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My understanding of Destiny December 19, 2011

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Destiny…what a mysterious subject! For ages together human beings have been trying to uncover this enigma. Does a thing like Destiny exist? Is it all written somewhere before-hand for us? Or can we designour future according to our will?

My limited yet experience-based understanding is the following.

I belive my life is like a broad road. Within this road there are plenty of variation, various paths. I can go straight or curly, walk closer to the edge or just in the middle of it….The possibilites are may but they all exist within certain boundaries.

When I do something about myself, work on my qualities and improve in many ways, I keep walking the same road but I manage it easier, faster, more comfortable. If I don’t – I can experience some less pleasant things, but still they are all within this certain scenario of my life.

Such thing as the Destiny does exist, I am sure.

But what about the desires? Don’t they help to design our life-image? Pleas check the next post for one unexpected answer :).



8 Responses to “My understanding of Destiny”

  1. Cythare Cooper Says:

    Destiny is a result of our choices that we make within our fate…we are fated to a certain path due to the type of person that we are..so freewill is the dice we play the game with…as I understand it so far.

  2. truly !!!!! I don’t have any destiny. neither i have to go any where nor to reach any point . If it so true then I don’t know about it. so i am just enjoying today i do have some desires like to be joyous, free from pain but accept and absorbs opposite too. For me no time line as such existing. No past… No future….. i am just enjoying today !!!!! no fear of any loss as i don’t have any belongings … No attachment .. No conditioning as really I don’t know Who am I and what is my destiny? ..so i am just enjoying today .

  3. Dmitri Says:

    desiarea are the will power/// maybe! hiii

  4. Dmitri Says:

    destiny??? is your destiby

  5. GS Says:

    Destiny and Fate are concepts used to explain the indirect relationship between one’s actions and results.

    When we go about desiring things, and things keep happening, we never use these terms. When we get things unexpectedly, or when we don’t get things in spite of efforts, we introduce these terms.

    This is the result of our craving for a cause and effect relationship in this world. We think there is a relationship. Cause is a event and Result is another event. since there doesn’t exist two such distinct points in time, cause and effect does not exist. hence the need for an explanation or a relationship does not arise.

    Hence one can conclude Destiny and Fate are mere fabrication of the mind.

    Since the World as we experience it, is created every single moment. Nothing is planned ahead.

    Desire is a thought, that happens in the mind. I don’t think. A thought simply occurs. And it seems that such thoughts leads to actions. But upon inquiry the mind and body both disappears. Hence neither the thought nor the action is real.

    Just like events inside a dream cannot have a Desirer nor a Doer, so too in this real world.

    I am distinct and separate from mind,body and the world. I simply experience it 🙂

  6. GS Says:

    When you identify yourself with the limited individual, you will experience and enjoy. But when you identify yourself with the true self you realize you are not the one who experiences.

    So ‘I’ means body/mind limited individual here when you say you are experiencing it.

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