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Three problems that cannot be treated, but controlled November 29, 2011

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This is only natural for humans to try to find a healing for a problem. There are thousands of methods, techniques and spontaneous ideas how to cure/get rid of this or that. However I found out  that at least 3 things cannot be treated at all, but only consciously controlled.

1. laziness


3.Intrusive thoughts (like arguing in your head with someone you are in conflict situation)

I heard from my Guru Shri Mataji that laziness cannot be treated at all. Obviously only the will power can overcome it.

I also heard in various lectures of Shri Mataji that “you have to control your anger”. I find it highly interesting because normally Shri Mataji gives practical techniques how to treat any psychological or health problem with some vibrational or physical techniques. However regarding anger she always speaks about conscious controlling of it.

The point 3 – the intrusive thoughts – is something that can be highly disturbing and tiresome. Here I don`t remember any special recommendations but know from experience that no known treatment helps but the control. I once had a stupid situation when I kept giving arguments for leaving to my boss, but I could not say it to him directly so I was “arguing” in my head. That was only once in my life but too annoying! And whatever I tried to stop it, nothing helped…until I really started stopping myself the next second I noticed that I am getting involved in this kind of thoughts. And that helped! The conscious control over this stupid action was the right answer.

I guess that topic of the will power is one of the most mysterious one, especially in spirituality. But also in a daily life, it plays a huge role but it is still difficult for most of the people to understand and to apply this magic tool.

Can you please share your experiences and observations about these 3 points? Would be very interesting, thanks a million!




35 Responses to “Three problems that cannot be treated, but controlled”

  1. Hansa Says:

    JSM…This is a very interesting topic and one that I always have conflicts in my mind about :-). Even though I regularly meditate, I always find it hard to include time for exercise and other things which I really want to do. I tend to become lazy in such aspects and that makes me angry on myself..so it tends to become a vicious cycle of sorts. I think having intrusive thoughts especially also interrupts our meditation sometimes. Also willpower is closely related to being disciplined…so I am always divided between…we have to be spontaneous but at the same be disciplined…how can it be possible…? If we become too disciplined (which will certainly help our will power)…aren’t we becoming too conditioned and also killing our spontaneity…..hmmmm…quite a confusing situation to be in…but I think here again my meditation came to the rescue…I think when we really, really surrender then we just “”do”” things…no more intrusive thoughts, no more laziness since we are not thinking that ‘we’ are doing it (and so do not postpone things), no more ‘anger’ since the ego is already surrendered…I think my spouse used to tell me this often to just surrender and ‘get things done’…but I used to find it hard…but one day he said the same thing and like a light bulb something went on in my head and I realized the truth behind surrender…I think there comes a time for each one of us to really ‘realize’ something and that is probably a totally different topic called ‘fate’ 🙂

  2. indianfakir Says:

    How about the ‘Triple-W’ problem i.e. ‘Women, Wine and Wealth’* ? 😉

    *Read ‘Lust, Intoxicants and Greed’

    • axinia Says:

      indianfakir, imagine, this Tripl-W” problem can be well treated only on vibrations in sahaja yoga, this is not such a difficult one as the mentioned above! (proved by thousand and thousands of people)

      • sure that can be a problem rather u are running away from real. one should be loving person on women as well as wealth. no need to remain away but surely from wine but most probably answer given by axinia already…. Your will power .. it decides your destiny Are u getting me? Even wine is also not a problem as as its own .u create it with your own. of course conditioning can be a problem but can be resolved by daily practice of Sahajyoga meditation as through it u learn new way of living life and true enjoyment I totally agree with… there is time for true realization.. of course it occurs with complete surrender.
        coming to point I dont have problem with lezyness and anger even I dont find conditioning as a problem my psychological training can solve those things but with intrusive thoughts If ind problem and many time I find preoccupied with it even though consciously understands that they are useless I cant leave them because of which fails to achieve a state of ” thoughtless Awareness” and benefits of it. i totally agree “conscious control” is the only answer and nothing else. but surely regular practicing of mindful meditation of Sahajayoga pattern helps to overcome with that also only thing is your willing power and conscious control u have to use consciously .it requires mind training and surrender…
        thanks nice post as usual…

      • Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

        Perhaps, the Indian Fakir is poking at the society at large. So I poke back, with ‘my’ problem of the 3-W’s as,

        Women : Regardless of age, they can appear sweet pretty much the same;

        Wine : Customary intake of a single peg of champagne at events doesn’t make one a hypocrite of a seeker; and

        Wealth : God ensures that I be neither rich nor mileage conscious; it must be the honesty and integrity in my work that works out fair amount of interest in my unchecked bank account.

        Any takers?

  3. swaps Says:

    In my teens I had all of those ‘royal’ qualities you have mentioned Axinia.

    I found that fasting helped me to control my anger. Also, having some goal help to develop discipline and restraint.
    Even if the goal is materialistic like better score in studies, or better performance at work, the qualities they help to develop like focus, routine and determination tend to give peace and solitude. Later, even in a tricky situation we are less likely to lose composure.

  4. swaps Says:

    I must also add that silence is the key. If only we can refrain from idle talk. Plus, not eating or drinking only for the taste of the food. (The last one is very difficult to convince people to try).

    • axinia Says:

      thanks for sharing, Swaps, this is really interesting. I see that the self discipline has a lot to do with the will power. IN the history of mankind we have records that the will power can do wonders, especially in difficult times. Probably our lives are so comfortable now that little do we strive anything…

  5. Axinia, Could i bother you for a clarification? By “treating” do you mean “cured,” “eradicated” to never come back, and by “controlling” do you mean supressing a condition to a manageable level? Sorry for being such a stick in the mud, but I think this distinction it’s important. I am a strong believer that with the right intent we can move our emotionals where we want them to be. There is no need really to eradicate or cure anything. The best strategy in my view is acceptance. As soon as I accept my anger, it is dissolved, but I may get angry at something else, and as soon as I accept it, again, it’s dissolved. Some people are angrier than others. Some can also channel their anger to make a positive change in their lives. I’ve experienced that. It’s better to be angry than to be hopeless or in despair. I think I will write a post about overcoming anger in my blog (as if the world needs another manual on anger management:) laziness can be overcome too. Someone close to me managed to do it. Laziness is a lack of energy or motivation and lack of a goal that propells us to action and effort.

    Thanks for asking good questions. They can be a real inspiration.

    • axinia Says:

      yes, by treating I mean getting rid of the problem completely. It is like you will be immune against laziness, anger or intrusive thouts – at least to the major extent.
      I do not quite understand what do you mean with “acceptance” of anger or laziness.Please clarify!

  6. Dmitri Says:

    hhh so funny!!! all 3 just happend to me right now… execpt anger…laziness aspires superego.anger ego
    the funny think is that the converstion in the mind or inside can be a mystical thing coz…how’s speakin??
    it hertes for me..when we choose ego and superego wspically when they betray us..they both can be halpeful a bit…i dont if can be a place where there is no ego and superego??? anyway for me it herts when my ego and superego are in control…..i must have spoken to many nonsense…hhhhhhhhhhh sorry!!
    I tried to relate to the expireance i just had preatty vivadly, just before opening you webpage…the .Intrusive thoughts for me are ego and superego and its a pain hhhh

  7. Laziness, anger and intrusive thoughts are only “problems” if you become identified with them. As reflectionsinapuddle says, if you accept anger (that is, don’t try to treat or control it) it will lose its power.

    It is only BECAUSE you are trying to control your mind that intrusive thoughts won’t leave. Simply let your mind do what it wants but watch every thought. Soon you will see that your thoughts will slow down and eventually stop altogether.

    This reminds me of a poem by the mystic Kabir:




    What he’s saying is that repressing (which is what controlling is) will simply cause problems elsewhere.

    • axinia Says:

      I must admit I could never stop thinking by just watching the thoughts…I know this method works wonders for many, but it never works for me. That is why I stick to sahaja meditaiton where, while enjoying the cool breeze in my Sahasrara (on top of the head) I can get read of thoughts naturally and efortlessly without involving any mental activity (I just even watching thoughts is actually mental).

      As I mentioned above, I worked out very successfully the situation of itrusive thoughts (luckily I had only once in my life this situation)and this just by stopping myself from that. And believe me, nothing happend to any other part of me (reg. your mentioning that by blocking one thing another pops up.) – I think this is an old psychological theory but probably it does not work for everyone.

      All in all, the most wonderful things about these treatments that everyone altmately find the mothed that helps him/her.

      • Hi axinia
        very true by n large most of time we directly or indirectly involve in mental activity even though we say . u have rightly point out… even watching is mental activity…. chanting mantra,putting attention on various chakra i am having many doughts about it as they can become mental activities at any time.. listening music singing songs, playing instruments better help many times to come out from mental activity. Most importantly the thing whichever help to forget yourself is best for good meditation as it involve true surrender … so when i find I am catching in mental activities I stop that try another…. without having any attachment better to have good ( means creating environment) / no conditioning about meditation/ activity so any time any where u can go thoughtlessness…and enjoy peace,bliss and harmony of mind and actions and even surrounding environment and relations u can change favorable with patience and strong belief about it. when u are getting success, finishing work effortlessly it is important to control ego . all is done by Mother and not me is the best philosophy so one can remain surrender all the time .. and escape from various catches….

        • Best sign … cool breeze on top and hands just follow them everything workout effortlessly. some times I find cool breeze from whole body (It is not chilling .. cool breeze are always pleasant !!!!)
          Many years i was not having on top … so no meditation only mental activity as no benefits observed… interestingly the person i gives realization used to tell that he felt cool breeze I could feel on hands but not on top… but really things workout very nicely and am having them on top and can enjoy whole day n night even in sleep.. No worry… No tension no fear at all surprisingly up to when I was doing meditation no vibration now when it works automatically as at one point i become desire less and sustain myself in SY only I have good vibrations…

          • axinia Says:

            great to hear that dear Friend°! happy for you 🙂

            • Thanks N JSM
              Do u remember u told me about closed heart … your tips helps me nicely… and they take out all my attachments and conditioning and I could love all openly and help generously without keeping any my interest and it works very nicely .. Now No “chakra” problem, no confusion, No duality nothing any more desire … i feel in lap of Mother… thanks again and JSM

  8. Dmitri Says:

    very intresting saying of kabir…my friend! dont understand them fully…but some how i can ralate to the first line

  9. Erwin Says:

    For lethargy: As a child I used to be impressed how clearing out the shed and burning old things used to change my state of mind and being from lethargy to feeling happy and dynamic. Often cleaning the house has that effect. And I still have a similar experience when I work with fire, for example, the other evening I cooked dinner to give my wife and daughter a nice surprise. I felt so energized and happy and dynamic! Also I think I feel more dynamic when I put my attention on making or doing something for others. It gives me wings : ) !
    ( coffee also helps me get started : )

    For anger: I have found that ice treatment on the liver and drinking lots of water seems to help a lot ( combined with meditation of course ) And also accepting and being tolerant based on trying to put myself in the shoes of other people, trying to understand them and also accepting that I have a lot of conditionings and my views on things might not necessarily be correct or the only truth/ whole story.

    As for intrusive thoughts…I think the thing is to find their origin and of course try to enter thoughtless awareness state through meditation .( easier said than done sometimes, right? ) Sometimes the source can be deleted with a matka treatment or simply a vibrated lemon under the pilow or in your pocket! When I was at university I used to find this worked very well when I had fallen in love. I would put a vibrated lemon under my pillow and the next morning voilà! I was no longer in love : ) !!!
    Hope that helps
    Much love Erwin

  10. Dev Says:

    As far as laziness is concerned, I agree with you totally. There is no point trying to get rid of laziness. You are born with it and you cant get rid of it. 😉

  11. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    ‘Soloséance’ is my term for these intrusive thoughts which, in my case, are usually scheduled on a holiday morning in the wee hours (soon before the Brahma-muhoorta), most likely triggered by a forgotten dream as realistic as the scholarship problem of a student or sharing seat with someone special in Straßenbahn im Wien.

    Whereas these solo-séances act as a necessary filler on a higher consciousness plain (unattained during daytime) for me, their after effects are of two kinds – if they’re brief, they enliven me to a fuller day but, if they linger on beyond say, ten minutes, they can, kind of jam me, leaving me isolated and forlorn (May be that can happen to anyone sleeping alone). 😦

    Expert comments are solicited. 🙂

  12. Tom Lars Says:

    I only can remember from Gregouar that we have to stop any negative thoughts words & pictures or person between our eyes & brain so that I am under control again. But I also think it can t be treated complete with 4 an example shoe beating.

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