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I believe that desires…do not exist! December 23, 2011


There is a huge modern trend in the West, a trend to desire. Various psychological and pseudo-spiritual practices tell you that you only have to desire (put a picture of your desirable object on your wall, dream about it, etc) and with the time your thoughts will “attract” the thing you desire. And- yes! -for many people who try this method out it comes true.

Little do they think that this “works” probably due to some totally different rule…

Typical for the western ego-oriented mind we tend to think that the world runs around us. A very self-centred thinking. When step aside of that idea and take a look at he bigger picture, we can see a different image.

We can see that we all act in a huge cosmic play, according to a certain plan. There is scenario for everyone, every role is predestined. The only question is how good we are able to play our roles.

Since my early youth I have been trying to understand how this whole thing works. I have been watching and analyzing the events in my and other’s lives. And the conclusion I came to is the following.

We do not have desires. everything we desire is BECAUSE it has to happen. We desire something what is already programmed for us. This explains also why many people have “sudden” desires, spontaneously they want to do/to see/to get something which often changes their lives. It gets even more interesting when people “desire” something but do not do anything about it and finally it happens the way they “wanted”. I am sure you can list here many examples on it.

Thus there is no desire, only the “reading” of the destiny’s messages.

There is an old Sufi story when two Sufi masters who once started their way together and then parted, met again. They asked each other about the results of their spiritual practice.

One told: “Whatever I desire, it always happens.”

And the other said: “I have no desires. I am just the instrument of God’s desires. Whatever Divine desires, happens through me.”




21 Responses to “I believe that desires…do not exist!”

  1. Rakesh Bisht Says:

    Yes indeed.. and this is the famous Maya.. or the illusion in the modern world…but we must also take into account the “Free Will”… the desire to have no desires but one … to be one with the all pervading power and be an instrument of the Divine… what do you say… 😉 … But this itself is governed by Almighty and so the Great Maya.. Maha Maya…

  2. Nice post … nice picture as usual.
    there is definite role of me even though everything is planned earlier because i am not acting as per plan of devine by understanding my role …the mishaps in my and others life because of it i believe … otherwise who will desire disease and accidents and downfalls or loss of beloved etc.. perhaps it is my observation that when people decide and plan some thing good about them and their family everything collapse usually for e.g. retirement planning …future plans about children .
    i remember there is a very nice hindi movie on it.. i think “Vakt” or “Shagird” in which Balraj sahani tells proudly ” i will make future of my children…’ and next movement earthquake occurs and then whole movie…
    while deciding desire it is necessary to understand devine plan for me … i know it is difficult one. unless until we reach “witness state” we can not achieve that. …
    positive attracts positive … and avoid negative thinking are the motivational theories and they are having their own limitations i believe… better to achieve ” thoughtless awareness ” state You become automatically desire-less…
    Indian traditional s very nicely attached this thing to ” karma Theory” which make man lazy i believe and it has great negative impact on Indian culture as a whole … I know we are having some controversy about it and discussed many times..

  3. Ien Nivens Says:

    I sometimes wonder whether each of us means something a little different by the term “desire”? I enjoy my desires, whether I am instrumental in their creation or not. If they are given to me by the divine, then it would seem only to cause harm and disconnection from the will of the divine for me to pretend indifference to them or to achieve indifference through asceticism or any other practice. Does a river follow its desire to unite with the ocean? Or does it merely follow the ineluctable law of gravity, wherever that might lead? I’m in complete sympathy with the sentiment that this is all a beautiful mystery. The one desire that I seek perpetually do renounce is the desire to figure it all out! Lovely blog! Thanks for the snowfall!

  4. Erwin Says:

    Personally I feel that desires play a very strong part in our everyday life and evolution. As far as I understand, on a subtle level they are part of the essential energy of our left sympathetic nervous system together with our emotions. Without desires we probably wouldn’t act . First there is a desire that comes into our mental plane and then when it gets strong enough we act to fullfill it. There are more immediate , basic, bodily desires , like for example a desire for food because our body tells us we are hungry , or desires we could call spiritual desires, coming from our pure desire power to evolve , the kundalini within us.

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Erwin, i guess you did not get my point here. I mean what we call a desire is not what comes form within, but it is what we “read” form the Divine. Sure we have lot sof impulses which we think come from us, but their true origin must be totally different. Of course I don’t know for sure, who does? It is again something which I learned from my experiences..

  5. Erwin Says:

    Perhaps the connection of our pure desire power with that of the All Pervading Divine pure desire power when we are perfectly in tune, we become a perfect instrument.
    Other times we are ocupied with responding to impulses like you say,these would seem to be a reaction of some programs we have within our psyche to certain stimuli, e.g. an advert for chocolate. If I have that kind of programing within me ( i.e. I like chocolate ) it will create an impulse , a desire in me to go and purchase that chocolate. However, come to think of it , other times there might be a chemical impulse going on in my body that sends the message to the brain that I need, want chocolate for some reason…so a desire to obtain and eat chocolate … ( this time nothing to do with advertising )

  6. Thank you for the sharing your thoughts. You hit the nail on the head.I believe it’s time to reconnect to the sacred and accept our ego’s place in the play of creation. Yes, we are actors in a large scale play, but at the same time i believe it’s our responsibility to walk our desires in love. Often times, i see people act out their desires out of shadow projection and without any sense of responsibility, resulting in down-breaking rather then up-building.

    • axinia Says:

      great point, absolutely agree whith you! “Often times, i see people act out their desires out of shadow projection and without any sense of responsibility, resulting in down-breaking rather then up-building.”

  7. swaps Says:

    I hope I am on the positive side of God’s plans… 🙂
    May be one must show that he or she has what it takes to play the role that is given, else it might go to someone else. We cannot rule out the importance of chance in this very dynamic game.

  8. baerbel Says:

    The interesting point for me is that once we are aware that everything happens because it has to happen, we get rid of our feelings of guilt. Sometimes I feel guilty for having desires which I “should not have”. If even my desires are part of the divine plan for me, how can I then feel guilty? Today this came as a present to me. Thank you also for the nice video, Mahesh.

  9. Solveig Says:

    I love love love this 🙂
    Thank you, my dearest kotik, I am again reading the wisdom and light on your pages and feeling them…

  10. sumati Says:

    sometimes i even wonder whether free will truly exist.

  11. naren Says:

    I ran into this blog because of search engine.
    There have been scientific experiments which show that we act even before stimulus appears in our senses, and we also unaware that we are responding to the stimulus which have not appeared.

  12. Reblogged this on beautyanddreams and commented:
    “We do not have desires. everything we desire is BECAUSE it has to happen.” What an interesting take! This blog is lovely. Please do take a look!

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