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Bad mood does not come from emotions December 4, 2011

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Unlike most of the post on this blog this is not my first-hand experience, rather the second-hand one. I mean the bad mood thing. Strangely enough I have never ever had the so-called “bad mood”, throughout my life I keep up a certain level of peaceful and a bit cheerful mood, and it never changes. It may look strange, but this is the way I am born with.

The phenomenon of the bad mood has been always puzzling me. While observing it by other people I has been always wondering how can it happen, what causes this malice? At the first sight it looks like a clearly emotional problem. However with some analysis one can see another coherency…

With the help of some moody friends I came to quite an interesting conclusion. The bad mood has nothing to do with emotions! It is directly derived from the Mr.Ego/or expectaions/conditiongs! We analysed many situation when all of a sudden the persons would fall into the band mood and it came out that nothing happened “all of a sudden”. There has always been some mental irritation, like someone has scratched the ego of a person. Either one felt not appreciated enough, or else, but there has always been some mental reason.

May be some you would not agree, then your experience-oriented comments are more than welcome! For me this realization is a great evidence how huge the impact of our ego can be – in every sphere of life, even where we normally suggest only emotions – verily, all problems come from our head :).




9 Responses to “Bad mood does not come from emotions”

  1. Nita Says:

    Axinia, there are moods also caused by the hormones and other biological reasons. It is known that certain chemicals cause feelings of well-being in the brain, and there are people who are deficient in them. Not all of them are mentally ill.

    • axinia Says:

      Hi NIta, what a pleasure to see you commnting here again! thanks a lot for drop in, dear.

      Regardintg the hormones I can share one interesting experience with you.

      Normally the hormone changes take part during the pregnancy, we all know that. It is a common saying that one can expect everything from a pregnant woman. Almost every mother-to-be reports mood swings which can be very stressful Intrestingly.
      Despite this fact, I had a very pleasant, peaceful and totally calm pregnancy. Usually I am a balanced person, but with the pregnancy I became even more balanced. Where was the play of hormones?

      However one day I had to experience that. On the 3 day after the birth of my daughter I really felt like crying. My doctor told me that this is the day when the breast milk becomes mature and every woman has the highest estrogen level in the body, or something like that…She told me that EVERY mother cries on the 3 day after the birth. OK. I also cried but although it was hormone-driven, the reason for my tears was absolutely mental: on this day, because of this switch, I had almost no breast milk and I was desperate that I could loose it and would not be able to breast feed. Every time I thought of that I felt like crying….Luckily, this was only one day and the next day I felt great again, because my milk came back.

      Thus, even in this very hormone-driven case the reason was mental 🙂 I guess this work the same way for all hormone based cases of bad mood.

  2. Triveni Says:

    I am not entirely sure if its just because of ego, or may be the root cause can be ego. But i experience bad mood, due to disappointment.. either becz life/ppl do not turn out as we expect it, or we think life is so and so, but probably some reality just shows up. Even with people i knw, bad mood comes due to the frustration that things dont turn out the way one wanted it to be. ya there is always an option of accepting things as it comes and surrender it to god and believe that watevr is happng is fr one’s best, but there is also sometimes this feeling, that hey this is not good, and i dont understand y it is still happng. And sometimes bad mood is just unexplained. u really dont knw y u r feeling low, then ur mind just starts searching fr reasons and thn u hav a list of reasons, probably irritated with the silliest reason on earth. i wud probably agree with nita that such cases might be due to hormones.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Interesting, but how does this rhyme with Oprahs opinion that many people do not feel validated? In that case some appreciation, some love works miracles. Maybe the writer of this piece has more of that around?

    • axinia Says:

      Well may be I ahve more of that, but then the question is why I have more of that and somene else has less`?
      Sericouly, I think there can be so many factors working here…I think I was born already a very lucky person because, despite of having good parents and social background, I was born with many qualities which I probably worked out in some past lives. For instance, I am very forgiving (in fact not getting offended at all), peaceful, cheerful, grenerous, not feeling of envy at all… – all this make a life extremely easy 🙂

      But past lives of this life, -this thing should be there to make a life plesant, and probably it does not work without a hard work out, sooner or later.

  4. Hi axinia
    I understand …U are correct It is Mr.Ego disappoints u… hormones comes letter on… Probably secretion of endorphin. (Pleasant feeling)… some neurotransmitter like dopamin who lack at synapses of nerve endings seriously affect on emotion .. Parkinson’s disease. (Mask like face, emotional blunting) / schizo affective disorder…
    GABA related with calmness,good sleep…
    Interestingly endorphin secretes better when u are doing the work which u like and things work well or as per your wish or determination ( even hard work or bodily exercise.. at adverse condition too)
    another is thyroxin Level of T3,T4,TSH when increased, Mood elation emotional storms and in mixedema vice a vars a. Mania / Depression itself associated with hormones …. Norepineprine .. panic attacks.. low serotinnin… irritability ….fear even estrogen….
    In female swing of mood can occurs due to estrogen , progesterone cycle that’s why importance of understanding the behavior of middle week (day 14) of menstrual cycle and pre menstrual behavior,….. puberty, Pre and post Menopausal symptoms…. like of disturbed emotions…emotional storms ERT helps to come out these symptoms in many women
    so physiologically even LOVE is also “hormone game” psychologically Mr Ego plays important role…. one’s personality development,mind set up, childhood upbringing, family environment helps to develop one’s ego.. ( busting of ego in male dominated society ( testosterone effect ?) females( relationship) in one’s life can bust or damage ego… am i right?. can u correlate me…
    that’s what I feel.!!!!
    thanks very good post.

  5. Namrata Says:

    exactly what i was looking for..thanks a tonne axinia..
    i am sure that its because of Shree Maa that all Sahajayogis overcome their ego..and rise above..

  6. budasdeagua Says:

    Hi, it is an interesting topic to reflect on. In Zen we would not worry much about bad mood, since it will not last too long, but instead we would try to live life happily trying not to be trapped in bad mood. This needs a lot of honest work and to love your life. Gassho, Paul Quintero Sensei.

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