have been able to see it. These friens, by the way, have now also taken to Sahaj :).

LOVE, and loads of it!



15 Responses to “I forgot how to complicate life”

  1. detroyer Says:

    Well,that is something experienced by almost all people who have FAITH , but you have really nicely put it into words. Well, the couple friend of yours will endure this as far as their ego can withstand spontaneity and sooner or later they will stop being DONKEYS when they will reach dead end.

    • axinia Says:

      To be honest, I have no faith. Faith is a matter of a blind belief.

      My situation is merely based on experience which I gained through my meditaion practice and nothing more.

  2. detroyer Says:

    Property, insurance, pension, taxes, income, savings, investments etc etc give us a feeling that we are in control of our lives. This is only true as long as you still have EGO on your forehead. I have even realised that you can save invest earn etc etc with ego but you can realise them only when the time is ripe, which is just not in our hands. I mean, you can only clear your Desire so as to enjoy the small things around you rather than cleaning and arranging things outside to suit your ego and desire.

  3. nigelstonham Says:

    if you go with the flow of life, it will take you to where you should be anyway. perhaps we become too diverted with advertised complications….. i have internalised the “simplify your life” thing, after lots of scepticism ot start woth when i heard it. it makes sense. LIfe! – play for real, nigel

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    I absolutely agree with u as I also see in many cases around me. Their ignorance ,Ego,rigidness make their life more miserable they unnecessarily struggle more and u are lucky that that couple listen to u others may not …perhaps they are happy with their own decisions,happening and in their world etc…
    on the other hand, spiritual ascends on Sahaj path is also not that easy but quite possible with daily practice it can not develop in one day it takes years to understands( It is my perception because sustain is difficult what I feel) ) .some time may not understand years together even with regular practice .It may remain as illusion for many yogis. Or they might have reached that state and I may fail to recognize them) in that case I have envy with U !!!!! U are so lucky that u reach that state in real understanding.. i hope u understand me what I want to write.. I feel I have to go still long ..long on this path. but definitely It has make my life more easier and less or no complication. i am enjoying bliss piece,and even harmony …. I have also blessed and negativity in me is running away. Hope might be blind belief but hope in sahaja yoga practice make my life less complicated and more joyful.

    • axinia Says:

      hi mahesh, nice comment 🙂 I completely understand what you mean, and I agree. I don’t know really how I came to that state, but this obiviously took many years.

  5. Dmitri Says:

    Manesh Looks familiar hhhhhhhhhh….isn’t he yosi??? yossef the beautiful…hhhhhh…he also looks like aPa from the Avatar Serieas….Momo!!!!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh /
    plz dont delete

  6. Elke Says:

    Living a spiritual life means surrendering to the divine flow. It may not show on the outside. We earn money, live in houses, drive cars, eat food, but we enjoy what ever life has to offer. And we know that everything is taken care of.
    I feel very privileged compared to people who are not on a spiritual path, because I am much less worried than them, and I don’t constantly need to find solutions to problems that they think they have. Priorities are completely different.
    The main advantage of a spiritual focus is that one can enjoy other people despite of differences, since their spirit is nothing but love, and nothing else really matters!

  7. kimrong Says:

    hi!how are you?your smil…?

  8. GS Says:

    Axinia, This is so true. The complexities of life seems to take us further and further away from our own self!

    Sophistication and complexities are just layers and layers of nothing.

    Letting Go of things and happily accepting what comes your way is the indication of a very mature mind.

  9. Dmitri Says:

    nv ?מה זה אדוואנצ’יק

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