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One stunning observation about life February 5, 2012

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5 Responses to “One stunning observation about life”

  1. very true…
    even by knowing also simply I cant oppose …
    on my side I can take care that simply I will not use people and let them hurt-ed…
    but still it’s difficult as myself I dont know when I start using people and loving thing … remember ‘Three Id eat movie’ of Amir khan and his demos… specially watch… shoes.. etc.. Amir try to explain same thing…

  2. swaps Says:

    Selfishness is such a subtle quality. I am sure a lot of people will be surprised when pointed out that something they did was selfish.

  3. Erwin Says:

    I totally agree with Swaps, must of what we do is actually selfish. ( Sometimes we also do things that are Self-ish , those things are better, inspired by our true Self, not our ego. However,not too sure is the Self has any -ish attached )
    As for me, reflecting on this post the other day in the middle of a shopping mall, ( a great place to see people giving more importance to things I thought ) , I came across the idea that there are two ways I can go shopping: with the focus on obtaining the things I want to buy or with the focus on the people selling them. I think on one of my better days I do the latter, and enjoy shopping much more : )
    Note: As a guy I tend to try to avoid shopping as much as possible. Also please don’t expect me to be focused on the two things at once ( the things and the people ) . Please, I am a guy! I can only focus on one thing at a time : ) !!

    • axinia Says:

      Spiritual acsent is a totally selfish thing, by the way 🙂

      • You are right Axinia. Most of our acts are selfish only.There must be a little bit of selfishness at least, to achieve many things. Spiritual ascent is a totally selfish journey for one to become selfless(to merge one with God)!

        With Love and Regards to All

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