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The coolest 2012 prophecy January 16, 2012

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When  I try to think of what will happen after 2012…I get thoughtless. Really, no single thought on this subject. My mind gets blank when I try to imagine anything about it. However the topic is quite interesting…I mean future is always intriguing, as one friend said it is the unpredictability of the future which makes the magic show of life.

Well to peep behind the Curtain of Future is always tempting and today I came across the most inspiring prophecy for the end of 2012. Please read on:

2012 – the end? Nop, just the beginning

Through the history, each year, each era had its events done mostly by people.

Copernicus found out the earth to be round, Columbus discovered America, Einstein put together the theory of relativity and recently man landed robots on Mars.

2012 will be a different kind of year.

And people will have nothing to do with it. Things will start happening to us.

People that never wrote an article will start writing books. Nonreligious people will start talking about God.

While we still have our free will, while we can still make a mess of our lives as we did for tens of thousands of years, this will not be as easy anymore. Not because we can’t. We can, alright.

Because for once in the history we’ll start understanding ourselves. We’ll understand what is the point of being here, what is our role, our aim, our purpose.

Hate will be less, love will be more. And not because somebody preached it to us or because we read a book about it. Just because hate will not make sense anymore.

Hurting other people will obviously look as it really is: something bad.

The smoke of ignorance will be slowly removed by the cool breeze of divinity.

When one does something bad, it is 100% out of ignorance. Our so called sins are also because of our ignorance. And ignorant we are, 100%.

As you are not upset when a blind man bumps into you, divinity is not mad at us when we make a mistake, after mistake, after mistake.

Each mistake had a lesson to be learned.

Each swamp we lived in made us appreciate the beauty of the clean, blue ocean.

Each dark life we lived, made us appreciate the beauty of a sunrise.

And 2012 will be the year of the sunrise.

Even if clouds are covering the sky of our consciousness, they cannot hide the light of divinity.

2012 is truly the end of the world as we know it. And that is a good thing.

Our world full of hate, wars, corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen, messed up families, abandoned children is going to end. Pain, disease, hunger, natural disasters is not what the divinity had in mind for us.

A new world is slowly starting. One in which we’ll start to see, one in which we’ll understand.

No person is different than another, no religion is more religious than the other. No person is richer or poorer as we all have the world as inheritance.

2012 will be a good year, but not as good as 2013 that will be nothing compared to 2014.

Each day will be a better day than the one before it, even if we might not notice it. But we will notice.

The bad thoughts will be gone as the origin of the bad thoughts will disappear. They never belonged to us so we are not to be blamed or feel guilty.

We just did not know better as our eyes were not in right order.

As an out of focus camera cannot record correctly a video for no fault or its own, so we are out of tune with the reality. Not for long though.

The master musician is out at work to tune us, adjust us so that the music of the heavens can be played through us.

We’ll begin to do things we never thought we could. Some of us will write books and be amazed at their content as we’ll not recognize it as our own. Some will play music instruments, some will sing beautifully.

But more than that, we’ll start enjoying life. It will all make sense, for the first time. Life will make sense, every day will be joyous. What else is there to want?

What should we do about it? Nothing, just enjoy the trip, enjoy the symphony the Composer is writing as we speak.

Each of us is no more, no less than an instrument in the musical piece He is creating.


3 Responses to “The coolest 2012 prophecy”

  1. vinayakah Says:

    Some say we are in an “empty time” today. Many people usually being able to see the future have a “fog”, and cant see anything. Old civilisations like Maya or Azteq…are talking about an empty timeframe, where we define our future. It is but based on our true state only…

    We know there is a collective consciousness, something, we all share and are part of. But our tendencies are many a times different, and many a times contradictive. The article is full of hope and I have the same feeling – it is alreadyy there, we just become aware of the reality that changes everything.

    Before it will but come true for all that are ready, something need to happen, as clearly desribed by the Divine Mother, Shri Mataji: http://rpmeena.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/the-relationship-between-kundalini-kalki-christ/


  2. Abhinayaraj Says:

    It made me thoughtless. Assures a deep good night’s sleep. May Love prevail..

  3. i LOVE this article ! If anyone is feeling depressed about how things look right now, this is a must read. And the best part is that it all makes so much sense; it seems to have already started to happen in small things. ( and some quite big things too ) Take a look back over the past few decades. A united Europe. The fall of the Berlin wall, the fall of comunism in the Russia and the East Block almost over night, the end of so many repressive regimes…. the advancement in human rights, democratic ideals, tolerance in so many countries all around the world…so many things; a higher awareness in so many people…

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