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When love is not an emotion October 25, 2011

Filed under: thoughts — axinia @ 7:26 pm

“When enlightened, love is not an emotion…it is a power that acts.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


6 Responses to “When love is not an emotion”

  1. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    Love is always an emotion, albeit a much evolved one in the kind you describe.

  2. Lemonade Joe Says:

    What type of love do you mean? Love is an intoxicating cocktail of emotions, and a drunken people are very active (most often this way). But there is a type of people (it is melancholic, boring) prone to reflection. They are not active.

  3. Triveni Says:


  4. draupadi16 Says:

    Ein himmlisches Bild!!! Es passt so perfekt zum wahren Text. Gratulation!

  5. Martin Jocelyne Says:

    Quand l ‘amour fait parti de ma vie cela n’est plus une émotion

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