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The top 10 of my strenghts January 3, 2012

It’s time for introspection. Let’s see what we have here. I suggest introspecting on strengths, not on weaknesses. Here is my list. 

1. I am forgiving. Or better to put I have no issue of forgiving because I never feel offended. This such a relaxing point for my brain: I do not hang on any person or situation.

2. I am giving and sharing.  Presents, attention, time…just love doing it!

3. I love people, this means I love to meet, to take care, to enjoy, to support, I took sincere interest in their lives.

4. I live in the present. I enjoy whatever I am doing at the moment. And I do it with dedication, keeping my full attention on the action. This brings great results. Seldom do I think of the past or future, this is not interesting for me.

5. I am self-disciplined. I am very determined as far as my tasks are concerned. At the same time I never set up any goals and never think of what I want to achieve in the future. Whatever comes my way I just follow and fulfill.

6. I manage things fast and in high quality, trying to fix every task as soon as it arrives. I know that procrastination is a tricky thing and once delayed something, it is hard to get on track with it.

7. I am surrendered. I do not break through a wall with my head if something does not work. I prefer to act like water, just to flow over/around in some soft manner or try something else.

8. I love beauty: I decorate myself and everything around me. Beauty seems to me something much bigger than an optical illusion. Beauty is the essence of Love, I belive. Ultimately we can all be each other’s decoration.

9. I always try to see a bigger picture, never stuck on small details and reasons. Of course we can never know the real reason behind anything but knowing and understanding the backgrounds gives a lot. And after all it helps not go get stuck in judgements or fanaticism. May be because of that I am quite immune against all kinds of false knowledge and charismatic manipulators.

10. I feel the Oneness of the Whole, every minute the connection between all of us, between all things. I feel that this is a huge Drama, a complex scenery which I can watch, enjoy and play my tiny little part in it.


And What about yours? 

LOVE, axinia


18 Responses to “The top 10 of my strenghts”

  1. Erwin Says:

    I love this Axinia. It makes me feel quite humble… not sure if I can come up with 10. Promise to try though. Working on it : )

  2. Hi Axinia ,It is good to introspect on strength and heads can be in the sky but legs should be on earth . It is not a advice but just reminder. when I read your post I thought any Sy will feel like that tobe even though not so…. if not it can be new year funda … really Iove all those points and feels always like to be but my friends say I am not.
    Still few additions I feel about myself is I am humble, generous,co-operative, and dont keep any thing in mind ….either good or bad I find different from other in this respect really I dont have any competition with anybody I just try to achieve my objectives silently…. Literally I never thinks of other for any comparison…

    • axinia Says:

      mahesh, dear, this is a good point you mention that we always need soem reality check before we belive soemthing about ourselves. In my case, I normally first learn about some my qualities from others, they gave me the idea that I am good at something and later on i see it myself. Really, not otherwise!

      • Why I wrote this because it is my feeling that many are having problem with their belief system itself and as usual in letter life they feel useless become rigid,unejoyable and problem person for themselves and other as they fails to adapt good belief system … so reality check and accepting ones own responsibility of decision making is necessary ….what I feel…(Feeling of cool on head and palms is best reality check isn’t it?) No blem culture…from my side

  3. I love this quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky “Life is a paradise, but people do not know and do not care to know.” But in your case I would change with this quote:
    “Life is a paradise, and Axinia knows and takes care to know”. Thank you Axinia.

  4. Triveni Says:

    This sounds like the top 10 new year resolution list i should adopt 🙂

  5. Hani Says:

    perfect, the life is very beautiful with these habits. I think I am having the same strengths except no.5,6,10. I love to improve myself in those points as well.
    Instead of these weak points I can mention to some other strengths of mine like to learn from everything that happens to me. After getting self realization I feel the life is like a classroom.
    The other one is that I love innocence and enjoying a lot putting my attention on innocent things and to practice innocent. I feel safe when I am living like that.
    And the No.10 is the chastity. I am chaste and enjoy seeing it everywhere.

    • axinia Says:

      This is very true, Hani, life is very beautiful for me with all that. enjoyable and easy in all respects. I wish many can share this feeling and “habits” ! 🙂

  6. ……Basically we should understand ourselves.accept the challenges of life and should learn to live happily then life become beautiful even on this earth as we understand our importance of existence. I give joy or able to give joy and others can enjoy which can be seen even in their eyes, behavior… even that feeling also gives some strength to live…but defiantly you should feel worthwhile for this good universe and u are that one should understand then whole universe become beautiful and enjoyable.

  7. nigelstonham Says:

    “I am love”….. be, be love, be loved…..
    I love this post, and also the generation s one which i posted on facebook, thanks, nigel

  8. Hey Axinia,

    you forgot to Mention one of your strengths!……………………. You are incredibly Beautiful!

    Happy New Year 2012!, As usual it is always great to be back at your home for few greetings!

    Take care and stay Loved,

  9. swaps Says:

    I sometimes feel God is our strength… sometimes when he shows his hand.
    God be with us!

  10. Olga Chernikova Says:

    Hi, Ksusha!
    Wonderful post as usual!))
    I like learning (which is probably one of my strengths) but seem to be unable to learn how to be happy, May be it’s just a blessing, though, given to those few who really deserve it.
    With love,

    • axinia Says:

      Olya, dear, learning is a geat quality indeed. I know you are good at it!

      As for happiness, I don’t know if this is a thing to learn. I think most of the time people are happy, they just don’t know it :).

      • It is state of mind .it is not learned behavior even though manipulated by thinking and emotions and emotions are never static they are taking birth ,heightened at top and vanishes with its own with time either u act or not it doesn’t make difference but at a moment person feels crippled without it . they are depend on external stimuli as well as internal ( hormonal). Long time sadness refer to abnormality need intervention….

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